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    Senior Adult Choir:  Don’t Cha Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me?

    I... I don't know know what to say... Be sure to watch the whole thing... it gets pretty hot in there.


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    1. jay hardwick on Fri, November 07, 2008


      my brother in-law is the mastermind behind all this - he’s the middle school pastor at fbc columbia, sc.

      hey yah!

    2. Leonard on Fri, November 07, 2008

      What?  I don’t know what to say.  Thanks I think Todd… mommy make it go away.

    3. Ross Middleton on Fri, November 07, 2008

      That’s amazing. I literally am speechless, I’m not sure what to even say:)

    4. Michael on Fri, November 07, 2008

      As my college roommate would say:


    5. fishon on Fri, November 07, 2008

      They still need a lot of work and a lot more real coffee.


    6. Scott Allen on Fri, November 07, 2008

      Uhhhhhhhh… stupifying. I’m pretty sure that’s 10.35 kinds of wrong. Or, is it RIGHT?

    7. bobby on Fri, November 07, 2008

      Looks like a real bad version of Young @ Heart to me!

    8. Dawn Nicole Baldwin on Fri, November 07, 2008

      Kinda gives a whole new meaning to trying to be relevant. Definitely give ‘em an E for effort!!

      I dragged my 16 yr old son up to watch. His comments:

      1) Old people can’t rap… or talk fast for that matter.

      2) Please make it stop

      3) [during the last song] I think I’ll go hang myself now

    9. Philip on Fri, November 07, 2008

      the video wasn’t made to try to make things more “relevant.”  it was made to go along with a student ministry Fall Retreat as a “late submission” for a “talent show.”  it’s not supposed to be good. of course they can’t rap!

      what made it “good” was the relationships that were formed and strengthened between the sr. adults and students in the student ministry when they saw their grandparents doing something out or the ordinary.

    10. brad andrews on Fri, November 07, 2008

      if this is legit, i’m sorry, but i’m saddened.  i love me a good laugh but if jay is correct, this is just confuses me.  let’s be honest, this is NOT funny.  these sr. adults are being exploited and taken advantage of.  they probably trust their leader.  how manipulative…

      these men and women have probably served at this church for decades and this is their legacy?  these are someone’s mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, great-grandmothers, grandfathers…

      eveyone is ‘speechless’ because you don’t want to say what i just said.  come on friends.  this is a sanctity of life issue…

      lest you think i’m a fuddy-duddy, i’m a 32-yr dude who loves all kinds of art - music, film, visual art.  the key word there is ‘art.’  let’s be honest, these songs are not art in the first place.  and to invest time with a sr. adult choir to learn these trashy tunes, i’m baffled.

      i am also worship arts teacher at local Baptist/Christian university, training students to serve in contemporary worship settings.  i would never tell my students this is funny.  this flies in the face of the hard work done by faithful men and women of all denominational stripes throughout church history who have tried to bring a sense of respect to corporate worship.

      jay, your bro-in-law needs to check his heart on this one and confess/seek counsel on this serious misstep in leadership.

    11. Todd Rhoades on Fri, November 07, 2008



    12. brad andrews on Fri, November 07, 2008

      tell me where i’m wrong todd.  i’m open to your thoughts…

    13. bobby on Fri, November 07, 2008

      There’s always gotta be one in the bunch.  Come on Brad.

      Yes, I think it was kinda poorly done.  Doesn’t look like it was meant to be great and they probably didn’t practice all that much.  I do think it’s pretty funny though.

      But exploited?  Come on.  I hate to say it this way, but whatever assumptions you might make looking at them, I’ve been around churches long enough to know that the “older saints” have some of the strongest opinions and aren’t afraid to share.  If they had problems with this, they probably wouldn’t have done it.

      Confess?  Sin?  No offense but let’s kick back a little.

      It wasn’t corporate worship and I don’t think anyone was aiming to defile the hard work throughout church history.

    14. fishon on Fri, November 07, 2008

      Brad said::::let’s be honest, this is NOT funny.  these sr. adults are being exploited and taken advantage of.  they probably trust their leader.  how manipulative…

      ——I am a stuffed shirt CofC preacher, and not many get more legalistic or stuffy than us. But Brad, “exploited,” please. “...taken advantage of,” how? To make those kind of assertions is to infer that they have some kind of diminished mental capacities.

      Your terms show your patently prejudices against “Senior adults.” You assume they were “manipulated” And you base that on what; that they are ‘’Senior adults?”

      “this is a sanctity of life issue…”

      ———If you can show me those folks are afflicted with Dementia or Alzheimer’s, then I will be in agreement with you. But if they are not afflicted then you disrespect them as human beings.


    15. brad andrews on Fri, November 07, 2008


      sanctity of life, as an umbrella term, has more to do with appreciating the all of life is sacred.  we minimize it to abortion or seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s, but it’s a Biblical issue of inviolability.  to ask them to do this in the first place just baffles me.

      believe me, i expect to be in the minority.  i knew that going in.  that is where we are as a culture.  and as the comments rack up against me, i’ll continue to be saddened at the lack of discernment and integrity and ‘dumbing down’ that culture has had on us in the ministry. and if i’m “that one,” well, that is my lot with my comments…

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