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    Top Ten WORST Small Group Ice Breakers

    10. Share the worst sin you’ve ever committed.

    9. If you were God, who would you punish first?

    8. Which person in this group do you think needs to find Jesus the most?

    7. Which people at your church do you wish would find a different church, and why?

    6. If you could erase any verse out of the Bible, which one would it be?

    5. Share the juiciest piece of gossip you know so we can pray about it.

    4. If you could have anything from your neighbor’s house, what would it be?

    3. What’s your favorite of The 10 Commandments to break?

    2. If you could change anything about your spouse, what would it be?

    1. If you could commit any sin and get away with it, what would it be?

    Scott Hodge recently shared this list of the Top Ten Worst Small Group Ice Breakers... What would you add to the list?


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    1. Brian on Fri, December 01, 2006

      I remember trying to lead an ice-breaker in college, and the first question given to us to talk about was: What is the hardest thing for you to talk about?

      I had no problem with asking (the questions were given to us by another organization), and being the hard-head I was back then, was pretty insistent that everyone answer.

      Two results: (1) One lady refused to answer the question, and began tearing up.  After a while I got the clue that she should not be pressured to answer it.  (2) Probably everybody in the room, myself included, lied about their answer…..


    2. Leonard on Fri, December 01, 2006

      These are great.  I will use them in my next small group training.

    3. kent on Fri, December 01, 2006

      I like #9.

      I am sure what verse I would erase but I want to preach on a vese I rediscovered “He will have the burial of a donkeyu.”

    4. Peter Hamm on Fri, December 01, 2006

      7 is good. No… really…

    5. Camey on Fri, December 01, 2006

      11. If given a razor, whose facial hair ( read: goatee, beard, or moustache) would you want to shave off first?

      12. In regards to #11: Would you purposefully miss and make them bleed?

      13. Which staff member do you think needs fashion help and why?

      14. Which staff members dye their hair or wear toupees? Which spouses?

      15. If given a roll of toilet paper at night would you: a) put it on the toilet dispenser in your bathroom; b) put it on the back lid of the toilet; c) TP a house?

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