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    Does this make you uncomfortable?

    Does this make you uncomfortable?

    OK... a couple of statements I want to make about this video before you watch it.  First of all, ignore the comments popped in momentarily by Ed Young, Jr.'s critics.  I don't think Ed is the anti-christ; nor do I think he's heretical.  Second of all, I try to put myself in this room while this is happening (or imagine it happening at my church.)

    Those disclaimers aside... watch this video and let me know what you think.

    I'll put it out there... this made me very unconfortable.  Should it?

    I'm not uncomfortable because I'm not a tither.  (I am).

    The security of me putting my banking information in an offering plate makes me uncomfortable.

    The waving the cards in the air makes me uncomfortable.

    The 'just do it' mentality makes me uncomfortable.

    Is that ok?  Should I be uncomfortable?

    I mean... there ARE things I should be uncomfortable about.  But I'm not sure whether I give my church my bank routing information is one of them.

    What do you think?

    Is this an approach that you would/could take in your own church?

    Is this just a new and great way to introduce people to the practice of tithing?

    I'd love to hear your thoughts.  


    PS -- for the record, I think an automatic withdrawl is fine; although it puts my commitment on auto-pilot.  It is definitely a convenience.  So is online giving.  






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    1. Ron on Thu, November 04, 2010

      If redeemed by the Law, give by the Law.  If by Grace, give by grace.  But I do understand that ministry jet of his is rather expensive to operate….

      This presenting giving as a quid pro quo thing…...the way so many ‘pastors’ teach giving breaks my heart…an antithesis to the Gospel of grace.

      Speaking of quid pro quo, would Ed let me have access to or information regarding his banking info?

    2. Jerry Scott on Thu, November 04, 2010

      Wouldn’t do it in the church I lead.
      Somehow these tactics miss the ‘cheerful giver’ thing, don’t they?
      Wow, I could not imagine a mainstream guy like Ed Young doing this, if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.

    3. Jessica on Thu, November 04, 2010

      Todd, No I do not, He makes a mockery of my Lord and Savior.

      He is the Wolf/ Charlatan that Jesus warns about over and over again.  (and he’s not the only one)

      Christians should be HIGHLY HIGHLY offended by this man.

      I pray that God keep on exposing him and others like him.

    4. Ron on Thu, November 04, 2010

      Jessica, when I encounter shenanigans like Ed’s, I think of Ezekiel 34:2-5

    5. Leonard on Thu, November 04, 2010

      Sweet, I think I will find a verse to condemn him too.  I will look in 1 condemnations and then I will start a blog about grace and then tell people Jesus love almost everyone especially the ones just like me.

    6. Rob on Fri, November 05, 2010

      Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.  2 Cor 9:7

      compulsion |kəmˈpəl sh ən|
      1 the action or state of forcing or being forced to do something; constraint : the payment was made under compulsion.
      2 an irresistible urge to behave in a certain way, esp. against one’s conscious wishes : he felt a compulsion to babble on about what had happened.

      Transliteration - lypē
      1) sorrow, pain, grief, annoyance, affliction
      a) of persons mourning

    7. Richard on Fri, November 05, 2010

      Did he actually say “God gets in your grill?”  Seriously, is that what he said, or did I mishear?  Is this the guy with the private jet/lavish lifestyle issue?  Somebody get in my grill…

    8. Fred on Fri, November 05, 2010

      Ed is only concerned about the people being blessed. He is not concerned about the money at all.

      And he only wants people to be submitted to him so they will be protected under his “covering.” He isn’t trying to keep them all under his control.


    9. Christopher Fontenot on Fri, November 05, 2010

      He cannot back what he teaches about money and God’s blessings by pointing to Scripture.  This makes him a false teacher.  This man needs to be rebuked by the members and leaders of this church.

    10. Carole Turner on Sat, November 06, 2010

      I really detest this, it reeks of desperation. I believe that the problem is, in this economy, the mega church has to beg for money to stay afloat. They have to think of ways to get their pew warmers to give money because their overhead is so high. It’s whacked out.

      I have no problem at all with a pastor teaching his congregation about tithing and giving. I absolutely believe in it. We can’t out give God period. But “the church” and “the store house” that we are to bring our tithe to is not just the building we sit in on Sunday morning. “The church” is active all over the world, I give to “the church”, my 10% and more, Some of it goes to my local church, some goes to other church organizations and missionaries that are being “the church” around the world.

    11. zad on Mon, November 08, 2010

      @Peter Hamm -  You said, “I personally believe the tithe is an Old Testament concept that is not a New Testament command.”

      May I politely suggest you re-read Matthew 23:23 again?  Jesus CLEARLY says you SHOULD pracitce “tithe”... but without neglecting the justice, mercy and faithfulness.  So I don’t want to be a legalist here - but if you I read this verse hear Jesus say, “You SHOULD TITHE.” But also don’t neglect justice, mercy and faithfulness which are even more important!

      Therefore, to say its not a New Testament command honestly is denying what Jesus clearly said here.  You might as well say he doesn’t command justice, mercy or faithfulness either.

      Just some food for thought…


    12. Art on Mon, November 08, 2010

      I like Ed Young, Jr.  I really do.  I used his “The Table” series at my church once.  He really has a heart for the lost. 

      However, it appears that Ed has changed in the last couple of years.  Something is off.  This desperation for finances to keep the Fellowship Church machine moving is just symptomatic. 

      Something just isn’t right.  God, please help Ed to get his life and ministry centered on the Gospel again.

    13. Barb on Mon, November 08, 2010

      I have been a tither for 40 years but this totally turned me off.  Totally!  He is condescending to this people and borderline bullying.  I would flee this church.  Reminds me of TV ministries pressuring people right now, give it right now!

    14. Casey Sabella on Mon, November 08, 2010

      Thoroughly inappropriate on every level. Opening up the option of using EFT is fine. “Selling” it, borders on cultish behavior and is just the sort of thing that the media longs to herald, showing Christian ministers to be money-grubbing frauds.

      Giving is a personal choice. We teach tithing, but cannot demand it - period. It is not doctrine I would die for. Example is the best teacher. No one in our church becomes a recognizable leader unless they tithe. However, will I bar someone from greeting or serving as an aide in children’s ministry? No.

      Ed needs to stop this because his beliefs have now impacted us all.

    15. Alberto Medrano on Mon, November 08, 2010

      @zad Food for thought. New Testament is not New Covenant. The New Covenant did not exist yet. As any Christian knows, it’s that transition of His death and resurrection. That’s when it was inaugurated. Jesus was still living within the Law as a Jewish Rabbi. While I’m on this, someone here just then might say, “What about Abram and Jacob?” Old Testament is not Old Covenant. 1) It was man initiated. God never asked for it. 2) It was free-will. 3) They were blessed prior to any tithing. Note: Abram ended giving it all up because it wasn’t even his to start with, it was spoils from war. He tithed from his booty (lol) and gave the rest to King of Sodom. And as for Jacob, it’s never recorded he actually kept his part of the promise to tithe.

      Just sayin’.

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