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What Do You Think Of This Pastor’s Prayer

Orginally published on Tuesday, October 14, 2008 at 5:36 AM
by Todd Rhoades

What do you think of this pastor's prayer. Do you think God is not, Himself, keenly aware of his reputation?

What do you think?

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  • Posted by Rob Grayson

    Well, he can rest assured his prayer will be answered. Whatever happens, God will ensure his own name is honoured.

    What a bizarre and outrageous thing to pray. Seems to me like the guy was trying to manipulate God for political ends.


  • Posted by

    Oh boy, if that ridiculous prayer is approved by McCain, it pushes me more towards Obama than I am already leaning.

    Not only is God aware of His reputation, He has sovereignty over every election and leader on His planet.  There are so many right and righteous prayers to pray at a political rally, and this prayer was neither.

    And who are those guys in uniform with guns on their shoulders?  Are they ready to shoot anyone who harms God’s reputation?  Are they preparing for the 3rd Crusade against the Hindus and Muslims named in this guy’s prayer – to protect God’s reputation of course.


  • Posted by jonathan

    I can’t stop cringing… and it’s an echo of what I’ve heard from many, many, many Christians this election season.

  • Posted by

    I am gonna pray that one sunday just before the offering.

  • Posted by Rev. Eric

    Does his prayer mean that if Obama wins the election that Obama is bigger than God? Or at the very least the god Obama believes in is bigger than the god this pastor believes in?

    As a pastor I found that prayer to be very confusing. I didn’t know God was a registered Republican or even an American citizen for that matter.

    My prayer is that God’s will is done through whomever takes that office… that we are on God’s side and not vice versa.

  • Posted by

    I don’t know what makes him think that McCain is going to bring God more glory than Obama…

    I wonder if he prayed that way when Clinton Got elected…

  • Posted by

    one side comment - to the comment placed right above the video link - yes God is sovereignly aware of His reputation but all throughout the the Bible we see prayers that were prayed that God’s reputation would be honored and upheld - read the Psalms.  So I would not attack a prayer that was prayed about God’s reputation.  The sovereignty issue could be a applied to any circumstance - why pray for the lost - God is sovereign - He knows.... why pray for the sick - God is aware of the sick....

    The other side of the issue - what a strange prayer… Very confused pastor.....  can’t even process it..... bizarre....

  • Posted by

    Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

    The Republican party has been the official party of Christianity for quite a while—or at least that’s what many Christians and Republicans would say.  This administration would not be in power without the support of evangelicals.

    Now the screw turns. Will this relationship continue, or will the church rise above politics and become counter-cultural as Jesus intended?

    When Christianity is reduced to the level of discussion over who’s most powerful, Superman or Godzilla, we suffer.

  • Posted by What's Sad

    I just saw this: A Faith and Politics survey of young adults. It shows some interesting trends and generation gaps.

  • Posted by

    Well, the preacher is right. Those who are praying to their god for Obama to win will most likely think their god superior if Obama wins.

    I seem to remember Elijah doing battle with a political figure’s gods. I just bet some of you would take issue and think it ridiculous with all that Elijah prayed that day! 

    “""Answer me, O Lord, answer me, SO THESE PEOPLE WILL KNOW THAT YOU, O LORD, ARE GOD” (caps mine).

    And as far as getting huffy about him praying about God’s reputation, I would guess that everyone here cringes for God’s reputation when we have a Bakker, Swaggart, or Haggart hit the news stands.

    Wendy, what is unrighteous about his prayer? Biblical example please.

  • Posted by

    This guy was trying to link Obama to Islam (again) when he said some people are praying to Allah that Obama win.  He threw in buddha and some kind of hindu reference for good measure.  He seems to have some inside info that Obama, despite his clear claims, is not really a believer.  Though I support Mccain, I think Obama is more serious about his faith.  I just hope it’s not too tied up in social and liberation theology, though I’m afraid it is.

  • Posted by

    BTW, Wendi, the guys with guns are probably just an honor guard.  No bullets in there, just a recognition of McCain’s background.  Perhaps this event was sponsored by a VFW group or something.

  • Posted by

    I believe that is a prayer that is called freedom to worship as we please. That prayer may not be appropriate for that setting.

  • Posted by

    Dave Z wrote:::"This guy was trying to link Obama to Islam (again) when he said some people are praying to Allah that Obama win.”

    ------Oh yea. I smell conspiracy all over the prayer.

    “He threw in buddha and some kind of hindu reference for good measure.”

    -------Ah, a prophet in the house.

    “He seems to have some inside info that Obama, despite his clear claims, is not really a believer.”

    ------I seemed to have missed that part where the pastor said Obama wasn’t a believer.

  • Posted by Bruce

    Just another one of those “ceiling hitting” political prayers. I have head such prayers in Church for over 25 years.

    God is on OUR side (wink, wink Republican)

  • Posted by ken buck

    It further drives me away from the midwest, republicans and the broader evangelical movement.

  • Posted by

    Why oh why do we forget that the responsibility is to preach Christ and him crucified.

    But instead we are consumed with the trappings of power and prestige and personal agenda that traps us into believing that the political system is going to save “America” (which really means us). Just one more reason for people to think the Jesus I proclaim isn’t interested in them.

  • Posted by Geoff

    It seems to me that this kind of praying is what makes me gag as a christian. It is full of the attitude that says “I’m right, so your wrong”

    It’s as if we can only be true believers is we believe what, in this case, the pastor believes.  Sure leaves a sense of arrogance that I for one don’t really like or want in my faith.

    God is more aware of things than we are! Our responsibility is to pray for His will, and not to try and “influence” what his will is.

    Can’t believe I said we try to influence God’s will… but I guess we try to sometimes.

    Thanks for your post, love your blog.

  • Posted by

    I am guessing then that you never heard the Rev v v Jessie or Rev v v Al speak in churches as they ran for President? I am guessing you never heard some of the preachers of those churches pray?

    The Rep. do not have a exclusive hold on such prayers {wink-wink}.

  • Posted by Peter Hamm

    Seems only a little disjointed, maybe not totally thought out, and even silly to me. This is why if I ever pray in public, I’m gonna write it all down first.

  • Posted by

    fishon, do you know this guy or something?  You sound personally offended.

  • Posted by

    Dave Z,
    Nope, don’t know the guy, nor have I ever heard of him.

    Nope, not personally offended.

    Just reacting to your long stretch of assumptions.

    When you write things like:::"He seems to have some inside info that Obama, despite his clear claims, is not really a believer,"---------and NOT A WORD was mentioned or inferred of that, it makes me wonder about your agenda?

    Personally, there is a very good chance that I will not be voting for a Presidental Candidate. Both of them are liars. How anyone can get excited about either guy is beyond me. They both promise the moon, and we know neither can deliever, and yet people fall all over them. Beyond me.

  • Posted by

    Fishon – I liken this Pastor’s prayer to the prayer of the Pharisee in Luke 18.  The prayer was intended for the human audience, to make a point.  This is an unrighteous prayer.  Before recording Jesus’ words of the parable, doctor Luke says, “To some who were confident of their own righteousness and looked down on everybody else, Jesus told this parable . . .”


  • Posted by

    You may be JUDGING the preachers motives rightly. His motives for the prayer might be as you state, “...intended for the human audience....” Then again, maybe not.

    I sure do hope you will not say of me, ‘That’s very judgmental, fishon.  Who are you to judge their motives of...,?’ the next time I point out what I believe the motives of someone we discuss in this blog room.

  • Posted by vidyo

    I believe that is a prayer that is called freedom to worship as we please. That prayer may not be appropriate for that setting.

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