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    This Week in Ministry

    This Week in Ministry

    Each week, I try to find the best 'stuff' out there that I think you should take a look at. I share this throughout the week on Twitter. I also encourage you to send me news items and stories that you think other leaders should know about. Here's this week's list:

    Ten Reasons Why Churches Stall

    7 Reasons Your Leaders are Quitting!

    The world's deadliest four letter word

    Our traditional religious formulas and beliefs too quickly limit God only to our self-centered imaginations

    Five ways to know if you're really a Christian

    "It’s disciples we’re after, not statistics"

    5 Warning Signs of a Personality-Driven Church

    Almost anyone can become a leader... but...

    If you stop jumping to conclusions, you'll avoid a good amount of personal conflict

    Are Southern Baptists facing an identity crisis?

    The PCUSA joins boycott against Arizona

    The GENIUS of AND

    The NINES

    Church Building Spree ala Huffington Post

    If you have a 14 year old girl around your house, you're probably sick of this

    Free Vuvuzela Concert

    Check out the "Jesus Loves Strippers" ministry

    Drive-Through Prayer

    Rick Warren is expected to make a full recovery

    Robert Schuller's daughter is OUTRAGED!

    Doug Oldham dies at 79

    Oral Roberts Presidential Compound sold for 1.5 million

    Church has to cut staff after $210,000 goes missing

    This may help your church staff meetings

    Cross Point is looking for a Campus Pastor

    How to scan your print documents to Google docs

    Annoying Email Habits

    Finally... add images and html to your Gmail signature

    60% of evangelical pastors say they don't drink

    5 of the world's 10 largest churches are in Seoul, which is home to the world's biggest Baptist, Methodist & Pres flocks

    Survey says: 1 in 6 women caught up in internet pornography

    Church sponsors "International Burn A Quran Day," on Sept. 11 this year

    Inside Westboro Baptist

    The Christian Shopping Channel

    Finding Out Your Pastor is a Murderer

    What should Christians do with Mel Gibson?

    Not to be out done by Rick Warren, TX pastor has stomach pumped after eating poisonous leaves of rhubarb plant

    Reading your Bible could bring you lots of mone

    Feeling is not the admission price for worship. Jesus’ blood is


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    1. Scott Couchenour on Mon, July 26, 2010

      Wow, Todd, this is an impressive listing! I’m way-honored to be among them. The work you are doing is fantastic. Keep it up and stay strong!

    2. CS on Mon, July 26, 2010

      Some thoughts:

      —“Five ways to know if you’re really a Christian”—Awesome post.  Gotta love the straightforward stuff.

      —“Check out the “Jesus Loves Strippers” ministry” —From the article:

      “The volunteers don�t bring Bibles. They don�t launch into talk about God.  [...]  Only God can change a person,� said Emily Mills, a 32-year-old mother of three. �Our goal is not to go in and change them, but make them realize that God loves them no matter what they do and where they are.�”

      There’s the problem.  Where’s the Gospel?  What about the souls and eternal destination of these women?  Good works without the message of Christ makes this group no different than any other public outreach.

      —“Rick Warren is expected to make a full recovery”—I am glad to hear that the blindness wasn’t permanent.


    3. Peter Hamm on Mon, July 26, 2010

      thanks, Todd.

      CS, I agree on that great “5 ways” article… but… a question… did you come LOOKING to find fault somewhere or did you just happen upon it? Don’t answer right away, just think about it…

      Also, the Vuvuzela Brahms music was just stunning, Todd!


    4. CS on Mon, July 26, 2010


      “CS, I agree on that great “5 ways” article… but… a question… did you come LOOKING to find fault somewhere or did you just happen upon it? Don’t answer right away, just think about it…”

      I think it would be fair to say, “With nearly 40 articles in the list above, based on past history, I expected that at some point I would come across something that would have some fault.”


    5. Oliver on Mon, July 26, 2010

      this is the best stuff on the web???  disagree on the “five ways to know”...I like sin, and its christians I can’t stand to be around.  Guess I am not one of them, funny too how I thought salvation was by grace???

    6. Brian L. on Mon, July 26, 2010

      Clicked on the link about the pastor getting his stomach pumped and got “Rick-Rolled…”

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