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    Why Christians Should Have Nothing To Do With Snowmobiles

    Perhaps it will help others to avoid this form of worldliness if I present some facts and arguments.

    Snowmobiles are sinful.
    Snowmobiling is a waste of time. Christians are always pleading that they haven’t got time for Bible study. They are too busy to help in the youth work at the church, etc., but they have time to go snowmobiling. Anything which takes up time better spent in spiritual things is wrong for a Christian.
    Snowmobiles are harmful to those who ride them. Not only are they in danger of harming themselves, but they may do great harm to others. The finger of suspicion points straight at snowmobiles as the likely cause of increased incidences of ruptured discs necessitating spinal fusions and many other physical ills caused by being jostled and slammed up and down in a vehicle with scarcely any springs or shock absorbers.

    Those who ride them like to invite their friends to join them in the sport.
    Some of these not so experienced as the owners have suffered serious injuries in accidents such as broken arms and legs. We have heard of people travelling at high speed being decapitated by wire fences. Surely it is wrong for any Christian to endanger his life in a snowmobile.

    Snowmobilers have a bad influence.
    People who own snowmobiles and spend a lot of time with them influence others to get as glued to the sport as they are and Christians should not have such obsessions except in spiritual things things related to the Lord’s work.

    Snowmobiling Leads to Worse Things.
    In spite of all I have said you may not be convinced that snowmobiles are a great evil, but you cannot deny this: they could be the thin edge of the wedge of worldliness creeping in and we must guard against small beginnings.The thing may not be so bad in itself but if it leads to sin then what are we to say? In some places it seems that all trails lead to the tavern where you will see dozens of snowmobiles parked outside.Others go in for racing and of course bets are placed, so the sport brings the Christian into the company of people who gamble and drink. Some of the worst people drive snowmobiles. What part can a Christian have in this business?

    The Matter of Christian Testimony
    Snowmobiles are an annoyance to many people.  They roar up and down polluting the air with exhaust fumes and at night their lights distract motorists and flash into people’s houses. Farmers are afraid to go out at night on their own property for fear they would be struck down. Snowmobilers have no respect for other people’s property or privacy.  Any Christian wearing a snowmobile suit is therefore a poor testimony. He is bound to be a stumbling block to others. People will say “If that’s what Christians do, count me out. I’ll have nothing to do with Christianity.”

    Snowmobiles are an invention of the devil.
    When the automobile, “the horseless carriage” was invented, preachers warned that it was an invention of the devil and they were laughed at. But no one can deny that the automobile brought on a weekend pleasure craze which kept thousands of people away from the churches.

    How many parents regret that they ever bought an automobile or ever taught their own children to drive? Parents, knowing the dangers were always careful about how and when they used their automobiles, but their young people were reckless. Some drove too fast, killing themselves and injuring their friends. Others parked the automobile down some lovers’ lane . . .The same will be true of snowmobiles. Mark my word. So now you can understand why I will never own a snowmobile. (The fact that I cannot afford one has nothing to do with it.) Nothing could be more worldly than riding snowmobiles and a Christian is plainly told “love not the world, neither the things that are in the world”.

    Furthermore, I will not have fellowship or associate with snowmobilers or with those who do not own snowmobiles but are friendly toward those who do.

    We would like to meet with others who feel as we do with a view to stamping out snowmobiles. If we could get enough Christians to take a strong stand on this we could form a lobby and work to get legislation enacted prohibiting the manufacture and sale of these terrible machines. We could go from there to tackling other things which take people away from the church every weekend, such as camper and larger pleasure vehicles and private airplanes.

    Here is an interesting post found over at on why Christians should have absolutely nothing to do with... snowmobiles. Norman street writes... Before I became a Christian I went snowmobiling most winter weekends and thoroughly enjoyed it. But now I see the pastime in a different light. True, the church I attend is against snowmobiles and to teach a Sunday School class I had to sign a consecration pledge stating that I do not own a snowmobile and will never ride one. I think that I would have come to this conclusion anyway, because anyone ought to be able to see (if he really thinks about it) that the whole sport of snowmobiling is “out of bounds” and Christians need to think twice before they do anything "just for fun."


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    1. snowforce on Mon, September 10, 2007

      Can someone please tell me how many years I have to spend in purgatory? I have been snowmobiling since 1970

      My momma tod me da snowmobile was da devil.

    2. rheal g on Mon, September 10, 2007

      yea. i agree. snowmobile is the greatest.

    3. REVfirefighter on Mon, September 10, 2007

      The Lord Jesus Christ is my savior, and I will always feel that way.

      That being said, why do so many people who teach the word of the lord cast hatred towards people like snowmobilers? Does the author of this article remember that god loves ALL his children, and encourages us to “LOVE THY NEIGHBOR”? Has the author of this article ever been on a snowmobile and/or ever participated in the sport, or are they just casting blind accusations for no good reason?

      This article has opened up my eyes. It tells me that perhaps I need to re-consider how much money I put in the collection plate every week. I refuse to support ANY group of people that cast hatred towards any of god’s children. This is VERY un-Christian of the way I was raised in the Catholic Church. Shame on anybody who says they follow the word of lord in one breath, but then promote hatred and prejudice towards a certain percentage of god’s children in the next.

      Go ahead and keep promoting hatred of others, and then hide under the name of the lord and consider it your duty as a follower of god. When you walk to the gates of heaven, be sure to remember how you spewed your hatred and prejudice towqards others under the name of god. I hope he forgives you for your sins against god’s followers.

    4. tekguy4 on Mon, September 10, 2007

      I never use to paint

      oh yeah snowmobiles evil? pfffffffffttttttttttt


    5. Oldtimer on Mon, September 10, 2007

      “Furthermore, I will not have fellowship or associate with snowmobilers or with those who do not own snowmobiles but are friendly toward those who do.”


      NO MAN OF CHRIST WOULD SAY SUCH A THING. God is love. Jesus stayed with the lepers, the tax collectors, the sinners. He never condemned a soul while he was here.

      This is hate speech, pure and simple.

    6. rheal g on Mon, September 10, 2007

      notice the pic. of the yamaha sled… maybe that got him mad???? haha

    7. bussman on Mon, September 10, 2007


    8. Oldtimer on Mon, September 10, 2007

      Look at that trail!!! Who’s ready to ride??

    9. Todd Rhoades on Mon, September 10, 2007

      Welcome all you hardcoresledders!

      Before you get too miffed, notice that his post was listed under ‘humor’.  It was meant to show how some christians can make anything evil.  It’s a spoof… not to be taken for real.

      I, myself, love a good snowmobile!


    10. Oldtimer on Mon, September 10, 2007

      Dog sled team on my snowmobile club’s multi-use trail in Wonalancet NH. That church in the back-ground loves us. They must be sinners, right?

    11. Snakebit on Mon, September 10, 2007

      Yamaha sucks.

    12. Oldtimer on Mon, September 10, 2007

      Hello Todd. Sine none of us is too over bright, we missed that part. Forgive us for defending the thing we love.

      Here, check this out, it’s my sled…

    13. olskool53 on Mon, September 10, 2007

      Mamma said dem sno machines is da Devil!

      I heard Jesus rode a Ski Doo!

    14. RWL on Mon, September 10, 2007

      Oldtimer is an idiot heathen. He choked his brother and was abducted by aliens. He is surely going to hell.

    15. Jesus Christ on Mon, September 10, 2007

      My son,

      Your anger towards all snowmobilers is unwarranted - especially since my Father has just blessed the world with the new SkiDoo REV XP.  It surely is a blessed machine that will fight righteously to rid the world of the Devil’s machines such as those made by Arctic Cat, Polaris and Yamaha.  I will pray for you, my son, to see the error of your ways and to embrace the new REV XP as if it were my second coming.

      Peace be upon you,


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