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    We Christians sure are creative

    We Christians sure are creative

    OK... this is one of the more bizarre things I've seen in a very long while.  It was originally found over at Christian Nightmares.  I don't know if it's a nightmare, but it sure is different.

    Take a look:

    What do you think Jesus thinks of this.  Does it bring a smile to His face?  Does he shake his head in disbelief? Does he snicker a tad bit?

    (My guess... if the lady who did this was sincere, and I have no reason to believe she isn't, that he loved it.  Probably more than I did.  I just thought it was weird.) 


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    1. Chris Elrod on Fri, January 07, 2011

      I literally can’t stop laughing…this is a riot!!!  Sad…embarrassing for Christians…but hilarious!!!

    2. Adam Reed on Fri, January 07, 2011

      This is really the craziest thing that I’ve seen in a while!  I couldn’t even watch the whole thing because I was laughing so hard. Let’s just pray that it doesn’t go viral.

    3. CS on Fri, January 07, 2011

      Seems to be a Catholic thing since the credits say, “For Peter’s Church. Our Rock,” she made the sign of the cross, and put in the Mary references.


    4. Alan on Fri, January 07, 2011

      God, please save us from aging hippies.  Please?  Thank you in advance…Amen.

    5. Sue on Fri, January 07, 2011

      OK, gotta say it - I don’t think Jesus likes us laughing at her, not even if she is aging.  I wouldn’t run this at church, but you guys are always the first ones to say we ought to take a risk.  God’s not done with her yet.

    6. Jon on Fri, January 07, 2011

      As an Aerosmith fan, this is almost blasphemy.

    7. Peter Hamm on Fri, January 07, 2011


      As a Beatles fan, your comment is blasphemy. ;P

    8. Jan on Fri, January 07, 2011

      How embarrassing!
      My community would think this was awesome… lots of aging hippies.

    9. Steven on Sat, January 08, 2011

      Probablly if this were done by some cool group of teenagers in a cool christian band with a cool name and wore cool clothes then everyones reviews would read much differently. While you must appreciate her creativity and knowledge of the events of the life of Christ, this is just down right funny.

      Last but not least… Aerosmith, come on Jon, the Beatles released this song in 1969 and Aerosmith covered it in like 78’ or 79’ I’m 31 and know that much.

    10. Jon on Sat, January 08, 2011

      Stephen, that was the joke I was trying to make (Aerosmith’s cover was as blasphemous the the Beatles version as this was video was to either version).  Peter nailed it. 

      Sorry, bad joke for a blog…I should have noted my sarcastic tone on the original comment.

    11. Rev Eric on Sat, January 08, 2011

      It’s just horrible. But I couldn’t stop watching it. To answer the question, “what does Jesus think of this?”... I think she is sincere. So probably Jesus would think the same thing a doting father would as he watched a young child of his completely butcher any other song. He’d love it. But probably wait a long time before watching it again and hesitate to show it to his friends.

    12. Michael on Sat, January 08, 2011

      I like it better than the Ed Young rap videos

    13. Steven on Sun, January 09, 2011

      Sorry Jon, not that it’s really relevent to the discussion but I’ve heard so many people that thought; because of the movie Armegedon, that Areosmith wrote that song.

      Michael, I haven’t seen the Ed Young rap videos but sounds scary. lol

    14. hastings on Mon, January 10, 2011

      at the very least the musicians could have played all of the chords right in the brief chorus “...come together, right now” grin hehe

    15. Mark Simpson on Mon, January 10, 2011

      What the . . . . ?

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