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    Turn in Your Bible, Get a free Playboy

    Turn in Your Bible, Get a free Playboy

    That's what's happening that at the University of Texas San Antonio.  A campus atheist group is caliing it their 'Smut for Smut' campaign.  Simply turn in your Bible or other religous text, and they'll give you free porn.

    Don't believe me?  Watch this video!

    What do you think?



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    1. Matt @ The Church of No People on Wed, March 10, 2010

      How much does a Playboy cost?  If someone is that hard-up for porn that they need to pay for a Playboy in trade, and they haven’t realized they can get porn on the internet these days for free, they aren’t godless.  They’re just stupid.

      It’s a publicity stunt.  Anyone who turns in a Bible wasn’t reading it anyway.  It’s not like they’re luring virgin-eyed Christians away.

    2. NCSue on Wed, March 10, 2010

      Seems to me there is a LARGE contingent of people whose main goal in life is to shock and offend. I think these guys are from that set.

      Too bad they can’t think of a more constructive use of their time.

    3. Andrew on Thu, March 11, 2010


      My reaction to this is: Why wouldn’t the Christian clubs set up a table right next to the atheists’ table? What a GREAT place to evangelize! Maybe get a band, lead people to Christ right then and there….

      Check & mate.

      Just sayin….


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