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    We Will Rock You…

    We Will Rock You…

    Thought I'd share a video that our student ministries kids made while on their recent missions trip.  They travelled to Tennessee to help with a new church plant, and found themselves staying in an old church during the week.  I'm not sure how they came up with this, but I do know it's probably the only time I'll ever see my kids in a choir robe...


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    1. Leonard on Mon, August 09, 2010


    2. Peter Hamm on Mon, August 09, 2010

      I suddenly like choir robes again!

    3. CS on Mon, August 09, 2010

      There’s a part of me that gets a kick out of fun things like this.  Then there’s a part of me that asks, “Where’s the reverence?” and contemplates Nadab, Abihu, and Uzza’s indelible marks.  Somehow, I need to find a balance between the two.


    4. Josh on Mon, August 09, 2010

      The reverence for what? Choir robes? Pews?

    5. CS on Mon, August 09, 2010


      “The reverence for what? Choir robes? Pews?”

      I think I know where you’re going with this one.  Intrinsically, there is nothing reverential about a building, or chairs, or clothes.  They are simply tools for the use of the church.  Just like a projector system, wireless mic, hymnals, tithe envelopes, or anything else you’d find in use in a place like this.  They are not in and of themselves holy, blessed, sanctified, or anointed.

      Yet, all used within context, they are symbolic of the holiness of God.  Just like how the priests once had to fashion themselves rightly (or be killed) to go and offer sacrifices to the Lord, people get things like choir robes and pews so that hearts and minds can be aligned with the transcendent nature of omnipotent God.  They dress up in their Sunday best, behave meekly, and go to offer themselves up on the Lord’s Day.  In short, they appreciate the loftiness of the Lord and knowing that they are doing a serious thing in leading worship, teaching, singing, and offering their time and talents.

      But more and more, when some people who are not appreciative of this sort of understanding go into church buildings, they act without understanding that the reason that the people have purchased and use all of these things is because they worship a high and holy God and wish to glorify Him.  So, instead, they behave silly and scoff at things, even donning the choir robes and singing songs like this at an, “old church.” 

      That’s what I was getting at in making the parallels to Nadab, Abihu, and Uzza.  And hopefully you understand my conflict in my mind a little more.


    6. Sheila on Tue, August 10, 2010

      makes me laugh everytime I see it!

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