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    What Greg Surratt Knows about Vision

    What Greg Surratt Knows about Vision

    Vision is something that we talk about often, yet many (might I say most) churches suffer from a lack of vision.  In this short (23 minutes) video, Greg Surratt shares his ideas about 'vision'.  I think you'll find it useful.

    Leadership Conference - 2010 - Greg Surratt from Seacoast Church on Vimeo.


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    1. Q. on Thu, March 25, 2010

      We can definitely talk ‘vision’ to death-and it seems to have become one of those buzz words that people can overuse to the dangerous point where we start to roll our eyes when we hear it…  That being said, Greg Surratt KNOWS about vision and about leadership.  He’s one voice that is DEFINITELY MORE THAN WORTH LISTENING TO.

    2. CS on Thu, March 25, 2010

      I decided to listen to the whole thing to see what Surratt had to say about, “vision.”  I’d like to focus on the end portion, where he says, “This is how I get vision.”  He lays out five steps:

      -Create, “margin,” in your life.

      -Ask God to guide your vision.

      -Create a, “bucket list,” of things you want to do.

      -Write the story of your life, the church, etc.

      -Set goals.

      What’s the problem here?  He uses absolutely no biblical backing for any of these things.  He uses no authority that shows that this is how God gives vision to people.  While he uses a smattering of verses earlier on, including some out of The Message (bad), he used nothing biblical for these five points.

      Throughout the whole video, he stresses a need for vision, yet in the end provides nothing towards this point, aside from saying, “This is what works for me.”  If vision is truly something God gives to pastors (which is something I contend in lack of seeing biblical evidence for special revelation like this), then I wouldn’t want to know what works for Surratt, but I would want to know what God says works through the Bible.


    3. Christopher Fontenot on Thu, March 25, 2010

      This message is very man-centered.  After he quotes Ephesians 3 he speaks about how God “...wants us to get a little bit of His dream, a little bit of His vision in our heart. because it will sustain us, it will motivate us to get up in the morning…”  Why does this sound so much like a motivational speech instead of sound Biblical teaching?  I believe that God wants us to get ALL of HIS dream and vision into our hearts. But when you are man-centered instead of God-centered then you must somehow work God’s vision into all the things you want to do.

      I don’t think the vision could be any clearer than what is spelled out in Scripture.  We (true Christians) are to tell the world about how their sins may be forgiven and how they can attain eternal life by faith in Jesus Christ.  This is and should be our focus.  Imagine waking up at whatever time you wake up, knowing that you will save a life today.  A great feat no doubt but it pales in comparison to the knowledge that you could participate in the saving of some one’s eternal soul!

      This was a great quote about what Greg Surratt KNOWS about vision….“A clear vision attracts the cooperation of other people. When you know where you are going, other people want to come along. You see the world follows someone with a sense of vision and a sense of purpose.”  REALLY?!?!?

      I am a believer of absolute truth and the Bible is a great example of that.  I take bullet points like the ones that Greg enumerates and compare them to the Scriptures.  I would be willing to assume that everyone in this forum who is a believer would agree that Jesus had a vision. I mean, no one was ever more focused on a goal than He.  Yet He fulfilled His goal alone, abandoned by His disciples, betrayed by one, and outright denied by another.  So I guess we can scratch that one as truth.  If Greg would just take a moment and give a cursory comparison of what he teaches to what Scripture teaches, he probably wouldn’t teach what he teaches.  How about Noah….did he have a vision? Was it clear?  So he must have had throngs of followers and people who wanted to cooperate….right?  Well, either Greg is right and Scripture mis-characterizes the life of Noah or Greg is teaching a secular man-centered message. I vote the latter.

    4. janie giorgi on Mon, March 29, 2010

      Gregg,  Thank you for the wonderful way you take the bible scripture and the word of God and give it to us in a way we can apply it in our lives.  I was always confused by scripture:  sometimes the scripture,  sometimes by what it meant for me.  you make it come to life for us.  And it is so rewarding to have your light in our world.

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