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    Why Doesn’t the First Service “Get It”?

    But in second service the audience responded with a roar of laughter.

    "I think I told it with a little more oomph," he said later, resting in his office. "I had my rhythm in second service. It's hard to nail a joke the first time out."

    The appreciative response was "really gratifying," he said. He believes the joke will "hit the eight-o'clockers later in the day."

    At my church, we have three services... the first is at 8:00.  The early service is always a different crowd.  Could be that they're just not awake yet.  smile

    FOR DISCUSSION:  Anyone have any great stories about how something went over or flopped in first service (or any service for that matter?)

    This just in from LarkNews...Pastor Bruce Smith’s funny sermon-starter went over vastly better in second service than in first.  The cute illustration, involving a child who mis-read a Bible verse as "be ye one another’s burdens," caused only scattered chuckles in first service. Smith’s face pinked up and he moved on to his sermon…


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    1. g. on Wed, August 03, 2005

      Laughter is good medicine and it can be a useful tool in deliverinng truth. However, it must be used in moderation. A sermon cannot and should not be one humorous illustration after another. Use one to drive in the point, to open the topic, or check to see if they are really “with” you, but one MUST get to the truth and the scriptures if the Word is going to change lives.

      P.S. We all know God has a sense of humor - have you ever ridden in a van full of teenagers and heard some of the bodily sounds they make? - - -  enough said!


    2. kenny on Wed, August 03, 2005

      Why doesn’t the pastor get it? It’s not the congregation’s fault it is the communicator’s fault.

    3. Casey Sabella on Mon, December 22, 2008

      One speaker used to say, “I get people to laugh so I can hit ‘em in the teeth.” Needless to say, I remembered that some 20 years later!

      I have found that multiple services are subject to the attitude of leadership. Some leaders speak of their first service as dead or subdued…etc. Others, in a more positive light. I really think a great deal depends on how the pastor and staff view the first service.

      First services tend to be less boisterous because few parents will bring kids that early. As such, leadership can interpret the lack of “noise” as a conservative atmosphere. I think we need to be careful assigning a personality to a service. People is people.

      I will up the .02 to a nickel.


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