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    Writer’s Strike Hitting TBN Hard

    Trinity Broadcasting Network, or TBN, is the largest Christian television network in the world, and as such it is a main target of the CWG strike. The network is thought to bring in almost $190 million each year, and with no public accounting records, it is unknown where most of that money goes.

    According to Todd Samuels, the CWG chairman, not nearly enough of it goes into the pockets of Christian screenwriters. “How many of those 190 million dollars were the result of Benny Hinn’s healing crusades? How much would [Hinn’s program] This Is Your Day generate without CWG members working hard every day to write healing scenarios?” Samuels recently asked the frenzied crowd at a rally. “We’ll just have to see, won’t we? Those people don’t decide to show up in wheelchairs on their own, you know!”

    You can read more about this story here at The Holy Observer...

    According to the Holy Observer, with the Writers Guild of America about to begin the sixth week of its strike, the nation’s television networks are scrambling to fill gaps in their programming schedules. But the Christian television industry has suffered through a concurrent strike of the Christian Writers Guild, which has staunched the flow of original programming and has cost the industry’s flagship network an estimated $18 million. The strike began on November 7, two days after the WGA strike hit Hollywood. But whereas the Hollywood writers are picketing for a contract that includes a share of revenue generated from Internet movie sales, most Christian television networks have no intention to produce any such “new media” content. The Christian Writers Guild is striking simply for higher wages, particularly in light of the colossal revenues generated by the largest networks...


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    1. Kevin Bussey on Fri, January 04, 2008


      If they are “generating” revenue then why do they keep having share-a-thons and asking for $$?

    2. Mike Reynolds on Tue, January 08, 2008

      How do you think they are making $190 Million a year?

    3. wonderingfellow on Tue, January 08, 2008

      I don’t want to wish harm to anyone, but I wish TBN would just go away.  They hurt the name of Christ!

    4. layne on Mon, January 14, 2008

      Difficult to imagine that someone would put actual thought into most of those programs.

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