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    Church Introduces Controversial Bathroom Art

    A picture featured in the men's room at a Tempe, AZ church is causing a huge controversy. According to Pastor Tom Douglass (affectionately known to most of his congregation as 'Pastor T-Dog'), the pictures were meant as a light-hearted attempt to make their visitors welcome.

    "Many men are really intimidated when they attend church for the first time", said T-Dog. "We try everything we can to make men feel at home and to ease their concerns about the church being judgmental and non-relevant. Believe it or not, we've had nothing but great comments from our men about the new bathroom art. In fact, men are starting to invite their friends to church just to see the bathroom!"

    The new art is not quite so popular with women. Comments range from the light-hearted "I told my husband, 'it's no wonder they're laughing at you" to the more stern "the church is no place for potty humor".

    61 year old Eunice Banfield said that while she hasn't seen the art, she's definitely heard about it. "I and the other members of our quilting circle demand that Reverend Douglass take down the naked pictures of women in our church men's room immediately." Her husband Orval Banfield, on the other hand, confesses that he has secretly skipped his Detrol pill on for the last three Sundays. "I have to go more now, but that's ok," he said.

    Another local pastor, Steven Anderson, is against the pictures, but is at least thankful that the church is encouraging men to 'pee standing up'.

    Newspaper ads for have generated 10,000 pageviews for the church, and attendance is up 20% since early October when the pictures were hung.


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    1. Mike Ellis on Fri, November 21, 2008

      Whenever some is brave enough to think outside of the box to attract men to church, they get into trouble.

    2. Tal Prince on Fri, November 21, 2008

      As a minister engaged in the battle of pornography and sexual addiction, this is a bit disturbing. I know this was not the intent, and so many don’t think about these things, but there are many men in the church that struggle with exhibitionism (you may know them as “flashers”).

      This type of thing only feeds that, and while it is intended as light hearted humor, but it can be feeding a problem that many men do struggle with. I know this isn’t something a great many people think about, much less talk about, but it is real nonetheless.

      I applaud creative attempts to get men into the church, and spend large chunks of my time getting shot at by “conservative” churches and pastors. Just wanted to drop this perspective into the conversation.

      Now I need to go find a wall to pisseth on…

    3. Brian L. on Fri, November 21, 2008


      Not sure if you understand that the article itself is a joke.  If you’re new here, you may not know that on Fridays, Todd usually does all humor pieces.

      So the “church” in the article is not real, and neither is their “art.”

      Have a great day, Tal!

      And keep up the fight against porn and sex addiction.  I thank God that you are willing to step into that dark arena.  Blessings on you.

    4. Tal Prince on Fri, November 21, 2008

      Ok, thanks! Yes, I am new here and now feel ridiculously stupid.  Thanks for the gracious response and encouragement!

      Now I have to go back down the hall to pisseth on the wall while I wipeth egg off my face! 

      Have a great weekend!


    5. Brian L. on Fri, November 21, 2008


      No need to be embarrassed.  All of us have fallen for these things.

      Mine was the “Hairology” one a couple years back.  Maybe Todd could repost that one sometime (without my idiotic response, that is!

    6. CS on Fri, November 21, 2008

      “In fact, men are starting to invite their friends to church just to see the bathroom!”

      Seriously, could we please get these boys out of the pulpit where play, “church,” and instead get some true men of God in there who use the Gospel to draw people to church instead of toilet art?  This is beyond ridiculous.


    7. CS on Fri, November 21, 2008

      Now I realize this was a joke, but the basis for this spoof has some real basis.  If you google, “Christ’s family church bathroom,” you’ll see what I mean.  So I’ll let my statement stand… or sit, depending on what needs to be done.


    8. Cindy K on Fri, November 21, 2008

      Don’t feel bad Tal. He got me several Fridays in a row when I was new here.  Just think of it as friendly hazing.

      The part about ‘peeing standing up’ took the cake though.

    9. Cindy K on Fri, November 21, 2008

      And he even got CS on this one.  THAT is impressive.

    10. CS on Fri, November 21, 2008

      Cindy K:

      You’re right, Todd got me.  I should have known better, because it was a Friday, after all.  =)

      However, go do that search I mentioned above, and you’ll see why I could glance at it and say, “Oh, no.  Not another bathroom church thing.”


    11. Peter Hamm on Fri, November 21, 2008


      I love you man, but… How is decorating a men’s bathroom in an interesting fashion sinful? I love what Craig Groeschel (I think) said. “We will do anything that is not sinful to reach the lost.” I concur.

      After all, we provide comfy padded seats or pews in churches. Awfully “attractional” that. Must be sinful. Some of us use translations of the Bible in our contemporary language rather then the outdated one that some use which even contains words that are used differently in the English language than in the 17th century, if they’re used at all. VERY sinful. And how about the comforting words of those hymns written in the 18th and 19th centuries. heaven forbid! People are going to start coming to our churches because of the promises of God. We wouldn’t wan that. We’re doing “This is My Father’s World” this weekend. Somebody might be emotionally moved. Oh NO! Can’t have that!

      Just ribbin’ ya, CS… You know I appreciate you.

    12. CS on Fri, November 21, 2008


      Ah, you know I love you, too. 

      I’m just waiting for the ultimate church.  You know, where there are tubes to take you directly from your car to the coffee bar, Jetsons style.  Then the kids go play in the 40 acre Fun World.  Mens’ group activities focus on ropes courses, sports games, and hot rod construction.  The womens’ group activities are centered around Oprah and the latest emotional bestseller like, “The Shack.”

      Oh, and Jesus, sin, and that stuff?  Nah, they focus on self-esteem and self-empowerment.  So invite your friends today, because, remember, that counts as evangelism.


    13. Peter Hamm on Sat, November 22, 2008


      lol. I think I detected a tongue in cheek there.

      I know that you and others have reputedly experienced a lot of churches like that, I haven’t. I’ve been very fortunate in my church experience I guess.



    14. shop for art on Thu, February 05, 2009

      Great article, its always good to be energized by a good speaker, and crowd.

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