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    What if Churches Used Personal Ads?

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    What if Churches Used Personal Ads?

    This ad got me wondering... what if churches used personal ads.  If the truth be told, would we look this disfunctional?

    Here could be a sample personal ad for a church:

    Christian Church looking for special people who can help us out.  We like jeans, cool music, and tithes.  We enjoy long talks, coffee, and potlucks.  You must like kids, video games, and scavenger hunts.  We try not to judge, but will let you be the judge of that.  If you're a drummer or have experience in intelligent lighting, we'll really treat you right.  And, oh yeah, we love Jesus.

    FUN(DY) church looking for sinners who will immediately shed their old nature for new.  Must like hymns, neckties, and Sunday night services.  Must like flannelgraph and puppets.  KJV only please.  We have standards, so only serious people, please.  You'll need to share special music once a quarter and help drive bus as needed.  In matters of church discipline, our right to know supercedes your right to exist.  Come be saved with us!


    Seriously though... this could be a good exercise.  If you were to write a 'personal ad' for your church... a real one... what would you say?  What is your church looking for?  Who are you targeting?  That's really what a personal ad is all about.

    For those so inclined.  Feel free to add your church's personal ad to the comments section!



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    1. chejoo on Thu, October 15, 2009

      This is tough… let’s see:

      New christian church is looking for people that had enough of the traditional christian mess. We’re not perfect but hey, neither are you. Why don’t we follow Jesus together and see what happens! smile

    2. Pastor Dale on Thu, October 15, 2009

      OK, I’m game.

      Middle-aged church seeks people young and old. Looking for someone willing to spend more time with me than 1 day/week and in more places than mine. Must be open to unconditional love.

      Teaching skills a plus.

      Yeah, chejoo, very difficult.

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