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Taylor Takes a Missions Trip to New Orleans… You can Help!

Last year I shared about my son's mission trip to the gulf coast. Taylor was able to take a Mississippi with a group of his friends and youth pastor last year. Well, it's a year later, and Taylor is looking forward to returning to Mississippi and this time to New Orleans to continue to help the folks in that area of the country. And this year, I'd love to have you be involved in making this happen for Taylor and his group...

I thought about looking up an old Jerry Falwell fund-raising letter and modifying it for this occasion.  (Jerry, or should I say his marketing company, was a master of the fundraising letter.)

I know some people who LOVE to raise funds.  They love to go for the ask.

I’m not one of them.

But I got a great idea from my friend DJ Chuang.  DJ is currrently in the process of moving his family from Washington D. C to Orange County and set up an area for people to donate toward his relocation.  I thought this just might be even more effective than the traditional fund-raising mailing.  So I’m going to give it a try here.

It’s pretty simple… Taylor has to come up with at least $150 to make this trip happen for him. 

If you have a little extra of God’s money laying around and would like to help him out, you can do so below.  If not, please take some time to pray for his group as they leave next month.  (I’ll give updates here, for sure).

I think it’d be really cool if some of the readers of MMI could help provide some support for Taylor; but also for some of the other kids going on the trip.  So, here’s the deal… if anyone would like to chip in for their trip, I’ll put half toward Taylor’s trip and the other half toward another person who’s going.  And if more comes in than needed for Taylor then all of it will go toward the cost of the trip for others…

If enough MMI readers would chip in $5 or 10 bucks, then the trip could be paid for.  How cool would that be?

If you’d like to be a part, you can do so here:

Thanks so much for your help!

PS—Taylor’s grown up a lot this year; and has had many changes… like getting his driver’s permit and getting his first girlfriend.  I’m so glad that one of his experiences at this stage in his life is this missions trip.  Please pray with me for this trip to make a great impression on Taylor’s life.

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  1 Person Has Commented:
  • Posted by

    Hi Todd:

    I can’t believe that so little has been donated to help your son go on a mission trip. I just contributed $100 in appreciation for what you do in sending MMI newsletter (for free) and to say to your son that I am proud of him for being willing to take a week out of his summer to do something for the kingdom of God.

    Our world needs more young people like your son.

    C’mon readers: give a little!


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