100 Ways to Kill a Concept or an Idea

Orginally published on Wednesday, June 17, 2009 at 3:03 AM
by Todd Rhoades

This is a great list... I got it from Pete Bishop (who got it from ChangeThis.com)... but regardless... it's a great list. Have you ever been guilty of using one of these idea killers?

100 Ways to Kill a Concept:

  1. the boss wonít go for that.
  2. the lawyers wonít go for that.
  3. the accountants wonít go for that.
  4. the client wonít go for that.
  5. the salespeople wonít go for that.
  6. the investors wonít go for that.
  7. So and so wonít like it.
  8. Itís not us.
  9. It wonít fit into our system.
  10. Weíre not ready for that yet.
  11. I donít think it will work.
  12. I donít understand.
  13. Do you understand?
  14. Will anyone understand?
  15. What will they think of next?
  16. Itís politically incorrect.
  17. Itís too complicated.
  18. Itís too late for that now.
  19. Itís too expensive.
  20. Weíll lose money.
  21. Why?
  22. What!?
  23. Who says?
  24. nobody will want that.
  25. Where are you coming from?
  26. It canít be done.
  27. Have the committee review it.
  28. Letís do more research.
  29. Letís take a vote on it.
  30. Letís play devilís advocate.
  31. Iíve never heard of such a thing.
  32. Weíve already tried that.
  33. thatís been done before.
  34. Itís not how we do things here.
  35. Weíve never done anything like that.
  36. Weíll get back to you.
  37. thatís a subject for another meeting.
  38. It creates more problems than it solves.
  39. Sounds like too many problems.
  40. that only solves some of the problems.
  41. thatís going to cause problems.
  42. Here we go again.
  43. thatís unique, but . . .
  44. Very interesting, but . . .
  45. I understand, but . . .
  46. I love it, but . . .
  47. Great idea, but . . .
  48. Yes, but . . .
  49. Sounds simple, but . . .
  50. But . . .
  51. Itís just not for us.
  52. try again.
  53. that sucks.
  54. needs more pizzazz!
  55. I donít like it.
  56. Have you thought it through?
  57. It wonít sell.
  58. Maybe next time.
  59. Another day.
  60. What are people going to say?
  61. People will think weíre nuts!
  62. thatís BS.
  63. Be realistic.
  64. How about this instead?
  65. Get a grip!
  66. Are you serious?
  67. that turns me off!
  68. the client is too liberal for that.
  69. the client is too conservative for that.
  70. What else do you have?
  71. So!
  72. So what?
  73. Oh . . .
  74. Oh?
  75. Oh, really!
  76. Get real, itís not feasible.
  77. Sounds crazy!
  78. nobody does that.
  79. Are you kidding me?
  80. thatís too off the wall.
  81. You canít argue with success.
  82. You canít fight City Hall.
  83. We donít have time to do it.
  84. Letís not reach beyond our grasp.
  85. Weíre overextended already.
  86. Letís wait Ďtil we see the numbers.
  87. Youíre proposing what?
  88. Letís not rock the boat.
  89. Silence.
  90. Laughter.
  91. Boos.
  92. Where did that come from?
  93. Iíve got a better idea.
  94. Hey, thereís a recession going on.
  95. Weíve never done anything like that.
  96. the press will kill us.
  97. thatís not your decision to make.
  98. Weíll step on too many toes.
  99. Just leave it to me; Iíll take care of it.
  100. You could lose your job for that . . .

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  There are 23 Comments:

  • Posted by Jan

    Sadly, this made me laugh because I’ve heard at least half of them from the church council, that we started with.

    I am happy to say that would never fly now, 3 1/2 years later.  But no wonder I was frustrated.

  • Posted by

    I’ve made many of those comments, and also been on the receiving end, having my idea killed before it was ever discussed or considered.

    The tension is . . . . how do we make sure that we’ve asked enough questions to have done due diligence before launching out with a new idea, without killing the idea with over evaluation? 

    Arbitrarily removing all the above questions or comments from our discussion doesn’t seem prudent, but neither does asking them all every time.


  • Posted by

    sad, but oh so true…

  • Posted by Jan

    Got to add, just for fun…

    I had an elder give me the “thatís not your decision to make” and then go on to “I’m an elder so I have more say”.

    My response, which literally lef the entire group rolling on the floor was “Well, I sleep with the pastor”

    Needless to say, I won that round.

  • yup! its true.thanks.

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  • Ok so this is so stolen from here. But its a great list and worth thinking about. One of the things we always say in our creative team meetings is there are no bad ideas.... oh how I’d love to be able to go and take back every time [..]

  • Posted by jonathan

    These ideas are true for any industry or dream one might have, and fear is the real killer of ideas and dreams.

  • Posted by Online Degree

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  • Posted by bingo live free

    Deep thought! Actually it makes me laugh but at first but there is no doubt about that such types of idea takes a major role in killing our mood & force us to go forward.

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  • Posted by frasi celebri

    I think that all ideas are created equal and no idea deserves to be killed. I work to protect these rejected ideas. If you are interested in what I do, check out my site.

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  • Posted by Bubba Moe

    nice post! Deep thought Actually it makes me laugh but at first but there is no doubt about that such types of idea takes a major role in killing our mood and force us to go forward. thanks.

  • One of the things we always say in our creative team meetings is there are no bad ideas.... oh how Iíd love to be able to go and take back every time

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