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    The Perfect Gift for Your Favorite Blogger

    Scroll down for the commercial.  (If you need my address to send the gift to, just let me know!)

    I don't often ask for gifts from my readers... but if any of you are ever so inclined to buy me a nice birthday or Christmas gift... one of these would sure fit the bill. Personally, I like the "Chuck Norris Sweat" but would be very happy as well with the "A1 Steak Sauce" or "Charcoal" versions.

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    1. Camey on Fri, March 07, 2008

      Oh my. I thought it said “Man-handles” at first.

      Too funny! Even funnier… mousing the “gifts”

      Christmas Kitty Gift Basket? Elegant hand tied bow…

    2. Leonard Lee on Fri, March 07, 2008

      Our favorite scents are Weight room and sweaty sofa cushion.

    3. Nora on Fri, March 07, 2008

      Don’t forget that favorite scent of hunters everywhere—“Deer in Heat.”

    4. Leonard Lee on Fri, March 07, 2008

      Nora, don’t drag us into the gutter… Oh yea we like gutter scent too.

    5. Peter Hamm on Fri, March 07, 2008

      I like “fear” the best.

    6. Jason Curlee on Fri, March 07, 2008

      I’d go for the “peel out” or the “grillin”

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