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Are you a church planter? Is your church looking a birthing another church location? Then you've found the right place. Here you'll be able to read up on all that's new and innovative in the area of church planting, and meet and interact with other church planters along your journey!

imageRaw Fish and the Church Planter

“Do you like sushi?” The pastor’s question took me by surprise. Living (for now) in southwest Missouri, I’m more likely to be asked about catfish than raw fish. But I was in northern California about to preach on a Sunday morning when the issue arose. The pastor (Ed Tyler of Christian Life Center in Santa Cruz) and I were discussing options for lunch that day. For a nanosecond my mind froze—because I don’t like sushi, which perhaps is related to living in catfish country more than to any fault with the food itself. I would not have experienced the freeze had Ed and I been just talking as friends while drinking vacuum process coffees at LuLu's in downtown Santa Cruz. But he pastors a church we were asking to support our church start-up—and that’s different. Now, Ed is my friend and his church gave us a warm reception. But when soliciting funding for church starting (Berkeley in our case) the pressure to alloy every relationship with financial politics is incessant. Can anyone be just my friend when I need to raise so much money? Can I even blog about this?

imageThe State of Church Planting USA

I'm very proud of my affiliation with Leadership Network. This week, they have just released a major study on Church Planting that you need to know about. As my boss and friend Dave Travis (the Managing Director at LN) said, "Most church-planting studies tend to look at either a very narrow slice of church planting or developments on a global scale. In commissioning this study, our goal was to review the current state of U.S. church-planting efforts -- and begin to assess what today's reality means for the next generation of planters." Here are the major findings from the survey:

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imageGary Lamb:  Ten Things I Wish I Would Have Known… Ever wish someone would have clued you in on certain aspects of your job before you ever started? Well, Church Planter Gary Lamb has listed then things that he really wish he would have know before he started planting the church he's serving in. Gary writes, "These aren’t the top 10 things I would tell a church planter, just the top 10 things I wish I would have known when we started. The question really got me thinking so in no real order here they are..." imageTop 25 Multiplying Churches in America

Now this is some interesting research... Outreach Magazine will publish next month a list of "America's Top 25 Multiplying Churches". Leadership Network helpied with the research for this list that placed Redeemer Presbyterian in NYC on top, Mars Hill Church in Seattle second and NorthWood Church in Keller, Texas, third. All three churches have planted a total of 100 churches since their founding... imageConfessions of a Church Planter 3

Craig Groeschell’s Confessions of a Pastor got me thinking about my own struggles as a church planter. In two previous articles (here and here), I have been coming clean about some of my own personal battles. Hopefully my confessions can help some other church planters and pastors know that they are not alone in their struggles... imageConfessions of a Church Planter … part 2

After reading Craig Groeschell’s Confessions of a Pastor, I decided to come clean about my own struggles as a church planter. After all, church planting is all the rage. It is the trendy thing to do right now. But the reality is that church planting is not for the weak-hearted. It is difficult and perhaps some of my confessions can help separate the called from the infatuated. Confession #2: I get lonely. imageConfession of a …. Church Planter?

Craig Groeschel’s Confessions of a Pastor got me thinking about my own church planting confessions. At Grace Point, we talk a lot about authenticity and keeping it real. I believe that authenticity must begin with the lead pastor. So I have no qualms “coming clean” with our people about my struggles, doubts, and insecurities. I think it helps me connect to the people God has called us to reach. imageNow Here’s A Brave Church Planter!

With just 35 potential congregates, James Yu took a leap of faith moving to this small west Georgia town to preach the gospel in Korean. But the Baptist minister isn't worried. A $1.2 billion Kia Motors Corp. auto plant under construction in nearby West Point gives him hope for a larger audience for his message...

Church Planting Resources test book post test book post imagePastors In Transition: Why Clergy Leave Local Church Ministry

Why do pastors leave the ministry? Several common issues emerge from the research of Dean Hoge and Jacqueline Wenger: preference for another form of ministry, the need to care for children or family, conflict in the congregation, conflict with denominational leaders, burnout or discouragement, sexual misconduct, and divorce or marital problems. Of these factors, which form the basis for the central chapters of Pastors in Transition, two are especially important: conflict and a preference for specialized ministry. A close third is the experience of burnout, discouragement, stress and overwork. As the authors explore these factors, they provide significant insights into what can be done to help people stay in ministry. imageEat This Book: A Conversation in the Art of Spiritual Reading

The bestselling author of "The Message" challenges believers to read the Scriptures on their own terms, as God's revelation, and to live them as they read them.