About MMI

Well, so you want to know more about MondayMorningInsight.com.  MMI, as most people affectionately refer to us, is merely a compilation of internet stories and resources that would be of interest to pastors and church leaders across the United States and the world.  We discusse everything from serious theological issues to humorous stories and satire about church ministries.

You’ll find that we really don’t take our selves all that seriously, but we do take the work of ministry very seriously.  And that’s what we discuss and communicate about here at MMI:  ministry, innovation, leadership, current events… you know, the things we passionate about.

MMI is really the brainchild of one Todd Rhoades, a former worship leader, from Ohio.  Most of what you see here is something that interested him, and he thought that it might quite possibly interest you.

You don’t need to agree with everything printed here at MMI.  Most don’t; and that’s ok… we especially like pieces that we can read and stretch our mind; and sometimes we even like to read things that we really don’t agree with so we know what ‘the other side’ is thinking and where they are coming from.

We do all this to help us in ministry.  Ministry is tough work, and we all need support.  MMI is here to support ministry people.  Here you can keep up on ministry topics; sharpen your leadership skills; and connect with other like-minded people in Kingdom work.

We think all these things make MMI unique.  And we hope you’ll stick around.