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    Women Fight Outside Church with Handbags

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    OK... you have to watch this video.

    glumbert - Russian Grandmas Fight With Purses

    I confess, this really didn't happen outside a church, these are really just a couple of Russian women going at it with handbags. Yet, I've seen far worse in the church, I think. If this happened outside your church... what do you think these two women were fighting over? Let's have some fun here coming up with a context for this handbag throwdown...


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    1. Peter Hamm on Mon, June 23, 2008

      The woman in the blue is an Arminian and the one in the red is a Calvinist. They’re arguing about total depravity, but a little later, when they started arguing about limited atonement it got REALLY fierce.

    2. nathandiehl on Mon, June 23, 2008

      ‘No, we can’t have the offering after the sermon.’

      ‘Yes we can.’

      ‘No we can’t.’

      ‘Yes, I say we can, now shut up you old hag.’

      ‘Take that!’

      ‘Ethel, stop that, you know you’re a sinner. Take that!’

      ‘Take that!’

      ‘Take that!’

      ‘Take that!’

    3. Eric on Mon, June 23, 2008

      I’m thinking two SBC ladies following a covered dish fellowship.  The Red Lady has openly questioned the freshness of the Blue Lady’s squash cassarole.

      If it were her chicken cassarole, there would be gun fire.  Either way, there’s a split coming.

    4. Gary Sweeten on Mon, June 23, 2008

      I stayed in that flat in Moscow one time and those two Babushkas were fighting then as well. It blesses me to see them fight while sitting down. Those ladies look old but have just turned 40. In Russia, 40 is old.

    5. Jimmy Smith - All Praise Ministries on Mon, June 23, 2008

      Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman’s Grandmothers fighting over which is the better CD, “See The Light” or “Beautiful News.”

    6. Dave Douglas on Mon, June 23, 2008

      It’s rather obvious.  They discovered each was having an affair with the associate pastor.  Nothing worse than a woman scorned…..DD.

    7. Melody on Mon, June 23, 2008

      I laughed out loud at Eric’s post.  Fellowship dinners are one of the few things I’ve seen elderly female members fight publicly over. (Typically women of this generation mount a gossip campaign, so it has to be something serious like a pie if they come to blows.)

      Dave is close.  I’d bet they’re on the steps after the wake for one of the other ladies’ Sunday School class and fighting over who will comfort the widower.  You’d be amazed by what a Peyton Place these elder groups are.

    8. Andy McAdams on Mon, June 23, 2008

      I knew it had to happen sooner or later.  It’s Todd’s grandmother and John MacArthur’s mother fighting it out for the boys over this whole crazy new church stuff that’s going on. 

      No wait…It’s John Ryie’s mom and Johnny Mac’s mom fighting over who’s son has the best study Bible.

      No wait…I think it’s two old lady bus captains at two Baptist churches fighting over the last kid on the block.

      No…no…wait…it’s my mom and my mother in law…my mom said I was handsome…and my mother in law said she’s right and that’s the first thing they have agreed on in 20 years and that really ticked them both off.

    9. kevin on Mon, June 23, 2008

      I can’t believe I am reading this stuff during my ministry time.  I should repent.

    10. Andy McAdams on Tue, June 24, 2008

      Keven….get back to work or we’ll send a little old lady over to your church to beat you within an inch of your life with her purse.  Be afraid….be very afraid.

    11. David S on Tue, June 24, 2008

      I thought it might have been the youth pastor and the senior pastor arguing over who left the fellowship hall dirty!

    12. Linda Stanley on Mon, June 30, 2008

      1. Stop sitting in my pew!

      2. I wanted that great room in the education building with the windows and comfy chairs!

      3. Stop criticizing my grandson, the youth pastor!

      4. My granddaughter should be Mary in the Christmas pageant. No mine should be. No, mine! No, mine….

      5. I’m taking the last seat on the church van for the spiritual formation retreat! But I told Pastor Danny I was going last week! Too bad, I told Beatrice to tell Pastor Danny two weeks ago!

    13. Alison Bridges on Mon, June 30, 2008

      I believe I have it.  It actually happened to me (not the handbag hitting, but a similar throw down). 

      “I can’t believe you sang MY song for special music!”

      Unbelievable, but true!

    14. tanya Rodriguez on Tue, July 01, 2008

      When the lady in the blue feel asleep in church the other took her bread and eat it for communion.

      The lady in the red said"I told you we we’re suppose to set the clocks back and now we missed church and are going to hell!”

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