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    Watch Your Step…

    My friend Los had this on his blog a couple days ago... but maybe there are one or two of you who hasn't seen it yet. You wouldn't think this would be that funny; but it made me laugh out loud even the third time I watched it! Take a look...


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    1. Peter Hamm on Fri, October 03, 2008

      What pointless juvenile humor.

      You should be ashamed of myself.

    2. CS on Fri, October 03, 2008

      Did anyone catch how, at the end, they went from this product to a porcelain figurine of Elvis to get it off the air?  Now THAT’S funny.


    3. fishon on Fri, October 03, 2008

      Why Peter,

      I think Todd has done a great service by exposing the dangers of ladder walking.

      I just purchased a “Little Giant” ladder, and you can bet that after viewing the catastrophy that took place, I will not be caught in the same position.

      I do believe that the video proves the usefulness of Todd’s blog. He may have possibly saved my neck.


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