Aim Lower, Think Smaller, Give Up, and Go Have a Cup of Coffee

Orginally published on Wednesday, June 06, 2007 at 7:06 AM
by Todd Rhoades

Here's an interesting video I found over at YouTube. I'm not sure who produced it, but it does make some sense. It seems that today's church would do much better if we changed our outlook. What we need to do is just aim lower, think smaller, give up, and go have a cup of coffee. See what you think...

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    That was awesome! Personal opinion here..... I think so much of what we do or do not do depends upon where our loyalty really does lie. To this day, I do not understand why we can go help other churches on so-called mission trips far away from home and cannot help the churches within 10 minutes of our own...... (Speaking generally here of course)

    This one will get passed on..... Tempted to punch people in the throat..... wink

  • Posted by Chet Swearingen

    Thanks for sharing this video. I am revising our Children’s Ministries to do just what that video said, turn our children into evangelists and quit focusing so much on teaching the Bible lessons week after week, year after year. After all, when was the Church commissioned to take over the biblical role of the parent?

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    This video was on a promotional DVD for Compassion Sunday for Compassion International.  Good stuff!

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    My uncle’s friend created this video!  Check out http://max7.org.  Max7 is a “worldwide partnership providing free download of high quality children and youth ministry resources” based in Australia.

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