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    Thoughts on Crystal Cathedral entering bankruptcy

    Thoughts on Crystal Cathedral entering bankruptcy

    Much has been said this past week about the Crystal Cathedral entering backruptcy.  Read what some of the press, bloggers, and twitterverse has to say about it...


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    1. Christopher Fontenot on Fri, October 22, 2010

      Their financial bankruptcy matches their moral and Biblical bankruptcy

    2. Peter Hamm on Fri, October 22, 2010

      Theology aside… This didn’t just creep up on them. It never does. To have this kind of thing happen most certainly must take a long and deliberate path of ignoring the economic realities that they faced.

      But also…

      Theirs is a ministry that was geared for and designed toward the end of ministering to a certain demographic. That demographic is getting older and giving less, and the “next generation” doesn’t seem to be coming on board, if I recall correctly what has been said in the past by CC themselves.

      Churches, beware, if your ministry is not periodically (perhaps constantly) being re-designed and re-purposed to make sense, culturally, to the next generation, you will, indeed, lose them and go down the same path.

      The message of the Gospel never changes, of course, but the methods MUST. If they do not, and a church becomes irrelevant, they should not be surprised.

      Perhaps a new ministry will rise up to take their place. Unfortunately, the example they’ve set for others, in and out of the church, is not good, is it…

    3. Jan on Fri, October 22, 2010

      The community they were in for many years is no more.
      It has become multi-cultural, crime ridden and more like inner-city.  The ministry I don’t believe has changed that much.  So, as the white upper middle class have moved, they have not kept up with who they were reaching.

      I think it’s sad.  At one time, even though I would definitely not endorse their philosophy of ministry 100%, they were doing some amazing things for the gospel, particularly in youth ministry and missions.

      I think this is just sad.

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