Monday Morning Insights

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    What’s this Weatherman on?

    Alright… since we’re talkin’ freaky weather man… check this guy out…

    or this guy…

    or this one…

    and finally, this one is painful…

    I’m off to the airport!

    Have a GREAT weekend!


    I'm in Baton Rouge, LA this morning, getting ready to head back to Ohio from a great trip to Healing Place Church (I'll have more on that next week)... But before I go, I have to put something out there for all you "Friday Fans"... this one comes from a link to my new friend Dan Ohlerking's blog (Dan's on staff at Healing Place)... You'll have to check out this weatherman; I've never seen the weather forcast quite like this...


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    1. carole on Fri, March 02, 2007

      I can’t believe you were here in BR! Did you go to the One Way service Wednesday? I was in the choir, far left, nearest the base player. I sure hate I didn’t get to meet you. Your like, blog celeberity!

    2. Andy McAdams on Fri, March 02, 2007

      Some TV stations have pretty women to keep your attention on the weather…and some just have idiots.  I think it’s plain which one this is.

    3. Todd Rhoades on Fri, March 02, 2007

      Hey Carole,

      Sorry I missed you… yes, I was at the One Way service Wednesday night.  Wow!

      I had a great time at HPC!


      (from Baton Rouge, still waiting on a delayed flight to Chicago.  argh!)

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