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    The Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) Launches “Minus 5 Campaign”

    The Minus 5 Campaign aims to lower the attrition rate in spite of the denomination’s continued struggle with moral issues, which has led to even greater exodus of members. Instead of losing 12 to 15 percent of members every decade, the group will now “work in great unity and joy to lose only five percent.”

    “This is the rallying cry we’ve been needing,” says a pastor in Pittsburgh, Pa. “It’s heartening to people at the local level to know we’re determined not to shrink as rapidly.”

    [For those of you who are new here, on Fridays we like to sit back and let our hair down with some satire and/or funny pieces.  I thought this article was particularly appropriate this week with the new ‘inclusive’ worship program approved by the PCUSA.  For more stories like this, please visit one of our favorite websites,!]

    This just in from LarkNews... The Presbyterian Church (USA) has launched a campaign to slow the rate of decline to 5 percent, according to the denomination. "People at the grass roots need hope and motivation," says a spokesman. "This is a positive goal we can all get behind."


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    1. Daniel Zepeda on Mon, June 26, 2006

      As a third generation Presbyterian that left the denomination over two decades ago because of the churches failure to defend fundimental Christian beliefs it never ceases to amaze me that The Presbyterian denomination is unable to understand that God will not stand with a church that refuses to accept correction and maintain the teachings of scripture as written. For the denomination to say that their goal is to only lose 5 percent of it’s congregation’s attendance a year is proof of the blindness that has corrupted the leadership from seeing the root cause of their problem. The “progressive gospel” the leadership wants to push on it’s people so that they can be politically correct will continue to grieve those who are truly born again forcing them to leave. If the presbyterian church wants to prosper they must return to their foundational roots grounded in scripture and begin to preach Christ Crucified and repent from the divergance of scripture which as allowed heresy to creep into the church.

    2. Jim W on Tue, June 27, 2006

      When are the United Methodist’s going to get on board with this?  AND the other main line denominations?  Where will this end?  Will they ALL try NOT TO lose more sheep? 

      Give me a freakin’ break!  You’ve gotta be kidding me!

      Once we buy into the “corporate spirit of religion” in churches/denominations and worship our traditions and preferences more than our GOD, we are already dead….it just takes a long time for the whole thing to rot…...

      Do you smell what I’m smelling?


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