Are You an Frustrated Pastor?  This Could be the Reason Why…

Orginally published on Wednesday, September 03, 2008 at 8:32 AM
by Todd Rhoades

A new study, 15% of all adults are having 50% of the sexual activity. Surprisingly, the profile of people having the most activity really doesn't fit the profile of most pastors or church leaders. Just for fun, let's see how you stack up...

Jazz fans have, on average, 30% more activity. (strike one)

Jewish people and agnostics are 20% more active than Christians. (strike two)

Extreme liberals have more sex than extreme conservatives. (strike three)...

Other interesting statistics:

Protestants are less sexually active than Catholics.

Presbyterians and Lutherans report less sex than Baptists.

Extreme liberals are having more sex than extreme conservatives, but both groups are being outdone by people who consider themselves political moderates. Moderates are also outdoing those who identify as mostly conservative or slightly conservative.

Those making the least and most money have more sex than anyone in between.

Those who participate in extracurricular activities (even watching TV counts) have more sex.

Smokers report a 10 percent increase in sexual activity and drinkers report 20 percent more sex than average. Those who drink and smoke have twice as much sex as someone who does neither.

Those who have stronger personality types—as in very “warm” or “cold”—have the most sex.

Professional artists and poets have about twice as many sexual partners (meaning between four and 10) as those who aren’t so creatively inclined in their activities.

The more education people have, the fewer sexual episodes they have.

The moral of the story?  I don’t really know that there is a moral… other than the people we are trying to reach are probably having a lot more sex than we are!

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Any thoughts on this one?

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  There are 6 Comments:

  • Posted by

    I felt like smoking a cigarette after I read the report.

  • Posted by Joe Louthan

    Sad really when God invented sex for our joy.  (I hope I don’t have to over explain myself here but just in case, He meant for us to have sex within marriage and not soul connecting with any stranger we meet.)

    Love it when Matt Chandler quotes Song of Solomon, “Eat and drink your fill, you lovers.”

  • Posted by Peter Hamm

    I’m a big Jazz fan, by the way! I’m creative, but lifelong monogamous… BUT… I definitely need to take up drinkin’ and smokin’, don’t I! I heard there’s some openings at Iowa Central Community College. Perhaps working there would loosen me up.


  • Posted by Ross Middleton

    Speak for yourself:)

  • Posted by

    Todd, this has got to be in the top ten of funny things you’ve posted.

    I really believe God might be calling me to become much more liberal theologically.  wink

    I haven’t shown her the article yet, but I just sent my wife out for cigarettes and a bottle of merlot.  wink

  • Posted by

    So what do Jazz fans know that all other NBA fans don’t? ;O) hee hee

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