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    What if Starbucks Marketed Like the Church?



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    1. Peter Hamm on Fri, November 07, 2008

      I think I visited that coffee shop one time.


    2. Kevin Bussey on Fri, November 07, 2008

      I think I’ve been there too.

    3. Brad Raby on Fri, November 07, 2008

      I think I’ve worked there!

    4. Leonard on Fri, November 07, 2008

      truth sometimes hurts so goood

    5. Mike Ellis on Mon, November 10, 2008

      So real it’s scary. Love the crappy handmade posters/signage. So church like.

    6. Disgruntled on Mon, November 10, 2008

      God must be alive and real. No company could stay in business given the way the church treats its customers today.

    7. Peter T. on Mon, November 10, 2008

      Some churches are criticized for not being cool.  Some are criticized for being too commercial and superficial.  The right balance can be difficult to find. Do we really want (or more important, does God really want) church to be like Starbucks?  The video was really well done, and I’m sure it was meant to be a light-hearted poke at church marketing, but it’s a little over the top.

    8. Glenda on Tue, November 11, 2008

      We’ve been to conferences, watched these clips, read the material and I don’t see anything that doesn’t get complained about, criticized, or made fun of at some point in time.  I just see a hurting and broken world that needs Jesus and churches still squabbling about how to do it.  The the past it was chaulked up to “denominational-ism” now it looks like the new Christian divider is “Relevant-ism”.

    9. Mark Simpson on Tue, November 11, 2008

      I think we forgot a verse or two. How about this one? “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me.”  Or, “No one can come, unless the Father draw him.”  We believe that a Palestinian carpenter’s shed blood 2000 years ago washes us clean of all our sin. When are we going to get it—that it is a miracle, a revelation from heaven, that saves us and attracts us to Him and His people?

    10. Ron Yost on Wed, November 12, 2008

      Relevant to true Christ followers, revealing to the unchurched customers who have been through this process, and resembling the sanctimonius, self-righteous, blind religious people who bloviate and refuse to see the the world from the viewpoint of those “outsiders” the “church” pretends to desire to help.

    11. Mike on Wed, November 12, 2008

      Great production quality and interesting concept. Sadly there is a lot of truth in the video, but based on some of the comments is a public forum like YouTube the place to air such issues? How does it help the unbelieving community when we put a big satirical smackdown on our own? I’m not crazy about the fact that churches do treat guests that way but couldn’t there be a better venue to point that out? Or do you even do it without an invitation? How does this “build up in love toward Christlikeness?” I’m wondering if anyone is feeling this while watching?

      The YouTube comment that got me was, “hmm.. this made me think religion is even more ridiculous than i already did. Congrats church!” So here we have a church, satirizing other churches and further convincing a non-believer of their absurdity. How is this helpful to the cause and reputation of Christ? Why is no one taking on the arrogance of those who created the video? Like they know the right way to do it? They execute it exactly right every time? Is it possible that they are so culturally relevant that there is no difference between them and the actual culture? What would that look like in a video? And should we lob that bomb back at them in a public setting? At what point does this just become like eating our own in front of a watching world.

      Bums me out that so much time, effort and creativity was put out to satirize the bride of Christ. Brutal.

    12. daniel on Mon, November 17, 2008

      I was expecting the barista to teach them the Greek words for short medium and large and then force them to state their coffee size in Greek.

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