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“I Like Big Bibles and I Can Not Lie”

Orginally published on Friday, March 17, 2006 at 9:22 AM
by Todd Rhoades

BigbibleOK... it's Friday... and time to take a lighter look at things.  Here's a video that I found absolutely hilarious.  Very well done, and yet roll on the floor laughable.  If you haven't see the video yet, you just have to check it out here.

Love to hear your response!


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  • Posted by Lindsay Wasik

    That was absolutely hilarious!

  • Posted by Brian La Croix

    Hi - stinkin’ - larious, man!

    I’m showing this to my Gospels class this morning and putting the link at

    What a great video!


  • Posted by

    Perfect!  Happy FRIDAY and all that!

  • Posted by Jonathan

    I actually met this dude last month - he and I are both planting new churches in the greater Cleveland area.  Great guy - very well read.

  • Posted by Randy Ehle

    Great!  I just forwarded it to my hermeneutics prof!

  • Posted by

    Todd, Confession time....

    Even though hubby had already shown me that before…

    I’m still rollin’!

  • Posted by

    That is HILARIOUS!

    I got the Thompson Chain with the big red letters!

  • Posted by Paul Davis

    That was awesome!

  • Posted by

    A primary synonym for the term Parody is mockery or mocking.  I wonder what is being mocked??? wink

    I wonder if on the flip side of the record is a video of a guy with a cross rapping - “oh me too holy - me love you long time”

  • Posted by

    Sounded rad to me… Would buy it on CD

  • Posted by


    There was a song in the early 90s called “Baby Got Back”. It was a little too foul to describe to you. This video is a parody of that song.

  • Posted by

    I understand that Peter, Weird Al has many of them but the parody is not only the song itself but the “object” (like “Amish Paradise” or “smells like Nirvana") of the song.  Nice try though wink

  • Posted by

    Peter, I thought the original song was called “I Like Big Butts”. Yes, kind of gross, sorry…

    Great lyrics in this song though!

  • Posted by

    Wow!  Made my morning.  Luv it when we take a bad song and make it better.  It is true...I like big Bibles!

  • Posted by

    I hate rap. I loved this. I saw it last spring and we used it at a youth fellowship and talked about how you pick who you’ll date and future spouses--great communication tool.

    BTW--I married a woman who had wide margins!

    In her Bible.

  • Posted by


  • Posted by Tony Myles

    Lame… it contains all the reasons why people make fun of Christian music.

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