Are You “Jesus Dangerous”?

Orginally published on Tuesday, July 03, 2007 at 8:01 AM
by Leonard Lee

Am I dangerous? Well, to myself sometimes and occasionally to someone on the freeway when I forgot my ear piece to my cell phone, but overall I am probably not that dangerous. There is however a kind of dangerous we were meant to be, a Jesus kind of dangerous. Not the jumping out of a plane with a large blanket strapped to your back… not the wrestle a bear with only a butter knife in your hand… not the climb the highest mountain or swim with sharks in the sea kind of dangerous. We were meant to be a Jesus kind of Dangerous...

You see, Jesus was very dangerous.  So dangerous in fact he actually had an assassination attempt on his life before he could do much more than play peek-a-boo and form simple sentences.  So dangerous was Jesus that at the beginning of his ministry Satan himself showed up and tried to derail him with a series of vicious temptations.  Jesus was dangerous enough that as an adult he became the subject of meetings whose sole purpose was to get rid of him. 

Jesus was dangerous to tax collectors and prostitutes who were trapped in lives of slavery to sinful hearts, greed and sexual embraces.  Jesus was dangerous to the status quo.  His treatment of women raised the bar of honor and respect for the women of his day; this made him dangerous to cultures view of women.  His love for children made him dangerous to the commodity and possession mentality of having kids.  His love and care for the sick erased social stigmas of “whose sin caused this one” making him once again dangerous to the status quo of his culture. 

His treatment of the Law and the Sabbath made Jesus dangerous to the power structure of religion who found its strength in being publicly a bit better than anyone else.  His crossing over to assist other races by healing and teaching people not like him made him dangerous to the racism of his day.  Jesus was, to quote my teen daughter, “Stinking Dangerous!” Jesus was a dangerous communicator, making claims about his identity that threw people into a tizzy.  He told stories that revealed the hearts of people in such a way as to make him dangerous to anyone trying to hide their inside junk.  Jesus was dangerous to entire governments, people groups, social structures, status quo, sinful habits, the pride of men, the grip of fear, the power of sickness and even death could not hold him. 

When people followed him they became dangerous too.  Once, Peter and John were standing before the council of religious power, being told to shut up about this Jesus guy.  Why were they there?  They were being Jesus Dangerous…they healed a guy just like Jesus did.  After being threatened their response was, we will do what is right in the eyes of God!  What a radical concept.  What a dangerous proclamation. 

Jesus said if we would take hold of his teaching we would become his disciples and the truth that makes us disciples would also make us free.  This freedom is not freedom to do what we want but freedom to choose our master.  This freedom is expressed in “doing what is right in the eyes of God” living and this makes anyone with that kind of freedom, Jesus Dangerous. 

So are you dangerous?  Are you raising dangerous kids?  Is your church dangerous?  If you are like me, you are safe with an occasional venture into the Danger Zone.  I am safe socially, hanging mostly with people that look like me, sound like me, and are safe like me.  I raise kids who are “education bound” because it is the safest way to build a safe life.  I am a part of a safe church, content to reach some people but not radically committed to undoing the entanglements of a community filled with “Dangers” that wreck lives and keep people estranged from the God who made them and loves them.  Safe am I. 

Can I be honest, in my heart of hearts I yearn to be dangerous, Jesus Dangerous.  I want to live on less so I can give more.  I crave to downsize my life so I can be more focused in ministry.  I long to lead my children to places they would not choose to go, armed with the focused passion that they will do what is right in the eyes of God.  I ache for the adventure of Jesus Dangerous and the impact of a life spent less invested in safety and a manageable Jesus.  I am on my way but I don’t think I am there yet.  Are you Jesus Dangerous? 

For discussion:
Are you Jesus Dangerous?  How are you growing you and your ministry more Jesus Dangerous?  What do you think are the top 2-4 character traits of a Jesus Dangerous person? 

About the author:  Leonard Lee a regular commenter here at MMI.  He is also a church planter and a veteran of over 25 years of ministry.  He is married to his best friend and they have two awesome kids.  He currently pastors Bayside of Central Roseville and loves to hunt, fish and play.

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  • Posted by

    Great thoughts.  I am not dangerous, have not raised dangerous kids, and am not sure I even personally know anyone who is dangerous.  But I’d love to get there.  Do you mind if I use your article in our church’s newsletter—with your name, of course.

  • Posted by Camey

    Leonard....... Were your ears ringing today? I was talking to not only our own sons but several of the youth about being “Jesus Dangerous” as we were working in the flood torn area of our town. A couple of the adults there started asking me what I was talking about… For them what we were doing was the most “dangerous” type stuff they had ever really done before. Thanks, Brother.

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