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    Worst Mistake in a Christian Press Release Award:  “Woman, Thou Art Loose”

    Here’s the release:

    Has Former NFL Running Back Written the Next ‘Woman Thou Art Loose’?

    SAN FRANCISCO, Apr. 2 /Christian Newswire/—What has ignited such a fiery passion in the heart of former Oakland Raider Jerone Davison Pastor/Author of the phenomenal book “The Spiritual Fragrance of a Woman”? What has motivated a world class athlete to write a book to women? It’s only been two months since the book has been on the market and already women across the country are finding its aroma to be a refreshing motivator. Many are comparing the books popularity to Bishop T.D. Jake’s “Woman thou art loose”. Calls and emails are fling in from everywhere ordering books for their youth, singles and women’s groups. “My heart is blessed that so many are finding the book unique and powerful. I simply desire to see the Daughters of God fulfilled and Loved as does God.”—Jerone Davis

    More great stuff here at the Dallas News Religion Blog

    This story is true... it comes courtesy of The Dallas News Religion Blog. They write, "We ink-stained wretches have all made our share of mistakes, but the one in the press release below is a holy doozy. The proper title of the book by Dallas' own Bishop T.D. Jakes is "Woman, Thou Art Loosed!" not "Woman thou art loose."


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    1. Leonard on Fri, April 06, 2007

      Good thing is was not written about the bowels

    2. nora on Fri, April 06, 2007

      Leonard, I think you’re onto something here (either that or you’re ON something, I’m not sure which).  There are some definite possibilities here.  For instance, next time I’ve eaten a little too much cheese, I can say, “Husband, verily I say unto you, I art bound!”  And then he can hand me the Metamucil and say, “Woman, thou art loosed!”  I think speaking in the King James English can lend a lot more dignity and drama to what might be otherwise considered a rather mundane situation.  And it makes you feel spiritual too…................

    3. Leonard on Fri, April 06, 2007

      Nora, You rock girl!

    4. Bart on Fri, April 06, 2007

      All right you two, knock it off!!  You have just caused me to spend the last twenty minutes thinking about all of the possibilities for using King James english.  It has not been pretty.  I have better things to do just before Easter.  Thou hast caused me great angst and my wrath against you hast increased mightily.

    5. Peter Hamm on Fri, April 06, 2007

      Verily hath the coca-cola spattered through my nose and caused bitter pain for me from laughter.

    6. nora on Fri, April 06, 2007

      Forgivest thou me for any offense I have caused against thee.  And, lo, I shall continue the work set before me and provide sustenance for the fruit of my womb.

      (Translation:  I’m sorry.  Now I have to get back to taking care of the kids).

    7. reGeN on Sun, April 08, 2007

      After reading this news blurb, I will petition the NCAA to require athletes who want to enter professionl sports to take an exit exam that requires simple math, reading, and writing samples.

      Their is nuthing I hait moore then pore grammer and mistspelt wurding.  Shewt…

    8. Eugenny Bailey Pyne on Sun, December 28, 2008

      c inforan you m me more what this is about

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