When Worship Goes Badly (Really Badly)

Orginally published on Friday, August 04, 2006 at 7:01 AM
by Todd Rhoades

I really applaud the people over at Addison Road, who are not afraid to admit their mistakes. Not only are they not afraid to admit their mistakes, they actually take them and post them to the internet. Here's a great example. If you're a worship pastor, you'll really appreciate this one. It'll help you feel alot better about yourself; and at the same time, help you appreciate the real importance of the capo.

Click here to go to Addison Road and listen to “Holy is the Lord” direct from their worship service.

Anyone have any worship service bloopers you’d like to send my way?  I’d love to pass them on to the multitudes!  smile


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    Not me.

    My worship services are always PERFECT! flawless and beautiful… always…

    I don’t have it on tape, but on a couple occasions, we’ve started a song horribly, and I decided to just stop and start again, but NONE of my musicians would stop, so the train wreck just went on and on and on…

    It’s like the nightmare where you go to school, there’s a test you haven’t studied for, and you have no pants on…


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    Boy, I have this one piano player that is always starting off in wrong keys, tempos, etc. It’s really painful for everyone.

    Todd, you ever experienced something like that?

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    Seriously though, I do have a funny story with this sound clip. I played it for my team before we started rehearsal a few weeks ago because we were likewise going to be playing “Holy Is The Lord” and I thought it would be good to share a laugh together as well as to see that other people make mistakes like we do. So, fast forward to that Sunday when we’re playing the song during the service and the band is to come in in the same place as this sound clip and low and behold, someone hits the exact wrong chord, sounding much the same as the clip. I tell you, it was all that I could do to keep from laughing out loud right there on the spot!

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    I’ve never had that problem before; but ask me sometime about the woman who did the ‘whistling’ special and had eaten too many crackers; or about the guy with the electric accordian who played with a woman with a purple guitar.

    Wish I had pictures.


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    NEVER HAPPENS to our praise team… (just to me as their leader)… To their credit the band actually caught up with this guy!

    MOST of the time, our congregations don’t notice (especially if they are actually engaged in the worship set) our “seemingly” major mistakes on the platform… That said, even my wife’s deaf grandma would’ve heard that key contrast.

    Excuse me, I need to go run through our chord transitions one more time before Sunday’s service.. :()

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    Oh, I just keep getting a kick out of this clip… For you guitar players out there, you can feel this guy’s pain. I use capos all the time and after hearing this clip, I’ve never been more paranoid! But you have to give these guys credit, they kept plunging forward and tried to make it work.And for those of you who don’t know, Todd is a worldclass pianist. This sort of thing would never happen to him!

  • Posted by Justatron

    Heh...that clip sounded like every single Sunday at my previous church.  When your choir director is tone deaf (and doesn’t know it...AND puts herself on the special music calendar) and your sound man barely knows which buttons to push (bless his heart), you get used to it.  smile

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    Ha… you’re right, Todd.  I do feel better about myself… and have decided to put off my guitar debut at church for a little while longer smile

  • Posted by Chris Surratt

    A few years ago, our video director actually put together a bloopers video of some of our “favorite” moments on stage for a staff Christmas party. That director was immediately sacked, but I do have a very funny video for sale. smile

  • Posted by Rodd Jefferson

    Hats off to Addison Road for sharing this with the world, and to you Todd for posting the link. It was not only humurous but also very refreshing.

    I think it’s important to be able to laugh at your mistakes. If we can’t be open and accepting of the messups, big or small, then not only are we cultivating the wrong kind of team culture, but we’re also communicating the wrong message. Even the best still require a second take every now and then.

    Personally, I still make mistakes, and it’s having those around me who help me to laugh at them that keeps me in check. Perfection is for Jesus and for heaven (when I finally get there).

  • Posted by eric

    I had a five week stretch where the same string on my guitar broke in the middle of a song, usually the second song, and made it almost impossible to finish.

  • Posted by michael lee

    Thanks for the link, Todd. Just to clarify, that clip was emailed to us, and we’re not quite sure who it is, or where they’re from. Addison Road is not a church, we don’t have a worship team, and it’s not us in the clip. If we did have a worship team, I’m sure the bloopers reel would be very, very funny.

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    It was the middle of the worship service and I had just finished a most serious and worshipful “pastor prayer”.  I quietly moved to sit down and listen to the chancel choir special just before I was to step up and deliver the morning sermon.

    I had been fighting a cold and a moment before the choir was suppose to sing their special song, I blew my nose.  The only thing is, I forgot to turn off my microphone.  So the whole congregation heard “The Foghorn”.  I had never seen such smiling choir members as they began their choir special.

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