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    Men of Jesus offer “I Love My Hot Wife” T-Shirts (for real)

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    Men of Jesus offer “I Love My Hot Wife” T-Shirts (for real)

    You've heard many a preacher tweet about how hot their wife is... now you can wear the t-shirt!

    According to the "Men of Jesus" website:

    You’ve found much more than just a cool t-shirt. Men of Jesus is a network of Christian men committed to influencing our world for Christ. We are a real organization with real goals and we’re quickly becoming the #1 online community for Christian men. We hope you take a few minutes to join us.  While you’re here learn about how you can get involved in our online forums and our online Bible studies.

    QUESTION:  How does a "I love my hot wife" t-shirt accomplish influencing the world for Christ?  Just wondering.

    ANSWER:  While those look like my beefy arms in the t-shirt, I did not model (or give permission) for my upper torso to be used in this marketing campaign. (Although my wife is smokin' hot).


    PS -- If you really want one... they are $14.99 and available here.

    PPS -- I'd much rather order the "I spade my dog" t-shirt (which is also true).  (OK, well, not me, personally).


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    1. rbud on Fri, October 16, 2009

      Cute idea, I’d like one myself, but I don’t see any connection to “Men of Jesus”. Does this mean that members have higher libidos than other Christian men? Or, perhaps more romantic in the sack. Or, .... better not go there.

    2. Brett on Fri, October 16, 2009

      Haha! It is a cute idea, but does a t-shirt really need to have a direct connection to MOJ? I mean, I doubt that there’s a huge conversion rate from t-shirt evangelism.  If anything it’s a nice marketing ploy, if I saw someone wearing this, I’d laugh and ask where they got it. If they were wearing a t-shirt that said “I’m socially interacting with other dudes at”, I probably wouldn’t even remember the shirt, let alone check the site out.

    3. Richard on Fri, October 16, 2009

      Does it come with a pastor’s hot wife, like Victoria?  I mean, if we’re going to objectify, let’s do it right.  Right?

    4. Fred on Sat, October 17, 2009

      Seems like a temptation starter…Oh yeah, I never noticed how hot she was.

      If you wear a t-shirt let it be about your sport or something. Who wants to be a bumper sticker / t-shirt Christian.

      If you really love your wife you won’t have to tell anyone!

    5. JAN on Sat, October 17, 2009

      I’m going to get one for my husband smile

    6. Smalld on Sun, October 18, 2009

      My tag says it all…........................and for those that do not find this type of thing ( the shirt that is )despicable,that lower case d is in reference to my name Dan.Thought i better clarify seeing how anyone in their “wrong” mind not seeing this T as disgustingly mocking to say the least,might confuse that lower case d with something else.

      PS God will not be mocked!

    7. sss on Mon, October 19, 2009

      oil painting

    8. Nathaniel Gardner on Mon, October 19, 2009

      This t-shirt is to promote Christian Marriage.  As Christians, we ought to love our wives with everything we are—to give our entire lives for them just as Christ gave His life for the Church.  Whereas other, worldly men, may love their wives but also peak at other women, we know that there is only one woman we ought to lay eyes on and that’s our wife—therefore the shirt.

      Of course there’s also the humor factor which I think is great to!

      Anyway, I am a part of MOJ.  Love it!  These are godly men who desire to please the Lord through being a Biblical man.  If you are interested in gaining some grit back to your walk with the Lord (and your a man) I HIGHLY recommend you join!

    9. Paul Steinbrueck on Mon, October 19, 2009

      I was already taking heat on my blog for defending a Christian man who referred to his wife as hot.  Debating whether to risk some more negative comments by mentioning this post.  Eh, why not smile

    10. George Urban on Mon, October 19, 2009

      All of this is a silly nonsense,  There is nothing to gain by
      advertizing your wife.  Who else needs to know?

    11. George Urban on Mon, October 19, 2009

      This is such silly nonense.  Made for immature men.
      Why advertize your wife.  Others don’t need to
      know whether she is hot, as long as you do, nor
      whether she’s lukewarm or cold.  Nobody’s business,
      except the Tee -shirt makers!

    12. ron on Thu, October 22, 2009

      i think its pretty cool. I mean if someone asks about the shirt it can lead to a very godly discussion on loving your wife and not being scared to show it(some dudes are) and also you can tell them about how a godly relationship works. there may be someone who desperately needs to fix his marriage and hence his family.  its a humorous ice breaker. Romans 12:2 tells us not to conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  In our society now it is important to share with others how to have a good godly loving relationship—there are way to many break ups and divorces these days.

      I for one would definately be admiring a man who isnt afraid to show his emotions.  We tend to make fun of guys who do that and its a shame.

      Ya i bought one of em!!!!

    13. George Urban on Fri, October 23, 2009

      Hello, Ron! Nice to greet you!  I want to thank you for replying, even though I do not find myself agreeing with you at all.  I am not
      the least persuaded by what you have to say.  Your arguments, though clearly defined, are quite faulty and shallow, and here is why:

      It seems that the only witness you have is to your wife and not to the Lord.  For by having these words inscribed on your shirt, you convey a certain intended message to all people who notice it.  Try to explain to orhers that she is “hot” and the Lord has made her so, in order that you might enjoy her full voluptuousness and sexual
      propensity—in other words, her love-making skills and ability. Tell
      them that you’re “blessed” beyond all measure to be in a special union, such as yours, in which the sovereign Lord is the supreme Being who brought you together that you both might enjoy the
      delights and mysteries of sex, and an exquisite marriage.

      First of all, no one would really care to approach you and inquire
      about the meaning and intent of your T-shirt.  It seems rather plain to most guys what the meaning of it is.  They right away think that you are bragging that your Lady is a “sex object”.  You will agree that it is gross and demeaning!

      Wearing such a shirt, Ron, does not set you apart from the rest.
      It implies many things that you would seek to avoid.  Looking for
      a new way to witness, you simply have been captured by the
      novelty [and shocking effect] of this tainted message.

      A truly “good godly loving relationship” [as you say] has to find a more luminous and positive way to express itself, without the possibility of a wrong interpretation.

      I have thought of dozens different ways to state both love and
      satisfaction in a truly outstanding conjugal relationship.  I could include many exhilarating possibilities, but I propose only this one

      The very best way I know, to make a positive impact on society, is
      to live an open and obedient life, aware of all others and deeply
      caring for their souls. ~  God bless you, Ron!

    14. Jeff on Sat, October 24, 2009

      I guess there is one thing for certain. The adultress woman the is so often refererred to in the bible, probaly won’t be approching these men.
      He is the light of the world. The only thing that can penetrate deep darkness in light.
      I don’t see this as demeaning if I quiet my soul and look at the context of it and not the content. I would where the shirt now that I see it in the light it is intended. The truth of the matter is that these men love their wives. The shirt could say I think my wife is beautiful.
      Or it could say I am committed to love for my wife. Truth is that would maybe convey the same message.
      My kids talk today and I hardly understand what they are saying. I often have to ask what they mean when they say that the movie was bad. or that the game got nasty.
      Thare are saying that they loved the movie and that it really got to be a nail biter of a game.
      So in that context. Whoa!!!!!!!!!  Is My Wife HOT!!!!

    15. ron on Sat, October 24, 2009

      well said Mr George, to be quite honest, I never thought of the shirt as meaning sex. No really, maybe im just naive.  Our relationship is nothing like your implying. no playboy sex object wildstuff. i am far from a sex object and she is very modest, sweet kind and intelligent, and she did find humor and appreciation that i would describe her as hot.  We love the Lord and rejoice in our close relationship with each other and Him.  As far as the shirt yes it is a novel idea and that did catch my eye.  I do appreciate your comments as well. thank you.

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