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ShallowValley Church To Begin New Series Based on the Songs of Queen

While you may think well-known ######### front man Freddie Mercury would be an unlikely topic for a church sermon series, ShallowValley church is utilizing the songs of the group Queen to do a series of messages in the church this October. According to senior pastor, Bill Warren, Queen and Mercury present a great opportunity to present truth in a context people will understand.

“It’s just such a natural match, Warren said.  For example, I’ll be doing a message called “We Will Rock You” about the stoning of Stephen.  We’ll do a message on the end times titled “We are the Champions”; and a message based on John 3:16 called “A Crazy Little Thing Called Love”.  Executive Pastor Andy Osteen will do a message on timliness of evangelism called “Another One Bites the Dust.”

Is it too much of a stretch to use “Queen” as the basis of a message series?  “Not at all,” Warren says, many of Queen’s songs are clouded in mystery, just like the Bible.  Take “Bohemien Rhapsody”, for example.  Who even pretends to know what that song means?  That gives us the perfect chance to pull whatever we like from the Bible and make it accessible for today’s seeker.”

And ShallowValley attenders would seem to agree.  “I’m really looking forward to the new sermon series,” said Harvey Heddlop, a regular attender of the church.  “I mean, how cool is Queen”?, he said as he motioned a couple air guitar licks.

The series will end the second week of October with a special message taken from the Queen song “Fat Bottomed Girls”.  Warren said, “I’m not really sure what scripture I’ll preach that one from, but I’m sure it’s gonna be great!  After all, it’s an awesome song!”

Taken from the sermon, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, here’s one of the music presentations during the series at ShallowValley:

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  • Posted by

    Thanks, I needed that !  Funny stuff!

  • Posted by

    Its funny because its TRUE. :D Or is it sad because its true?

  • Posted by

    Awesome! Thanks!

    I was waiting for Sandy Patty… Oh well…

  • Posted by


    You have this church confused with ___________.  Pastor Bill Warren and Andy Osteen do not support the ministry of Sandy Patti… they do however sell the dvd exercise videos for their cousin Patty Sandi.

    I think it’s Friday!

  • Posted by bob hyatt

    I am SO looking forward to the Slice of Laodicea expose’ on this…

    Yeah… smile

  • Posted by

    I’m a pastor and I bought a DIrt Devil Vacuum Cleaner and Slice of Laodicea did a whole write up on my backslidden condition.

  • Posted by Derek

    Hahaha...The best 5 minutes and :52 seconds that I have spent today.

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