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    Dan Brown’s Loss of Faith

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    Dan Brown’s Loss of Faith

    You know Dan Brown as the author of The DaVinci Code... the book that made a big stink in some realms of the Christian community a few years back.  But here's some insight into how Dan lost his faith.  It happened when he was just and eighth or ninth grader.

    Here's what Brown said in a recent interview in Parade Magazine:

    I was raised Episcopalian, and I was very religious as a kid. Then, in eighth or ninth grade, I studied astronomy, cosmology, and the origins of the universe. I remember saying to a minister, "I don't get it. I read a book that said there was an explosion known as the Big Bang, but here it says God created heaven and Earth and the animals in seven days. Which is right?" Unfortunately, the response I got was, "Nice boys don't ask that question." A light went off, and I said, "The Bible doesn't make sense. Science makes much more sense to me." And I just gravitated away from religion.

    Sorry, but that minister deserves a round-house kick to the face.  Nice boys DO ask that question; and when they do, you had better have an answer better than that one.

    Each day, we build into our kids with the things we say and do.  This just shows the importance that spiritual leaders have in the lives of young people.  Truth is... they may either follow our example, or chuck it when we blow it.

    Dan Brown sure did.

    Your thoughts?



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    1. Ryan on Tue, September 29, 2009

      I found his next Q/A to be very interesting as well
      “The irony is that I’ve really come full circle. The more science I studied, the more I saw that physics becomes metaphysics and numbers become imaginary numbers. The farther you go into science, the mushier the ground gets. You start to say, “Oh, there is an order and a spiritual aspect to science.” “

      See the full article here

    2. Kevin on Tue, September 29, 2009

      I think it’s interesting to note he says it was “unfortunate” that the minister answered that way.  Almost as if he knows that’s not the right way to answer the question or to respond.  Almost as if he recognizes that was the minister being foolish and not the faith as a whole that’s the problem…

    3. Peter Hamm on Tue, September 29, 2009

      yes, now he understands the order to things, but he still hasn’t come “full circle” as it were.

      That said, Dan Brown believes and purports to believe a lot of RIDICULOUS fabrications about history, and passes it off as fact (as in the disclaimer to “Da Vinci Code”. Not very “scientific”...

      Either that or he’s just trying to bust our chops… I think that it’s the latter…

      Da Vinci Code is a fun story if you can get past the ridiculous revisionist incorrect history…

    4. Richard H on Tue, September 29, 2009

      I teach my people (church folks and students) that they ought to ask questions - that asking questions is a sign of intelligence. I do Q & A sermons on 5th Sundays to encourage questions.

      I also teach Intro to Philosophy at the local community college. One of the subjects we talk about is Willed Ignorance. I’m amazed and perturbed every semester by the number of students who tell me that religion is one area in which one OUGHT to be willfully ignorant.

    5. Ronnie on Wed, September 30, 2009

      The church today must be ready and able to teach apologetics as a compulsory subject for foundation to every new believer! It is time we are armed with answers to questions of our hope and joy! Sad to hear of Dan Brown’s fall!

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