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    The Perfect Password

    The Perfect Password

    Every day, it seems like I’m signing up for some kind of new, free web offering. It used to be that you could make your password whatever you wanted to… but here lately, more and more websites are making you jump through all kinds of hoops… telling you what CAN and CANNOT pass as a password on their sites.

    Things like:

    These kinds of things drive me crazy!

    So what does the perfect password look like?

    See here fromZoneAlarm (found at



    Again? Seriously?

    I use a spiffy program for Mac called 1Password that keeps all my passwords straight for me. I love it.

    And yes… I usually stick to about 3-4 standard passwords, all of which I can usually remember, but are hopefully something you would never think of.

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    1. Doug Hibbard on Tue, February 08, 2011

      I do the standard passwords, but now the security experts are warning us to keep in mind that if all your passwords are the same, you’re one hack away from total destruction!

      Great. I can’t cope with this.

    2. Peter on Tue, February 08, 2011

      And a good suggestion if you’re in church work - John 3:16 and variations thereof is not a really unique password. Sure it’s easy to remember, but it’s also really easy to guess. grin

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