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    The Ten Funniest Church Leadership Moments Ever!

    OK, here we go, the top ten counted down (#1 is the funniest)…

    10.  Pickles Are Ruining My Life. Now for something completely different. (I’m sure you’ll not find this on any other church leader website!) I’m not an avid viewer of daytime TV; and here’s a good reason why. Really, I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry as I watch this. This girl is really goofed up; yet she found her way to the “Maury” TV show to share with the world her secret fear of… pickles.

    9.  Rick Warren & Ed Young Introduce Clothing Line at “The Gap”. Pastors Rick Warren of Saddleback Community Church (Lake Forest, CA) and Ed Young of Fellowship Church (Grapevine, TX) have announced a new joint business venture:  a new clothing line to be featured nationally at “The Gap”.  (OK, I wrote that one… another lame attempt at humor on my part.  If you don’t like it, I’m sorry!) smile

    8.  Why Doesn the First Service Get It? Pastor Bruce Smith’s funny sermon-starter went over vastly better in second service than in first.  The cute illustration, involving a child who mis-read a Bible verse as “be ye one another’s burdens,” caused only scattered chuckles in first service. Smith’s face pinked up and he moved on to his sermon…

    7.  When Worship Goes Badly (Really Badly). If you’re a worship pastor, you’ll really appreciate this one. It’ll help you feel alot better about yourself; and at the same time, help you appreciate the real importance of the capo.

    6.  Barna: Regular Baptists not regular at all. It appears that a disproportionate number of members of the General Association of Regular Baptists (GARBC) are regular in name only. In a study released in early May by the Barna Research Group, the GARBC comfortably—or perhaps not so comfortably— topped the list of major denominations for chronic constipation among members with a whopping 10 percent. That’s nearly eight times the national average…

    5.  The Doctrine of Hairology. As a public service to our Friday audience at MMI, I thought I would pass on this from our sermon archive. This one is by famous evangelist Dr. G. I. Barber. For many of you who grew up (like I did) in a strict theological setting, I’m sure Dr. Barber’s “Doctrine of Hairology” will bring back some memories. Listen, enjoy, and be convicted (if need be)…

    4.  Outreach Effort Goes Horribly Wrong. In an effort to ‘plant the seed’ with lost people in his community, Rev. Jeremy Ironside of Overlook Blvd Church of the Nazarene invested the entire outreach budget to purchase a John 3:16 shirt for every member of his congregation. Tragically Rev. Ironside lacks the gift of proofreading T-shirt orders…

    3.  “I Like Big Bibles and I Can Not Lie” Here’s a video that I found absolutely hilarious.  Very well done, and yet roll on the floor laughable.

    2.  A Pastor’s Biggest Nightmare: Pitching Your Tents.  Oh my goodness… I laughed until I cried.  Of course it could have been that it was late and I was in deep need of some sleep.  Have you ever said something while speaking that just didn’t come out right?  Well, so did this pastor… (Warning:  This one’s not for the faint of heart).

    1.  My Name is John Daker. Some of you may remember John Daker. If you’ve never met him before, you must take the time to view his television debut…

    FOR DISCUSSION:  OK… which one is your favorite?  Which one is the funniest/unfunniest?  You think you’ve got something funnier?  (I doubt it) Post it here!

    Have a great weekend!


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    1. RevJeff on Fri, February 09, 2007

      Hairology has got to be one of the funniest things I’ve EVER heard….....  The only thing funnier than that is the feedback from folks who insist that I learn that LARK and NAZ are satire sites… 

      Hello, I know!   It is called “sarcastic humor” on my blog!!!!

    2. Peter Hamm on Fri, February 09, 2007

      It’s a tie. John Daker and Hairology.

    3. David Russell on Fri, February 09, 2007

      Daker takes the cake. Hands down.

    4. Stewart on Fri, February 09, 2007

      I had a funny one. We were trying out some “Servant Evangelism” stuff a la Steve Sjogren. One of the things they do is free coke give aways with a simple card explain the coke is a totally free gift just like God’s love.

      We did candy bars at a subway exit one random Tuesday afternoon in February. “Free chocolate” we yelled as people passed on their way home from work. Some took it. Some didn’t. What killed me (as the pastor) was when one of the people who refused it said, “I’d love to take that snickers bar, but it being the first day of Lent, I just can’t do it. I promised God and all.”

      So here were a bunch of Baptists our tempting our liturgical brothers and sisters with free chocolate on the first day of lent!

    5. Gary on Mon, February 12, 2007


      The pickle lady is goofy but for sheer laughs I still keep a copy of the “Concerned Pastor Remix” on my computer. I crack up every time I hear it. (The message left on the church answering machine that was so odd that the tech guy just had to sample and put a good hip-hop beat behind it). You really ought to add that one to the list.

    6. Tim on Mon, February 12, 2007

      okay ... is any of this real?

      What’s next ?

      Purpose Driven Pants?

    7. Shelly on Tue, February 13, 2007

      That Baby Got Book video sounds like a wife recruiting ad for the seminary I used to attend.

      It was hilarious!

      P.S. I was married before I got to the seminary… a guy with a secular job (gasp) but he still likes my big Bible!

    8. Shane Vander Hart on Wed, February 14, 2007

      I’m torn between the Barna report and “Baby Got Book”.  LOL

    9. Len Moore on Mon, December 22, 2008

      Found three broken links….. What kind of Christmas bonus did you give to the Web Master?.. As every pastor knows, don’t mess with the media guy

    10. Ed Rowell on Mon, December 22, 2008

      The “pitching your tents” joke has been around forever. I’ve herad it a dozen times accredited to a dozen different preachers.

      I’m confident it was not a true faux pas but a guy pretending to commit a faux pas. Pay attention to the timing.

    11. Anthony Leroy Trask on Sat, December 27, 2008

      I few months ago I was preaching on discernment and was trying to say,” By the tim the Kool Aide gets passed out, it’s already too late.” But instead I said” By the time the Kool Aide gets PISSED out…” Ouch!

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    13. Ewok75 on Wed, December 08, 2010

      I think number 3 and 7 deserves to be on the top 3 spot smile Simply hilarious!

      I also remember a local pastor of hour town swearing inside a Haunted House carnival attraction when he got scared… priceless!

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