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    Word Up Eloise…

    I think Rick Warren has stolen this woman's soul. Well... him and maybe a little of p-diddy mixed in there. Do you have any grandmas in your church that are this cool?


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    1. fishon on Fri, September 14, 2007

      THAT IS COOL? {not}.


    2. slw on Fri, September 14, 2007

      That was truly disturbing! Hope her homey church did a criminal background check on her.

    3. DanielR (a different Daniel) on Fri, September 14, 2007

      Awesome!  Put Grandma in charge of Gangsta Outreach.  Has she got street cred?

    4. Peter Hamm on Sat, September 15, 2007

      Has she got street cred? Not sure, but I’m sure she’s been around the block a few times…

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