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    David Letterman and the Fear of Being Exposed (Video)

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    David Letterman and the Fear of Being Exposed (Video)

    David Letterman never wanted his secret affairs exposed.  Neither do we.  Tim Gaydos, the Downtown Campus Pastor at Mars Hill Church has some great thoughts about our lives being exposed...

    The biggest thing we are concerned about is our life being exposed... people seeing us, not for what we want to be seen as, but for what we are.  Take a look at this video:


    Read more here...


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    1. CS on Thu, October 15, 2009

      Slightly tangential, but the thing that bugged me the most about the Letterman debacle was that the audience was laughing at his scandalous admissions of adultery and no one has really cried, “Shame!” in response to this action.  I think decency in America has fallen to almost European levels and will not get back up again.


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