Pastor Is Selling Himself on eBay!

Orginally published on Wednesday, July 09, 2008 at 8:11 AM
by Todd Rhoades

The eBay listing reads, "You are looking at/bidding on a very contemporary out of the box Pastor. As you can tell by the pictures He preaches and teaches in a very unorthodox manner. He does it without compromising the true written word of God. He and his family has chosen to go this route of putting themselves on the market in hopes to find a church that is untraditional and is ready to reach their community. He and his family will consider relocating in the contentinental United States. For any questions or more information feel free to email Pastor Chad.

Currently, the bidding is at $1.00. Shipping is $3,000.

What do you think?  Good idea, or bad?

Here’s the listing.

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  • Posted by Peter Hamm

    What a way to find a new job!

  • Posted by Paul J.

    Basically, just a new way of getting your resume in people’s hands. Clever.

  • Posted by

    Would Paul have set a reserve?

  • Posted by Ron Edmondson

    I’m curious if anyone would act on this.  I guess he’s pushing the novelty envelope hoping that will show his creativity.  I like it.  If I had something to offer I’d consider giving him a shout, but I wouldn’t “purchase” via ebay.  It would just get me looking I guess.

  • Posted by

    While it’s a cute idea and the pastor has the potential of putting himself in the limelight, there are just too many unanswered questions based on the (contractual) eBay page.  I assume that one could research him based on his links and get an idea of things, but remember, it’s the eBay listing that is the legal contract, and not links to other sites or e-mail addresses (and all I got from his MySpace page, at a glance, is that he’s a Harley fan).  For example:

    -Where will the money from the bidding go?  Will this be his salary?  Money for the parsonage?  Given to charity?  He also has a “reserve price” set, showing that there is some sort of minimum that has to be met.  What might this be?

    -Is this for a certain fixed term of service to a church?  What about “renewals”?

    -All I can tell from the pictures is that he does zany things like embed Mountain Dew machines in the church ceiling and cordon off the nave with construction signs.  What about how he treats his wife and family, in line with Biblical teaching?


  • Posted by Andy McAdams

    I tried this and only got a 75 cent bid.

  • Posted by

    I think it’s innovative, which of course some will think is bad.  it would appear to be a good way to get some attention for his search for a church, since it’s got our attention.

    He says he’s non-traditional and unorthodox and I suppose this kind of proves that. 

    I also think we need to send out a search party for CS’s sense of humor since he seems to have lost it. He seems to have taken this a bit more serious than I did.  I didn’t see this as a serious, i.e. legally binding, e-bay auction, so much as a marketing tactic.

    I’m not an e-bay’er, can you sell your servies on e-bay or hire people?  Or does whoever win the bidding actually “own” Pastor Smith?

  • Posted by

    My name is Chad. I’m a pastor.  I’m wondering if someone on my staff has put me up for auction!  This makes me nervous!

  • Posted by

    As with many Southern churches before the civil war, a literal reading of Scripture can be used to justify slavery.  So perhaps you really can OWN Chad and has family.  Looks like pretty good breeding stock, too. I wouldn’t use him to preach because we’ve got plenty of that. I’m thinking driving the bus or building VBS sets.

  • Posted by Ron Edmondson

    It’s funny what some take serious. I agree with you Daniel. CS took this way to serious.  This is a guy who just thought of a gimmick to get his resume to the top of the pile.  The church who hired him this was would be an idiot church. 

    I don’t know though, he is kind of cute.  (Just Kidding...literally!)

  • I’m worried that CS is going to give himself a migraine pondering the legal ramifications from this. I like this idea. I just went through the ministry job search process and it is brutal- you do have to do something to stand out. Don’t know how any pastor who was hiring would stumble accross this eBay posting though? Or how Todd found it to begin with? Looking at the sanctuary interior design and banners from his photos: it looks like he is in desperate need of a non-traditional church!

  • Posted by R.Koch

    It will be great if it will work for him! I’ve been trying myself through traditional means like churchstaffing.com, etc, for several years but it hasn’t been fruitful. So hopefully this will be fruitful for him!

  • Posted by Brent

    Our new lead pastor is named Chad. He’s been here for a few months. Hope he doesn’t want out already!

  • Posted by

    I hope he doesn’t have dimples. He would be a “dimpled Chad” and he might be recalled!
    : D
    Just kidding. Good for him. Maybe this will help him get connected with a church that has a similar “personality"/ fit! You go , Chad!!

  • I favor raising men up the 1 Timothy 2 way from within the body.  We do a Sunday night ministry preparation night and have men and women share testimonies, bring teachings, etc., in an environment where we can identify giftings, pray with one another, and build Christ centered relationships as we seek God’s calling.  I hope to plant about four new Calvary Chapels in our area in the next year or two, Lord willing.  God always has cool things cooking in the kitchen.

  • Posted by Randolph Koch

    RE: Posted by Pastor Baron Eickhoff

    That’s is so great to hear! I wish that more churches would do this as Gods way is the best way which you’ve outlined according to His Word of Truth. Unfortunately a majority of pastors and churches don’t practice this and end up looking for what they consider “top Shelf” type A types and miss out on faithful servants whose only desire is to be shepherd / servant to for God and His children. In other words, they look a lot at the outward in my opinion and don’t look to get to know the true hearts or capabilities of their own flock to see who God is raising up. Then thos who are seeking to be raised up in the 1 Timothy way get blown off.
    May God bless you for doing things His way. I’ll pray that more will follow your lead.

  • Posted by

    Our church uses this approach also. Our pastor’s vision (and the church has accepted this as our vision) is to be a training center to raise up workers both full-time and part time. Although our senior pastor came from outside the church about 12 years ago, all of our assistant pastors and even our office staff have come from within the body. We even have several lay people who are on the path to ordination within our denomination (C&MA;). I’m 62 and getting a bit tired. On Sunday, I looked around at all of the new people and young people who are stepping up into leadership and service roles in the church and in other ministries. I took it as a sign that God was telling me the future of my church was in good hands.

  • Posted by

    Perhaps he should listen to 10 Shekels and a Shirt by Paris Reidhead.

  • Posted by

    Before I am flamed, I should put the above in context.  I do not doubt Chad & his family’s enthusiasm or his ability or giftings for reaching a segment of society that is often/mostly turned off by church.  I feel God knows where best to use Chad and it is not necessarily to the highest bidder.  I pray him well and godspeed.

  • Thanks for posting this, it proves the religious right’s own lie. They say they don’t want to “interefere” with our lives, they just don’t want gay issues forced down their throats. But if that were true, then why the hell are they reading The Advocate?
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