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    What is the Greatest Theological Challenge Facing the Next Generation of Pastors

    What is the Greatest Theological Challenge Facing the Next Generation of Pastors

    Find out what R. C. Sproul and Michael Horton believe will be the biggest challenge for the next generation of pastors...

    Watch the video here.

    Do you agree or disagree?  What do YOU think the biggest issue for the next generation of pastors will be?



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    1. Leonard on Mon, April 12, 2010

      Get Jesus wrong…  get it all wrong.

    2. CindyK on Mon, April 12, 2010

      I’m no expert on anything at all - and I can’t even comment about what I think the next biggest challenge for anyone will be.

      But isn’t the understanding and acceptance of who Jesus is the bottom line?  Isn’t that what this is all about?

      I understand that I am naive but hasn’t that been the point of ‘Christianity’ from the very beginning?  Isn’t everything else secondary?

      Hasn’t the understanding and acceptance of the reality of who Jesus Christ is the most challenging thing for all of us to know with each and every breath that we take?  And won’t it always be, until he comes again?

      Maybe I misunderstood the question. smile

      But it just seems to me that ‘Christology’ is the point, the only point, and nothing but the point.  If I had to distill Christianity down to it’s basic core, that’s it.  If we understand that he was God born in flesh, and the reason he came and died - if we really GET that - it changes everything.

      I’m missing something here - honestly, please help me understand this. smile

    3. CS on Mon, April 12, 2010

      It makes sense that Christology would be the next place for the battle of the faith.  Most of the other -ologies have already been attacked or compromised—hamartiology (it’s not sin, it’s a, “disease,” or a, “mistake”), ecclesiology (church worship is for the unsaved), and thanatology (there’s no literal Heaven or Hell) to name a few.  Pretty soon we’ll see the widespread assault on Jesus as Messiah because of all of the secular teaching that Jesus was, “only a good teacher.”


    4. Andymcadams on Mon, April 12, 2010

      In my opinion, churches will be facing the fact the much of the church has “dumbed down” when it comes to knowing and understanding God’s word and the basics of the faith.

      In many churches today (of all sizes) there seems to be an increasing number of church members that don’t seem to have a basic workable knowledge of the faith.  They believe yes…but they are not sure what they believe beyond “salvation” and certainly would have a hard time defending the faith.

      Many times its because there is more focus on worship then their is on discipleship and personal growth and life transformation.  One look at some of George Barna’s findings on the beliefs of most church people today will make you scratch your head and wonder what in the world is being taught in churches today. 

      I noticed that one of Todd’s post today is, “What Will the Church Look like in 2040?”  I’m not sure about the church I am involved with…I frankly think it’s going to be OK…but the church as a whole?  Well…many won’t be around because people won’t be strong in their faith and therefore the church won’t be strong enough to maintain, no less grow. 

      Someone said, “we need a revival”.  I don’t tjhink so.  I think we just need to learn, obey and focus on God’s word…get back to basics and go from there.


    5. Leonard on Mon, April 12, 2010

      Well said Andy

    6. K. A. Christian on Tue, April 13, 2010

      Leonard you’re right… when we get Jesus wrong… we everything else wrong… that’s what many have done and still is doing… they’re getting Jesus wrong…

      CS… as always I’m in total agreement with you… in this inclusive focused age, Christianity has become worldly…

      Andy… well said… we said… instead of many contending for the faith… they’re giving into the world… in an effort to be relevant we have gone away from the basics of Christianity… many today within many congregations don’t know what they believe… you’re right we need to get back to the basics…

    7. Paul on Mon, April 26, 2010

      To me there are 2 areas that theologians will be struggling with, if not now or in the near future are, 1) tolerance of others based on our understanding of how Jesus approached people he met as we have seen from scripture, and 2) Answering the critics regarding Jesus’ perspective on justice.  “Social Justice” as been misinterpreted most recently and how we define it according to Jesus’ ministry will be key to moving beyond and reaching out to those in need.

    8. PLP on Mon, April 26, 2010

      I’m not sure what you mean by worldly?

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