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10 Things You’d Hate about John Wesley (and 10 Things He’d Hate About You!)

Steve Tomkins is the author of a new biography of John Wesley.  He has written a fascinating piece on Wesley that I thought would be great to share here.  You can read more at the Ship of Fools Website

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The Stages of a Pastor’s Ministry

Henry Webb has an insightful new article over at Lifeway.com.  According to Henry, there are at least four stages that you can expect to journey through as a pastor or church staff member.  Here’s some of what Henry has to say…

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imagePray for This Young Pastor

I received this comment on the blog overnight from a very old post here at MMI. Read this young pastors comments and take a moment to pray for him. You can also offer him some encouragement here. Here is his message; and a re-publish of the original post...


Ten Cautions & Encouragements for Preachers

Mark Driscoll offers ten things that he suggests would be either cautions or encouragements for pastors.  Take a read and see what you think…

imageWhat Every Youth Pastor Wishes Their Senior Pastor Knew

Ever wish you could tell your senior pastor something, but you just don't dare? My friend Perry Noble is pastor of NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC. Recently at his blog (PerryNoble.com) he shared his list of things that every youth pastor wishes their senior pastor knew. This piece would make a great staff meeting discussion item. Open communication always makes for a more effective ministry team. Perry writes... imageWhat is Your Church’s Goal When Preaching on Sunday Morning?

One of my favorite authors and speakers today is Andy Stanley. In his long awaited new book, "Communicating for a Change: Seven Keys to Irresistible Communication," Andy shares three goals he sees that pastors have when they preach the Word of God.


Pastor’s Plea to Worship Leaders

Jason Janz is a pastor who has put a lot of thought into his postion on worship… “I was listening to some music from a popular ministry the other day, and the idea for this article came to me. After the completion of one of the songs, the worship leader began what I affectionately term “praise venting.” “Thank you Jesus! Praise you Jesus! Lord, you are wonderful! Majestic!” Forgive me if I don’t have the quotes down correctly, but you get the idea.


Remaining Effective in One Church for a Very Long Time

How do you stay effective in one church for a very long time?  To be honest, not many people know!  So we’ll ask someone who’s ‘been there, done that’!  David Yearick writes of his 39 year journey as a pastor in one church over at Crosswalk.com.  Here are some of his suggestions for long-term impact for a long-term pastorate…

Senior Pastors Resources imagePastors In Transition: Why Clergy Leave Local Church Ministry

Why do pastors leave the ministry? Several common issues emerge from the research of Dean Hoge and Jacqueline Wenger: preference for another form of ministry, the need to care for children or family, conflict in the congregation, conflict with denominational leaders, burnout or discouragement, sexual misconduct, and divorce or marital problems. Of these factors, which form the basis for the central chapters of Pastors in Transition, two are especially important: conflict and a preference for specialized ministry. A close third is the experience of burnout, discouragement, stress and overwork. As the authors explore these factors, they provide significant insights into what can be done to help people stay in ministry. imageEat This Book: A Conversation in the Art of Spiritual Reading

The bestselling author of "The Message" challenges believers to read the Scriptures on their own terms, as God's revelation, and to live them as they read them. imagePracticing Greatness: 7 Disciplines of Extraordinary Spiritual Leaders

Based on his extensive experience as coach and mentor to many thousands of Christian leaders across a broad spectrum of ministry settings, Reggie McNeal helps spiritual leaders understand that they will self-select into or out of greatness. imageThe Missional Leader: Equipping Your Church to Reach a Changing World (by Alan Roxburgh)

This book gives church and denominational leaders, pastors, and clergy a clear model for leading the change necessary to create and foster a missional church focused outward to spread the message of the Gospel into the surrounding community.