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    What would Wayne Cordiero Do Differently?

    What would Wayne Cordiero Do Differently?

    What would Wayne Cordiero do differently if he had to start his ministry all over again?  Wayne was just one of the speakers to answer the 'what would I do differently' question at last week's SAGE conference, held online by Leadership Network...

    This is the third online conference that I've had the honor of helping with at Leadership Network.  The content for this day was tremendous, and I'm happy to announce that all the videos are up and ready for you to watch right here.

    There is also a companion book that goes along with all the videos that features all the speaker's bios, contact information, and notes for all the sessions.  You can purchase and instantly download this companion here.

    Who was YOUR favorite speaker at SAGE?



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    1. Tim on Mon, May 24, 2010

      Robert Lewis:  This was great thinking that opened my eyes to the importance of basics.  Foundation building

    2. Peter Hamm on Tue, May 25, 2010

      Finally got a chance to watch this. What GREAT stuff. Wayne has a lot for all of us!

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