Rick Warren vs. Rick Warren

Orginally published on Tuesday, April 14, 2009 at 7:59 AM
by Todd Rhoades

I'm getting emails asking me to weigh in on the whole Rick Warren recent Prop 8 controversy. First... here's the big stink, cut down to 37 seconds:

OK... here are some of my thoughts...

1.  I’m glad I’m not Rick Warren.

2.  I’m glad that my every word isn’t put on video tape.

3.  I’m glad that I don’t have to deal with media.

4.  Do I think Rick contradicted himself?  Uh… yeah, if you look at the tape (and only the parts of the tape that everyone is looking at, which is what the media gives us).  Whenever you have to say, “what I meant to say” about something that you’ve already had to say “what I meant to say” about, it’s not good.

5.  Why the Larry King thing in the first place? Let’s face it, Rick took some good heat for his stance on Prop 8, and the whole inauguration prayer thing, but most of that controversy had passed. Rick’s Larry King Live statements about Prop 8 only re-ignited the fire, especially because of the apparent contradiction.

6.  The problem was only made worse when Rick canceled appearances on the Mike Huckabee show and ABC’s Sunday news program because of exhaustion (caused in part by breathing the fumes from a refurbished pulpit that hadn’t yet dried).

7.  I’m glad I’m not Rick Warren.

I like Rick.  I think he’s a great guy and has done much for Christianity and for all of our churches.  I fear though, that Rick is getting so much pressure to please everyone that it is nearly impossible for him to come across good in the media.  Someone will always be ticked. 

What are your thoughts?


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  • Posted by Brad Raby

    I like Rick Warren too - and he has done much for the cause fo Christ, so I won’t ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’ on this, BUT
    What strikes me as perplexing is what seems to be a lack of counsel from his staff.

    Surely he discussed what he was going to say before he went on Larry King - so wasn’t there someone who could say , Uh Rick you might want to consider the fact that you did support a ban on gay marriage?

    I appreaciate how he has appealed to a broad spectrum over the years, but the spectrum might have gotten too big.

  • Posted by Brian L.

    I really want to give him the benefit of the doubt by saying he probably made a slip of the tongue on Larry King.  I know I’ve done it a few times, and someone has had to correct me by reminding me of something I had said earlier.  Not very fun, let me tell you.

    But RW’s way smarter than me and I don’t see him making that kind of mistake about something so huge.

    I’m a huge Rick fan - this saddens me.

    And Todd, I heartily agree with points 1 & 7 (about me, not you...smile)

  • Posted by

    Warren tried to please both the world and Christians at the same time, and it naturally bit him in the butt.  He tries to be so liked in the secular media for the advancement of his goals like the PEACE Plan, but then compromises on his faith.

    I can see why he canceled being on ABC on Easter Sunday.


  • Posted by

    What do I think? I think we are going to be judged by the same yardstick that we apply to others (Mat 7:2)

  • Posted by

    What’s up with his eyebrows and hip, happening mega-pastor goatee?  The color is disturbing.

  • Posted by Peter Hamm

    I think he messed up (the second time, not the first time… when he supported prop 8).

    But I hope you won’t all call me an apostate when I mess up.

    He should probably say something, and clarify, even perhaps taking back something… but this doesn’t automatically make him evil (or more evil than some of you already think he is). He just messed up. Or perhaps he thinks what he said to his congregation on his web site was “private.”

    Rick, you need a break, and I’ll give you one… I wish you had been more careful and wiser, and I was a bit disappointed, but mistakes happen.

    You haven’t left your wife or the Lord or anything like that, have ya… So, I’m glad I’m not you, too. But I am kinda glad that you are you…

  • Posted by Brian L.

    Here’s an interview with Rick with Christianity Today, and they ask him about this:


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