‘Slice’ Returns as “not a public forum for discussion”

Orginally published on Tuesday, January 09, 2007 at 3:21 PM
by Todd Rhoades

Yesterday, we reported that the popular blog, Slice of Laodecia shut down. Today, they're back... well kind of. The new site is up with a new name and no archives. It's pretty ugly looking (sorry, just my honest opinion) and is returning as "not a public forum for discussion"; in other words, it's not a blog anymore. Discussion was pretty biased on the old site anyway (with comments from those who disagreed, even politely (I am told) never published. I think this format suits them better.

Still… this move makes many thinking people say, ‘huh’?  Why would one take down their entire site (with over 3 years of content) immediately; then start all over with a very inferior looking site?

Evidently… the publisher of ‘Slice’ got caught in some uncomfortable situations as other blogs tried to ‘parody’ slice.  She was the subject of a couple of parody blogs (with close resemblence to the ‘slice’ name).  Last week, she called out one of the parody website writers, who she said was anonymous.  While the author of the parody clearly identified himself on the site (and a whois lookup could be done easily), Ingrid made some accusations that he ‘be a man’ and show his identity.

As the story goes; it is accused that Ingrid had also posted anonymously to an anti-emergent church website… well, kind of anonymously… and that she mentioned it once on a slice post.  Some people dug that up and made her look a little silly.  Next thing you know; the parody site is down and the slice site followed thereafter.

There are detailed analysis of this interaction at some blogs around the net; but my take is if you’re going to play hardball (like slice did; calling all kinds of Christian leaders all kinds of names), you need to at least be honest when you’re doing it.  Otherwise; it will likely catch up to you.

So… that is the supposed story of what has happened.  It looks bad for ‘slice’ only because, at least thus far, there’s been no explanation; no apologies; no anything; just shutting down and old project and starting over. 

Well, there has been some kind of a statement:

A warm welcome to all who have wondered what became of Slice of Laodicea. After two years of blogging at Slice, it became clear to me that there was a tremendous need for current news and information on spiritual trends in the evangelical church. While Slice was famous for billboarding the outragous extremes within evangelicalism, it also provided links to articles and resources regarding the emergent error, contemplative spirituality, church growth philosophy and Purpose-Driven methodology that is transforming the face of the church. For this reason, I saw that a more comprehensive effort was needed. Christian Research Net will seek to serve as an information hub on these particular issues. Over time, it is my prayer that this site will be one of the first stops for Christians who have discerned the error of the times and who want to research what is going on in their churches. This site’s express purpose is to serve as a finger that will point to articles, websites, podcasts, videos, books and materials that meet the need for up-to-the-minute information on critical subjects.

The Christian Research Net is a clearinghouse for information. There will be a growing number of contributors who will add links to valuable resources. At present, I, as well as Dwayna Litz, Rev. Ken Silva, Steve Camp, Chris Pajak and Chris Rosebrough will be contributing information. This is a work in progress, and the site has been unveiled in its infant stage because of the need to assure former Slice readers that we are still here and we are working hard to provide another helpful place on the internet for discernment research links. The web is a vast place and we want to make it easier to find timely biblical insight on what is happening in the church.

As we begin 2007, I am further committed to using the Crosstalk Radio Show to address these issues. This year I am planning several series that will discuss the emerging church movement and its assault on biblical doctrine, training in the defense of the faith, the importance of sound doctrine and didache (Biblical teaching and training) for all believers, as well as several other subjects of importance to Christ’s church. The emphasis at this weblog is both uprooting what is false and planting what is good. Our links for research and biblical teaching will continue to grow over the next few weeks and months.

Scripture says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” In this age of tragic biblical illiteracy, we are seeing the spiritual destruction being wrought. In a simple and straightforward manner, we will attempt to fill in the knowledge voids for believers who seek the truth. The contributors to this site have no personal agenda other than to lift up Jesus Christ and hold up the light of the Word as a lamp to this generation that stumbles around in darkness.

Pray for us as we begin this venture.

Ingrid Schlueter

I wonder, if she felt the need for an even more comprehensive site than slice, why did she ‘can’ all the old content?

For some reason… she (and slice) needed a fresh start.  My enquiring mind isn’t the only one wondering, ‘why’.

Here’s the new website (I’m all for free promotion) and an interesting list at the categories of content thus far:

Rick Warren
Emergent Church
Research Net Announcement
Circus Church
Discernment Teaching
Church Growth Issues
False Teachers

Looks like the same ole’ same ole’ unfortunately.

Also, here’s a short note from Ingrid about the new site:

“I am getting emails from those who have found us today and some have asked about comments. This site will be non-interactive in order to make the best use of our time. Christian Research Net is not a public forum for discussion and there are many other such sites for Christians on the web. Our purpose is to provide information.”

Love to hear your input…


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  There are 12 Comments:

  • Posted by

    Interesting that among the heretics they are trying to expose and the failures within the church… they reference and source from the Christian Science Monitor, which is neither Chrisitan nor Science, but definately a biased monitor…

    I’m guessing they are going for that “trustworthy News” look of a black and white newspaper?  Hmmm… Thankfully I get my fill of heresy from more trustworthy sources such as MMI smile

  • Posted by


    Since you noted that there will be no discussion at the new slice and it’s no longer a blog, can you also agree that several of the “blogs” you link to aren’t either?  Perry Noble and Gary Lamb for example, since they don’t offer discussion.


  • Posted by Tally Wilgis


    This looks like web -1.0.  It’s just bad business.  They will no doubt lose part of their following.  In an age where everyone is looking for ways to connect more easily and share information, taking the site backwards isn’t the most wise of all moves. 

    John, the difference between the blogs you mention and ‘slice’ is that their blog wasn’t designed for the level of interaction slice was accustomed to.  In addition, neither of those guys changed their entire site/name/look.... they just turned off comments. 


  • Posted by Todd Rhoades


    Sure, I’ll agree with anything.  smile

    Actually, I don’t remember promoting Perry’s or Gary’s sites as blogs, but I’ve probably referred to them as such.

    There’s a big debate about what a blog is… and whether you can really have a blog without comments.

    But that said; I made the move last year to make MMI look less ‘bloggy’, but still keep the interaction.

    As Tally said, there’s a difference (in my opinion) in having a blog with open comments (like here at MMI) and one that you run like slice did (letting one comment adverse to the post stand; then allowing everyone else to pile on and not let anyone else have a say).  At least here; you can be assured a voice, as long as your kind in your words; and you don’t rail against everything.  I’d like to think I run a pretty open ‘blog’.

    But whether it’s a website or a blog; it’s really kind of moot at this point.  Ingrid has opted to run a site (just like Perry and Gary) with no input from readers.  That’s fine and dandy; and I can respect that.  I just hope the stuff she puts out is credible (which it’s not, in my opinion)… the language is venomous.

    Here, for example is what the new site showed on Day 1… this is just a quick partial list of what they were against and some of the language they used:

    -- they called the Emergent Church – unbiblical spirit of ecumenical inclusivism, emergent false teachers; neo-liberal cult

    --they’re upset with SBC President Frank Page –

    --they called T. D. Jakes – Word faith mogul, Oneness Pentecostal heretic,

    -- some off the wall comment about ‘Christian Yoga’

    --are against the National Religious Broadcasters for partnering with ‘emergent false teachers’

    --called Leonard Sweet in ‘Interspiritualist’

    --called Rob Bell a ‘neo-liberal cult leader’

    That’s just TODAY!!  Why be so venomous?  Even if you’re against something; why call names all the time?  I just don’t get it.

    I guess there’s people buyin’ what they’re sellin’, but I ain’t one of ‘em.


  • Posted by


    Here’s the venom you buy, the words of Perry Noble,

    “you probably come from a background where the pastor was a pathetic wuss to had no backbone”

    “and I also believe that they can kiss my rear end if they don’t like what we are doing!!!”

    “and not once did He (Jesus) ever get mad about it & tell those people to go to hell so that He could “go deep” with those closest to Him

    So, some venom is good and some venom is bad?


  • Posted by Todd Rhoades

    An interesting sidenote… it looks like the new domain was registered January 6, 2007… so there was not a whole lot of forethought that went into this new site.  I believe it was registered the same day as the old slice site was taken down.

    It looks like slice doesn’t want their archives around for people to see anymore.  Too bad their still all cached at google and wayback.

    At least with moving to the new domain, you now get a tamer version of the error page for all the old slice archives.  At least the lesbians and gambling ads are gone now.



  • Posted by Todd Rhoades


    See… I let that comment stand.  smile

    First, I’m not Perry’s keeper.  Perry is a friend; and I respect him fully.  And I’ve seen first-hand his passion for the lost.  And Perry’s getting the job done.

    Second; Perry has received some unbelievable (yes, venomous) attacks from Slice and it’s commenters in the past.  They called him a false teacher, said he is someone who “twists and distorts and tortures God’s Holy Word”, they called wrath down upon Perry personally, advised Perry to ‘repent of your evil sinful wickedness for leading people’, to ‘lay aside your godless worldly entertainments and get back to the Bible’, he was called a rationalizer, immature, a ‘walking contradiction’; and a suggestion that maybe Perry should look up the description of a cult…

    So, Perry, a Pastor in South Carolina, who’s doing his best to serve God and be obedient to what he feels God has called him to do, reads this about himself; being ridiculed; personally, and publically. 

    Sorry, John… but I think Perry was rather reserved when he said his critics could kiss his rear.

    Ingrid did the same thing when she was attacked.  Only she ended up shutting down shop; pulling up stakes, and starting over.

    Perry, on the other hand, is still faithful as a pastor where God has called him.  He told me once that the criticism really hurt.  (as it would any one of us) So, he just simply doesn’t read it.  And his attitude, shaped tremendously by his venomous critics at places like slice, have caused him to be very open in his feelings of his internet critics.

    So yes, for that I applaud him.

    As for our comments; we normally allow comments from people who are visiting like you, John, who are obviously against anything innnovative or anything we discuss here.  I will cut you off when your story gets old, or when you run out of things to say.

    That’s much more respect and airplay than you’d ever get at slice if you were in disagreement.

    Finally, if you’re concerned with Perry’s use of the words ‘wuss’ or ‘rear end’, then I’m sorry.  Those words are far less offensive to me than heretic, false teacher, and calling the wrath of God down on another brother.

    Just my opinion.



  • Posted by


    Why not just tell me to “go to Hell”.  That’s what Perry suggested Jesus could have said, and you respect that???????????  HIT DELETE BUTTON NOW

  • Posted by Todd Rhoades


    I won’t hit the delete button… I’ll let it stand.

    But really, you’ve got to be kidding me.  I believe that Perry’s words were that Jesus DIDN’T tell people to go to hell.

    And talk about putting words in my mouth.

    I think I was very kind in my response to you; I’m not sure why you feel the need to pull one like that.  I guess I’m just supposed to listen to you because ‘you speak the truth in love.’

    And that will be your last comment here, because, sadly, I believe you’ve proven my point.


  • Posted by

    I have to wonder this...for all the time and effort that these people spend, on radio shows, and websites, “exposing” the “flaws” of whatever church movement has hacked them off this morning:
    Do they spend an equal amount of time serving in the church of their choice, working on the ground level, helping people, making a difference in their community, participating in worship?

    Or is it all just hot air?

  • Posted by

    I see a lot of discussion on the new Slice about orthodoxy, but NONE on “ortho-praxy”. Interesting…

    Now when she and her associates twist people’s words, misquote them, take them out of context, et cetera there will be no way to address it. Long live the parody sites I guess!

    John, cool off a little before you hit “submit” and read what you’ve written a second time. We try to be polite and not rude (sort of 1 Cor 13 kind of love and all) around here.

  • Posted by

    Slice shut down a short time after I left a comment on why they were making radical charges against Ed’s new Larger Than Life series at FC, without even knowing how or what the message was going to be about.  I challenged them that instead of speculating they should do their homework, or say nothing at all.  They actually allowed my comment.

    BTW Ed kicked off a great series with calling the church to a 21 day fast.  That isn’t exactly the kind of thing you do to be a people pleaser.

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