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    Does this make you uncomfortable?

    Does this make you uncomfortable?

    OK... a couple of statements I want to make about this video before you watch it.  First of all, ignore the comments popped in momentarily by Ed Young, Jr.'s critics.  I don't think Ed is the anti-christ; nor do I think he's heretical.  Second of all, I try to put myself in this room while this is happening (or imagine it happening at my church.)

    Those disclaimers aside... watch this video and let me know what you think.

    I'll put it out there... this made me very unconfortable.  Should it?

    I'm not uncomfortable because I'm not a tither.  (I am).

    The security of me putting my banking information in an offering plate makes me uncomfortable.

    The waving the cards in the air makes me uncomfortable.

    The 'just do it' mentality makes me uncomfortable.

    Is that ok?  Should I be uncomfortable?

    I mean... there ARE things I should be uncomfortable about.  But I'm not sure whether I give my church my bank routing information is one of them.

    What do you think?

    Is this an approach that you would/could take in your own church?

    Is this just a new and great way to introduce people to the practice of tithing?

    I'd love to hear your thoughts.  


    PS -- for the record, I think an automatic withdrawl is fine; although it puts my commitment on auto-pilot.  It is definitely a convenience.  So is online giving.  






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    1. Todd Rhoades on Wed, November 03, 2010


      No doubt.  But I do think Jesse’s comment is true for the American church as a whole (while it may not be true for some individual churches).

      We spend millions (literally) on facilities, staff and programs; yet most churches see very little return on that investment; either in terms of evangelism or discipleship.

      That’s a broad brush.  But there are 300,000 churches in this country with billions in assets making a minimal difference (compared to the dollars invested).

      Is it wrong to look for some kind of bang for the buck?


    2. JohnnyE! on Wed, November 03, 2010

      Please understand, I don’t agree with everything that Ed does.  But I do know that he is trying to reach people.  Has he done it the best way?  No, but then again he is human.

    3. CS on Wed, November 03, 2010


      This video made me very uncomfortable, too.  Why?  It flies in the face of how, “God loves a cheerful giver.”  There was so much pressure and compulsion in doing it, with Young Jr. trying to make everyone do it.

      Add to it that he peppered it with a dash of the prosperity gospel in the mix, and it just adds fuel to the fire of why I think Young Jr. is a bad, bad teacher.


    4. Dan on Wed, November 03, 2010

      First, to be transparent: I am a pastor of a local church.

      I have automated my giving to my church. My wife and I still pray over our giving each week. When the offering is received at the church we use that time to thank God and worship through our giving (which has automatically been drawn from our bank account). To assume that if someone uses automated giving that it is any less spiritual or worshipful is wrong. You can throw cash in the offering or write a check (do they still make those?) and be far from honoring God with your heart. The method we use to give is NOT what matters.

    5. Alberto Medrano on Wed, November 03, 2010

      1) Tithe is an Old Covenant practice. Giving was out of an obligation. 2) The New Covenant liberated people from an obligation, and allowed people the freedom to give from their heart. To do an auto-withdrawal is to re-instate the old customs of the Temple practices. The new temple is made up of all believers. So, giving to the church would be more about sharing our resources with one another, not to an organization. Let’s walk on freedom that Jesus gave to us. That is our ultimate blessing.

    6. revolutionfl on Wed, November 03, 2010

      I have to agree with Jesse’s statement. Well put.

    7. Mary on Wed, November 03, 2010

      My husband and I are tithers.  But I have another angle for why I wouldn’t do an automatic withdrawal.  When I write my monthly tithe, it is the firstfruits of what I do.  It is the first check I write out.  THAT means something to me…to write it out FIRST.  I’m making a statement to my Lord and to myself about writing that check out first.  If it is automatically withdrawn, I lose that “physical sign” of making that offering each month.  Others might not need that or want it, but I do.  It’s important spiritually to me.

    8. Ally on Wed, November 03, 2010

      wasn’t able to watch the video - but if they’re talking automatic withdrawls where the church has your account information??? no way…

      I will however comment on the fact that I have my tithe on automatic bill pay where my bank sends my church a paper check every month a couple of days after my direct deposit comes in (so I can change the amount if for some reason my check changes amounts).

      Why? because I don’t carry my checkbook (my tithe (prior to this), my rent (because I want to pay it in person), and my haircuts are the only thing I use checks for anymore) and because I’m generally up in the choir loft where 1) can’t really break out the checkbook anyway, and 2) they don’t pass the offering plate.  And I have never come close to bouncing a check so putting that on automatic doesn’t bother me (interestingly enough - the only thing else that’s automatically paid - is my monthly donation to another ministry - all my bills are not set up automatically because they very in price every month so I can’t)

      So its a good thing for me… but I wouldn’t think so if a church was trying to push it, or wanted your information, or was trying to encourage people who are generally living paycheck to paycheck to do this.

    9. Bill Lanty on Wed, November 03, 2010

      I searched more on the vimeo page and found this.

      He is out there

    10. Jessica on Thu, November 04, 2010

      If this does not convince people that ED Young Jr. is a Wolf then I don’t know what will.

      Of Course it’s very hard to feel sorry for people who have been warned over and over about this Wolf, yet they still support him like he’s “This Great Man of God”.

      Ed Young Jr. is 100% a Wolf and if he is not then God must be Lying. and God can NEVER lie.

      RUN to the nearest Exit and Don’t look back

      This guy makes a mockery of ALL that is Holy and Christian; He mocks and defiles his Holy Name

      and it makes me want to Praise God that he is still exposing people to the evil that is Ed Young Jr.

    11. Todd Rhoades on Thu, November 04, 2010


      So if I hear you right… you don’t like Ed Young, Jr.?


    12. Rusty on Thu, November 04, 2010

      works if you have 5,000 in your church, doesn’t if you have 150.  Im sure they lost more than a few 100 folks from this talk, not a big deal.  if 50 folks leave a church of 150 your toast. We all are hurting financially, but I think you can address this without asking for bank account numbers.  If not joint the LDS church.

    13. bishopdave on Thu, November 04, 2010

      I really like the idea of taking my offering and laying it before the Lord either in a plate or whatever. It’s not as cool as carrying it to an altar and laying it before Him, but I do like the idea of givign it to Him as opposed to knowing a transaction takes place on the 15th and 30th.

    14. Gary Chupik on Thu, November 04, 2010

      I can’t believe so many people follow this guy.  Tithing is not the issue….it’s Ed.  He’s proven to be shady with the finances of the church, so why follow this guy.  Sorry Youngites… take an objective look at it.  Guys like him ruin our Christian witness…

    15. stock update on Thu, November 04, 2010

      I�m making a statement to my Lord and to myself about writing that check out first.  If it is automatically withdrawn, I lose that �physical sign� of making that offering each month.

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