Chuck Swindoll Dropped from Radio Network for “Crude, Vulgar, From the Gutter” Language

Orginally published on Tuesday, May 29, 2007 at 6:30 AM
by Todd Rhoades

Huh, Chuck Swindoll? Yes that's not a typo. It seems even Chuck Swindoll has been not been able to pass the Christian censors at the VCY Radio Network. Last week, VCY released a statement telling why they have dropped Swindoll from their stations. Among the bad words Chuck has used since 2000 (yes, they've been keeping a tally for 7 years now): buns, heck, crap, balls, and also for mentioning (and encouraging the viewing of) the Lion King.

Here’s part of the release:

“Since 1979 VCY America has aired Insight For Living. Increasingly over recent years, VCY has been concerned about the content and direction of the IFL broadcasts with Chuck Swindoll. Through the years we have had multiple conversations with IFL regarding objections to content in their broadcasts. It is VCY’s position that certain language and illustrations used have been crude, vulgar, and from the gutter and have no place on Christian radio.

While the listing below is not exhaustive, it does give a representation of VCY’s objections that have resulted in the termination of the broadcast.

The decision to bring termination to the IFL program arrived on March 5, 2007. VCY and listeners were highly offended by Chuck Swindoll’s use of crude and uncalled for language. His message was entitled, “Male Leadership 101” which was a presentation given to men at his church. Although a disclaimer was given at the beginning of the program, Swindoll had a sustained laugh as he stated had he known this would be on radio at the time of speaking he probably would have changed things around because he tends to be “a little loose and a little free.” But he says he found “people appreciate that”. The specific area of offense came when Chuck stated:

“The sons of Issachar understood their times, they were men who had discernment and the sons of Issachar were men who had direction. They could make decisions. They saw through all the fluff of that culture. They stood strong when others were fading in the shadows. Patton would say they had guts. You’d say at work, they had balls. Or maybe that’s a Greek rendering of another verse.” (Laughter)

It is VCY’s position that this language is gutter talk, is crude, and vulgar. VCY stated to IFL that such language is uncalled for, is unbecoming a pastor, and is inappropriate for our listeners.

Within moments of this broadcast, a businessman contacted VCY who uses this station as a witnessing tool. He keeps VCY playing in his office so those who visit him will hear. He told VCY he was very upset by this IFL program and if he wanted vulgar language he would put on secular talk radio. VCY can only agree with this anger and frustration.

Knowing this was Part 1 of a message, VCY pre-listened to the March 6, 2007 broadcast. In this message Chuck Swindoll addressed accountability, sensitivity, purity and integrity. These virtues were compromised when he spoke the following:

“The battle still goes on. It will never end. In fact I had my physical the other day and Cooper who has a finger that long (pause and lots of laughter), that long (continued laughter). And while he was up in there said, ‘Now that’s your prostate.’ I said (Swindoll yells) ‘I know that’. Was this anatomy class? (Laughter). He’s a very sick man. (Laughter). Got through prostate, checked out great. I bragged about that to Cynthia about three hours. ‘I’ve got a great prostate.’ She said, ‘get a life, honey.’” (Laughter)

VCY finds it unacceptable to broadcast Chuck Swindoll’s re-counting of the length of the finger of his doctor and describing it in his body while checking his prostate. This is both crude and offensive.

While the issues presented on the March 5th and 6th broadcast brought the ultimate decision to terminate the program, these were not the only concerns VCY has expressed to IFL. Beginning in the year 2000, there was a national boycott of Disney led by the American Family Association, Focus on the Family, Southern Baptist Convention, etc. Christian broadcasters all over the country were giving warnings regarding the homosexual promotion such as gay days, gay-friendly issues and other depraved issues being promoted by Disney. While this boycott was going on, Insight For Living took another position. The November 20, 2000 IFL program promoted “The Lion King” (produced by Disney) using it as an illustration. Chuck Swindoll stated on this broadcast,

“Now I could ruin the rest of the story for you, but rather than doing that, I’ll urge you to go down to your local video store and rent for yourself, ‘The Lion King’”.

At that time VCY addressed concern to IFL pointing out that researchers who reviewed this movie stated that the one who anoints Simba as king, was Rafiki, who happens to be a witch doctor. Rafiki carries his magical pack on the top of his staff. Viewers are taught throughout the movie that you can align yourself with witchcraft to overcome evil. It is also pointed out that the movie promotes talking to the dead (necromancy). VCY questioned IFL why they would be promoting Disney when so many Christian ministries were warning against it and were participating in a national boycott. No official response came to VCY’s inquiry, only that “the comment would be passed on.”

On the January 3, 2001 edition of IFL Chuck Swindoll used an illustration of Art Linkletter talking to a boy whose father is a police officer. Art asked if the boy’s mother was bothered by this, the boy responded and Chuck emphasized, “Heck, No!”. A couple moments later Chuck again made great emphasis, “Heck, No!”. VCY contacted IFL stating “heck” is slang for “hell” and that listeners were offended by this. The IFL representative assured VCY they’d pass our comment on.

Again VCY contacted IFL on February 5, 2001 regarding that day’s program. Chuck used an illustration from a regular column he reads from “Sports Illustrated” magazine written by Rick Riley. This particular issue’s column was entitled, “Speaking of Class to the Class of ‘98”. Chuck’s illustration dealt with the topic of “perspective”. Before he read the quote he said, “I won’t read it all, but it’s really worth these excerpts.” The offense came when Chuck quoted this portion of the magazine,

“Be careful with your money, write your own checks, none of this power of attorney crap. Get an agent and a lawyer and tell each, the other is a crook. (Laughter) That’s perspective.”

VCY alerted IFL that day that the word, “crap” is crude, uncalled for and offensive and should not to be used in a Christian’s vocabulary, let alone come from a pulpit and broadcast all over the country. VCY stated to IFL that this term Chuck used did not pass the test of Ephesians 4:29.

On February 11, 2001 a personal meeting was held between members of VCY and those which represent IFL to review the various concerns raised. This was followed up by a personal visit of an IFL representative to VCY in late February of 2001.

On August 23, 2001 again VCY brought to the attention of IFL an offending illustration. On that program, Chuck told of the fun they were having on Ben Yahuda Street in Israel and said,

“One of our men said the funniest things that I heard on the trip. He said, ‘I don’t know what the big deal is about all the clothes people bring with them on a trip.’ He said, ‘I’ve solved the underwear problem. In fact, I now carry 1/4th the underwear I used to carry.’ He was telling us things we really didn’t need to know… He said, ‘Actually you can get four times the wear out of every pair of underwear. So simple.’ And, we of course were hanging on these words wondering what he had in mind. He said, ‘Look, it’s simple: right side out, wrong side out, frontward and backwards. You can just wear the same one for’-I noticed toward the end of the second week, no one was sitting next to this guy. (Laughter) There’s just something about it that turns you off.”

Chuck continued with his clothing illustration to bring the point that “clothing polishes the image, but it doesn’t polish the character.” It is VCY’s position that this illustration had no business being on this national Bible teaching program.

On September 5, 2001 VCY again contacted IFL regarding that day’s program on which Chuck Swindoll calls into question a literal interpretation of Genesis for a six day, 24-hour day creation. On that program he stated,

“On what day did He make the sun? It was the fourth day. So for three full creative days or eras of days, however you might handle that. For three solid periods of time there was light, but there was no sun…But what’s interesting to me is that the light that came upon this earth, for a period of who knows how long, did not come from the sun. Where did it come from?”

In this message IFL called into question a literal six-day, 24-hour day creation. IFL responded that he wasn’t teaching on creation at this point and that his “brief comments are to be taken in the context of an illustration rather than a doctrinal teaching.”

There’s more here (if you really want to read it)...

And a really good response to the press release here...

FOR DISCUSSION:  Any thoughts?  Would you be in favor of a Chuck Swindoll banning and book burning?  What do you think Ingrid says when she hits her finger with a hammer?

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    I listen to Bro. Swindoll every chance I get and plan to continue to do so.  BTW, what does VCY have to say about the KJV Bible using the word “piss”?  Maybe they should censur anyone quoting the KJV.  Is the Bible to be considered too unGodly to merit VCY’s approval?

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    When was the last time anyone at VCY read Ezekiel 16:25-26 from the King Jimmy translation “...hast opened thy feet to every one that passed by, and multiplied thy whoredoms. Thou hast also committed fornication with the Egyptians thy neighbours, great of flesh” (anatomically privileged?? I dare them check the Hebrew on this one) Or Ezek 23:3 & 20 “In that land their breasts were fondled and their virgin bosoms caressed....There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.” (NIV) I also wonder what Solomon meant when he wrote “...and your breasts like clusters of fruit. I said, “I will climb the palm tree; I will take hold of its fruit.” (Solomon’s Song of Songs 7:7-8) There’s enough innuendo in this book to awaken a dormant imagination. Was Jesus offensive when he referred to a desperate mother of a demon-possessed daughter as a dog?  “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to their dogs.” (Matt 15:26) My take on it: If a preacher glorifies crude references and language to boost approval ratings with his audience, it’s a form of carnality. If the context however is a quote for a reason (and some quotes should be left unquoted as common sense would dictate), the listener has to be discerning. Likewise there is a difference between movies that glorify violence or simply describe it as part of the story telling (Hotel Rwanda)

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    You’ve GOT to be kidding me. My wife and I just found this article
    and laughed out loud. Balls? Crap? Prostate joking?
    THIS is what really “offends” these days? Get a life, Christians,
    please. You’d really be offended at the pastor of our church,
    Revolution in Canton, GA. Tells it like it is, and no, he doesn’t
    use profanity. Although, to these easily “offended” simps, I’m sure
    they’d walk out the door in a righteous huff. Is it any wonder that the
    church today is totally ineffective in America? I’m a believer, yes,
    but I cannot STAND Christians these days. Swindoll is on the level
    folks. Get a grip, or get out of the way and stop proclaiming your
    fake jesus to everybody.

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    Let’s not fight and destrory each other.. we serve the same God. and i know Jesus would never be happy if unbelievers will see christians destroying each other… and may lead them to judge christians as no different from unbelievers “destroying each other"… rather let us live a life of prayer and pray for the Christian ministries especially in times and situations like this that the enemy may use to destroy chritian testimonies for the enemy came to steal, kill and destroy… if that’s the decision of the VCY, then let us continue praying for that decision as well as pray for pastor chuck swindoll for we know that God will make a way...Prov. 19:21 “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails”....1 Thes. 5:17 “PRAY WITHOUT CEASING..., let us not side on anyone, but rather cling on to Jesus Christ.. For our ministry is all about Jesus, the Way, The Truth And the Life… No one is perfect, but we have a perfect Jesus Christ… I’ve been blessed by pastor Chucks sermons and everytime i pray, open my bible and listen.. God speaks to me through His Word by using him.. pastor may have some side comments but my mind is set on the Word rather than criticism..Maybe pastor has some weaknesses, but let us not judge and give unforgiving comments that is not driven by love but jealousy and desire to destroy others.. it’s best to pray.. esp in times when things seems to be in not the way we want it to be… maybe God has something to say to pastor and personal message for him.. or maybe a message to the VCY.. PRAY,PRAY,PRAY, AND LET Jesus be glorified for i’ts all about Jesus Christ.. Trust God Always.. thank you and God bless you.

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    Jesus I know.. and Chuck I know, but who is VCY? But let’s cut to the chase.  If you scratch this and all Pharaseical attitudes of this nature you will soon discover that today, just as in the first century, the motivation for this move is M O N E Y.  Some self-rightous person or persons told this group that they will cut funding if his frank and honest, and yes humorous, talk to adults on the subject of humanity is allowed to continue.  These are “Boars in God’s Vineyard” as was spoken to me recently in a great message about “grace robbers.” (The speaker btw was a guy named Swindoll) I can tell you this.  Chuck will not back down on his frank talk no matter how many people think they were the ones that created the universe.

    BTW if you don’t like these messeges, wait till you hear the one about King Saul going for a potty break. His point was.. the Bible is a real book with a real message for real people. The “crude” passages in scripture makes it more real not less.  They lend to credibility. Christianity is not only for the refined. It is for the Jew and the Greek.

    if you don’t like it.  Deal with it.

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    i really did not know that heck was a bad word, we are forever saying heck down here in the south, but that is the first time i ever knew it ment somthing bad, and i am still not convinced that it is somthing bad, it was nothing bad in my heart when i spoke it. well my two cents worth.

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    Chuck, thank you for your stewardship and faithfulness to God.  I am not offended by you, but the “balls” probably could have been left out.  You deliver your sermons with real life scenario and not fantasy.  I am a devoted listener and will continue to be one. Keep up the wonderful work you do!!

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    I’m viewing this article and the associated commentary late in time, but the material is too important to pass up. That so many professing believers are no longer offended by any  unbiblical behavior among popular preachers shows how far the “evangelical” church has descended into the pit of carnality. Of all people calling themselves Christian, the one representing himself as a pastor/preacher must never be casual in his approach to the vulgarity of the world and its “values” system. He is to exhibit exemplary behavior, speaking on behalf of Christ to all, especially those newly seeking the truth about God. But he is also to provide an example to all professors of faith who need to see the kind of lifestyle and behavior by which all the disciples of the Lord are to influence the world. To adopt the world’s way of doing things is to say that the world is correct and doesn’t need a lifestyle change. Scripture teaches us a new lifestyle characterizd by righteousness. So what kind of Christ does Swindoll suggest to the world? It looks like he prefers to present a “swinger” mentality. This may increase  Swindoll’s popularity, but it clearly misrepresents Christ. I tuned out Swindoll and his type years ago. I’d advise all who wish to be hear the words “Well done thou good and faithful servant” spoken of him at Christ’s judgment throne to do the same

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    These morons need to get a life and seriously grow a real set.  Chuck is one of the greatest Biblical teachers of our day, and their jealously will one day be judged before God.  Unfortunately many of these grace deprived, blind, cult mentality idots have never even heard Chuck speak or read any of his books, yet blindly believe and pass their stupidity on to others with out checking out for themselves what the Bible really says,

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    It’s interesting to observe that those who object to any negative comment about the crude vulgar language of Churck Swindoll respond with their own crude language and insults, rather than intelligent dialog. It’s people like Swindoll who defend his off-color language. Such people seem to think of themselves as evangelicals, but their lack of Christian deportment indicates that they don’t really understand Christianity, evidently because they have never actually been converted from the ways of the world to the ways of Christ. Their behavior is reminiscent of the reaction of “gays” who violently attack Christians trying to preach the saving gospel. These people are simply liberals who want the flavor of the world in their theology, trying to have one foot in the world and one in heaven. Well I’ve got news for them: it doesn’t work that way. They must choose Christ as their master, or they will end up with the other one who seeks to be the master of the souls of men

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    It’s interesting to see that those who object to criticism of Chuck Swindoll’s crude vulgar language see fit to respond with their own crude vulgar language and insults. They seem to think they have a right to attack those who criticize use of vulgar language. Evidently they don’t believe in intelligent dialog with those who disagree with them, but instead exhibit the intolerance so characteristic of the liberal community. Such behavior is not Christian.

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    Friends, listen.  We can try to vial ourselves all we want to.  The amount of sinners in Christian churches is running a steady 100%. 

    Now then, we can ignore what is happening in the world, we can condemn the changes in our culture, we can dismiss the changes in our language, in essence, we can take the rose-pedaled, whitewashed path to irrelevance.  But as for me, I’ll go into the highways and byways and compel them to come in.  Christ didn’t say to make them take a bath.  He didn’t demand they wear their best set of clothes. (I know what some of you are thinking.. but that’s a different parable) He didn’t demand they leave their tongues at the door.  Those young christians, (you know, the ones who haven’t learned to whitewash yet?) .. well they need it straight and simple in a way they can understand, in a way that is real, in a way that is relevant to them. Now you can make them some sort of list that they must follow, or you let God do His work.  I vie for option #2.
    I have learned that ‘you do what you are’, not ‘you are what you do’, so trying to tell someone a list of what to do will not change who they are. That work is up to the Holy Spirit. The bottom line is works comes after faith. For example, I would not take the action of a step if I did not first have faith in gravity, or more importantly in the support that will keep me from the effect of gravity. The belief must come first. The action follows and is separate from the belief.
    Now, I will not try to speak for Chuck.  I do know him.  I’m sure if he were reminded of me, he would say he knows who I am. He doesn’t need or desire my defending him from a bunch of people with lists.  Lists are self-defeating.  The easiest way to break a rule is to make a list of them. You see the second a person tries to make a ‘list’ that Christians are required to follow is the second that person attempts to set themselves on the throne.  All such lists are penned with the calligraphy of self-pride. I used to be that like, so I know what I’m talking about.  The Lord dealt with me harshly, and I had to repent of it.

    Please, please PLEASE remember, not all Christians are as far along as you. Not all Christians need what you need.  Some need more. Some need different. (Some of them haven’t even received their brushes yet.) Besides, when the final truth comes out, every one of us is going to find out we weren’t doing it exactly right either.  (That’s kinda the point of “Grace” ) Friends, if you feel it is wrong to be as blunt and frank as Chuck is at times, by all means, do not do so.  But it is not your place to judge him or the work that God is doing through him.  Get yourselves to your own vineyard.  Work hard in it.  Help it to bear fruit.  But, leave others to work in their own vineyard.  Do we not trust our Savior?  Do we not believe His words that He who began a good work will be faithful to complete it?  Is it God in whom we trust or is it our own theology?  In the end, for Christians, all will be placed on the alter and burned. The wood, hay and stubble (and perhaps the vulgar) will be burned away leaving only the gold, silver and precious stones. However, you and I are not the fire on that altar. We are not the means of ignition to the ends of purification.  That is the Holy Spirit.  Allow Him His Mighty work, and praise Him for His Excellence.

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    BTW, if you all actually knew Pastor Swindoll, you wouldn’t be saying all of this, and trust me, you wouldn’t be worried about his message or his commitment to personal purity, or his dedication to helping others in same area. Every word he says is calculated and weighed. Recently, he spoke for 10 minutes at a function I attended.  He spent half the day preparing for it. He has chosen to use his words for their greatest impact. You may disagree with this choice, but you can’t disagree with the results.  To do that would be to disagree with my personal spiritual growth, which, my friends is absolute fact. I used to live a fantasy world. Now, I live in the same one you do.  It’s harsh, it’s raw, it’s real and it tests our faith daily.  It’s is utterly beautiful in it’s creation, it’s utterly painful in it’s loss.  Yes, this world is not our home, yet God so loved it.  He loved it enough to be relevant.  We should be relevant too.

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    Regarding Chuck Swindoll’s vulgar language, It’s good to see a little intelligent dialog this time around, but people who object to criticism of his language are still missing the basic point. Mr Swindoll is to be an example of righteousness to believers in all the business of life, and adopting the world’s language is not the way to do this. Obviously various Christians are in various stages of Christian development, but they need to see and hear leaders who are pointing them to the high standards of Christ, not the low standards of the world. Do any of us really want to see Christians at any stage of development remaining mired in the morass of this carnal world, or do we want to see them preparing for the kingdom of God? We are supposed to be moving toward higher goals, growing in grace and faith, and vile language by one who is supposed to set the right example only helps move people in the opposite direction. Leaders are to be chosen on the basis of high Christian standards. I marvel at the remark of one commentator who suggested that correcting a misled leader is part of the business of cannibalism of fellow Christians. Don’t people like this ever wonder why it is that the evangelical church is hardly any different in its behavior from the carnal folks of the world of the unsaved? Don’t they wonder about the ever-increasing number of men who are supposed to be pastors, “examples to the flock,"  but are guilty of filthy immoral behavior that makes the world laugh at the church? Don’t they ever wonder why the evangelical church is so ineffective in converting the unsaved these days? If they think the large mega-churches and their carnal methods are converting people, they are deceived. Such “churches” are simply pandering to the carnal appetites of the unsaved who think its possible to have Christ as Savior and the devil as lord. You can’t have it both ways. Wake up people, and stop making excuses for carnality in people who are supposed to profess Christ and His righteousness. Begin to repent of sin and plead with God for revival before it’s eterally too late for many millions of people. You are supposed to be lights in the dark world and redeem the time, but instead you choose to contribute to the problem. Wake up sleeping ones!

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    So now the persecutors are on Chuck! We knew it was coming all along.  This is just the beginning of troubles. Chistians, get ready, there’s more coming! Get your armor polished up and STAND!

  • Posted by Lowell Ballard

    I just watched Chuck Swindoll in person last night.  He is an excellent speaker.

    The question at issue here is one I have wrestled with recently at my church.  How much should we go with social norms in order to relate to society and influence them to do better versus how much should we strive for a high level of purity and lead by example?

    This is not an academic question for me.  I have eight kids and we home school and we do not watch TV.  So one of the major external influences on my kids is from the church.

    My answer is that we have decided to attend two churches.  One church is excellent in that it teaches kids to act properly and respectfully (mostly home schooled families like ours go there).  The other church is excellent in that they attract non-Christians and those in need of Christian growth (they have a good youth outreach and church for homeless on Sundays).

    In a way, that is like what Young Life does.  They have Young Life meetings for non-Christians, then Campaigners meetings for Christians.

    I think one of the main problems with the church in our society is that Christians mostly do not stand out from good non-Christians any more because we don’t make distinctions between the two groups (I’m sorry to say that if someone attends church and believes in theory that Jesus is God, but is not committed to actually doing all that He says, then they are not Christians).

    So, I don’t have a problem with what Dr. Swindoll said.  But I do have a problem with the forum he said it in, assuming that forum was intended for Christians and not non-Christians.

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    The comments regarding whether or not vulgar language is appropriate according to the forum in which its is offered, indicate that someone is thinking about the real issues here, and that is appreciated. This is a more reasonable position than I have seen on this issue so far. But one can’t dismiss vulgarity on the basis of the forum, for we are either Christian or heathen and there’s no common ground. We seek to convert the lost, and we don’t do that by acting or speaking as they do when vulgarity or other questionable behavior is involved. We have to be different from the world in order to show them there is a better lifestyle than the one they have chosen. The Christian life is very much about consistency, and we don’t win the lost by being like them, for then they see no reason to change. There is too much suggestion of a double standard in the forum approach, and that can easily lead to carelessness. It’s especially important that a Christian leader hold to high consistent standards, for he is supposed to represent our faith. Christ and His Word do not allow for the forum approach but demand a consistent unwavering testimony. The great martyrs of the faith could have taken the forum approach and just said, “Well I guess I’ll be more like the enemies of Christianity in hopes of peacefully winning them to my views,” but they chose to be consistent even unto the death, not denying their unchanging Lord and His unchanging standards in His unchanging Word. The result was a witness that turned the world upside down. Today the churches have minimal effect on the world, and the standards of churches and their people need a drastic overhaul

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    Let’s go back to something important.  The attorney general involvement at Trinity Church in Omaha.  Todd you cut it off!  Why, because Leonard at Trinity asked you to do so!  Reopen this and post the attorney general’s second letter dated 9-05-08.  You will find this church leadership, “Pastor” Les Beauchamp and his chimp “Pastor” James Deese, learned how to manage a church from the Enron Corporation.  Corporate Criminal activity comes to mind.  Go to http://www.concernedmembersoftrinityomaha.com.  Come on Todd don’t fall victim to censorship by Leonard, reopen this BLOG.  Look how many hits it received!

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    Thank you, Chuck Swindoll for being a plain speaking Christian leader. Thank you for some laughter along with the tears. Thank you for writing some of the most awesome books I have ever read, besides the Bible, of course. What a positive impact you have made in the world. May God continue to bless your ministry.

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    I am a member of Stonebriar Community Church that Chuck pastors.  I was there the day he presented that message mentioned here.  VCY and anyone else who agrees with themhave proven the battle over legalism is still in full force.  VCY has just raised their ugly Pharasical heads.  Chuck was very blunt that day and it was needed.  Thankfully he used language under control....he certainly could have used very profane language and used a word like “balls” or “crap” and anything like this.  You need to get a life.  Chuck is still learning in his 70 plus years of age as we alll are....too bad VCY and its followers have everything figured out.  I can tell you this, the Holy Spirit was not hurt by his comments in this message.  Everyone there got the message and the majority could have profited from it to the glory of God.  The people of SCC under Chuck’s pastorship have grown mightly in their walk for Christ.  He is strongly of the Reformed Theology, believes in the Sovereignty of God completely.  Get off his back and you should put him back on the air.  He is not like the Emergent Church or Seeker churches....far from it....he is a Bible Expositionist through and through.  God bless Chuck and his minsitry.

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    It’s no surprise that someone who attends the church pastored by Swindoll approves of the off-color language since he evidently likes a steady diet of that sort of thing. But I am amazed at the worldly mindset in so many people who think of themselves as evangelicals. Vulgar language, especially in public, is likely to be indicative of a deeper problem, a love of sin that has never been dealt with by actual salvation. When these people tell the rest of us to, “get a life,” what kind of life do they mean, that of the usaved? That’s evidently what they prefer, but I prefer the new life in Christ. Scripture commands us, saying in Ephesians 4:29, “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.”
    1 Peter 1:15 says, “But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation (lifestye that includes our language). Are many people in churches ignorant of the most basic teachings of scripture these days, or do they think that scripture no longer applies in this “enlightened” modern day when the “wisdom” of men is exalted? Perhaps they think that modern scholars will come up with a “fresh new” translation that gets rid of those inconvenient calls to holy living. When people think of their appetites for anyhing vulgar as normal, it’s small wonder the church is virtually identical with the unsaved world in its behavior these days, fornication, adultery, divorce and dishonesty being rampant. So many today seem to think grace is a license to sin since they are convinced all will be forgiven, no matter how they behave. They seem to think they can have Christ as Savior and the devil as Lord. Most of the church today is a joke to the uinsaved world. What many church people think of as harmless little vulgarities are actually a first step downward into apostasy and serving the devil. The final end of that kind of behavior is plainly revealed in Revelation 21:8 (Do they dare to read this verse objectively, or if they do, perhaps they imagine their modern translators can magically remove the problem with another “fresh new “ translation of men.”

    We are supposed to be different from the world that they might see a higher standard, and this is especially true of those who would be pastors, the ones charged with setting a good example for others. Why would any unsaved person see a need to be saved when his behavior is the same as those who claim to be saved? The light of the gospel is fast being extinguished in this land that was once a Christian nation.  So many in the churches today exhibit delusion that is part of the perilous last days of the church era. To them I say, Good luck, for “luck” is all that you have going for you.The Laodicean church of today can expect to be spewed out by Christ in the day of judgment (Revelation 3:15-17).

  • Posted by Lowell Ballard

    I agree that the words Chuck Swindoll used were the mildest of profanities and are not even thought to be profanity by a large portion of the population.

    But I also agree that the fruit of this kind of mindset has been very bad for the church.  I work at a very good Christian institution but I hear derivatives of God’s name used disrespectfully sometimes many times a day by good people who usually aren’t even aware they are doing that or that it is a problem.  See my research on profanity at http://www.chooseyourbeliefs.com/2008/08/gosh-socially-acceptable-christian.html.

    Legalism is only a problem when we are focusing on the rules rather than the reason for the rules in the first place.  When we focus on a real issue we will naturally want to follow the related rules.  The issue in the church is respect for God’s name and controlling our tongues.  Think of speed limits.  If we focus on just going the speed limit for the sake of not getting pulled over then we are legalists.  But if we focus on not wanting to run into and hurt anyone then we will naturally want to follow the speed limit without being a legalist.  Sometimes we will go over by mistake and that is O.K. as long as we aren’t trying to do that (and sometimes we might speed to rush to the hospital to save a life, and that could be O.K. too).  So the charge of legalism is a Red Herring if we are discussing the reasons why the rules exist in the first place.

  • Posted by

    I have been listening to Chuck Swindoll sense I was a young Christian.  I have always thought he was the best of the best at getting his point across as things throughout history seem to change they actually don’t.  Just the players change and it seems we are repeating history now and if Satin can get rid of a Great man of God like Pastor Swindoll he will rejoice at what he has accomplished. 
    Pastor Swindoll seems like a part of my Christian Church Family as I can always count on him to give me great advise reguardless of how it is said.

  • Posted by

    To Lawrnce,

    You have no clue.  To say I like a steady diet of this type of language...what language?  He was not using profanity in his messages at all.  I would say you need to spend a few Sundays under his teaching to understand any of this.  Believers are growing in Christ by leaps and bounds.  The impact of the people from not just the town the church is but the surrounding communities are impacted tremendously.  You do not know this because you are not here.  All you listen to is what some radio station tells you and then out of possibly jealousy try to run a man of God down.  We are seeing people authentically saved weekly through this ministry...not just Chuck’s but the entire church.  The men of this church also get a “diet” of Steve Farrar in person each Wed as well and he can fairly blunt sometimes too, but we do not take offense at this.  Paul making a statement in Scripture about “dung” is ok, but “crap” is not?  Come on fellows...this is what we mean by get a life...one that is real and authentic not of satan or of sin which you have tragically stated...not one of legalism which is how the Pharisees reacted to Christ word’s and actions.  An authentic life is one that does not flench at the battle we are in within this life, but is lived out for Christ to glorify His holy name.  By saying get a life, we are saying get the priorities right in your life as we are trying to do in our life.  Get off a great man of God’s back for saying something stunning, yet it was not vulgar.  You certainly cannot like Spurgeon, Calvin, or most other great men of God either as they had their moments that you could pick apart by the Scriptures.  Do not use the Bible to push your agenda, chop up the Believers, or any other ungodly use.  The Scripture should teach, exhort, sharpen us, uplift us, guide us, etc.  You are using it to destroy not encourage. 
    Your harsh handling of your opinions is no better than someone saying “crap” or “balls” from the pulpit.

  • Posted by

    Get off the legalism trip as Red Herring....this decision was pure legalism in its greatest form.  I suspect two people did not like what Chuck said and so they blasted him and condemned him off their radio programming. 

    People with a book of list of things Believers cannot say or do are “Legalist”.  So, if you have a book of list of “Do nots” great, but keep them to yourself.

    I am not sure who Lawrnce is, but he certainly sounds like the frown face legalist that Chuck, myself, Spurgeon, and many others have been fighting for centuries....legalist will kill anyones joy in Christ, because they have this list of things that they must live by and everyone around should live by the same list or they are wrong. 

    The biggest issue here is that VCY made a huge mistake by taking Chuch off of their radio...the people who have been listening should ban VCY themselves.  I mean, when I read the comments VCY had about the boycott AFA, Focus on the Family, the SOuthern Baptist and others had, but Chuck said to go rent the movie Lion King yourself (DIsney movie) and this was condemned, I just about fell out of my chair.  What a disgusting display of childishness by VCY.  Stonebriar and Chuck had not taken part in the boycotts as is their usual take.  We are individual Christians and must stand before God alone...a boycott by other organizations I think is petty, but if that is what they want to do then “great”, but to site this as a reason for “expelling” Chuck was over the top for me.

    The reason most churches in this world have no power in their communities is for this reason, they seem to hate everyone that does not live up to their standards.  These boycotts are typically done hatefully or seemingly hateful rather than lovingly.  I think boycotts only effect people economically, but hardly ever spiritually.  We are to be concerned with the spiritual aspect of these lost peoples lives not necessarily their economic status.  I did not ever read of Paul, Peter or John boycotting anything..they simply preached the Word of God and left the results to the Holy Spirit....why cannot we do the same.

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