Pickles Are Ruining My Life

Orginally published on Friday, June 30, 2006 at 10:20 AM
by Todd Rhoades

Now for something completely different. (I'm sure you'll not find this on any other church leader website!) I'm not an avid viewer of daytime TV; and here's a good reason why. Really, I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry as I watch this. This girl is really goofed up; yet she found her way to the "Maury" TV show to share with the world her secret fear of... pickles.

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    What’s more disturbing--her fear or that she’d humiliate herself on national television? Sorry I’m insensitive, but… if you can eat it, you shouldn’t be afraid of it!

    A la Clockwork Orange: pry her eyelids open and force her to watch hours upon hours of Veggie Tales

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    I’ve had teens respond that way before… My dog used to be like that too until I trained him… Also it’s really too bad she can’t find any other job beside waitressing…
    If this isn’t an act, she needs help. If it is an act she needs more help.

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    I’ve read and heard about such strange phobias.  Sometimes they are tied to sexual, emotional, or physical abuse that the person has experienced in childhood.  Sometimes those who are abused will develop a fear based on certain smells, sights, sounds, or objects that were nearby during the incident.  Pardon the bluntness, but the pickle seems an obvious visual similarity to certain anatomy.  For this girl, the similarity could be enough to cause such a reaction. 

    Others associations are less obvious, such as a woman who had a horrible fear of birds.  It was discovered through counseling that around the same time period in her childhood that she was sexually abused, she also had a frightening experience with a bird.  Emotionally, she associated the two fears, but could publicly own up to only the birds and suppressed the abuse--thus her fear of birds grew out of control.

    I haven’t any idea what pickle girl was trying to achieve by going on such a ridiculous TV show, but I feel such pain for her considering what she might have been through as a young girl to cause such a reaction in her now.  I don’t think she was acting.

  • Posted by Todd Rhoades

    Yes, I don’t think she was acting either… I think, to her, this was very very real.

    When you think of ministry today, you really never know what you’re dealing with… there is so much abuse and fear that is often swept under the carpet.  But I’m with you… there had to be something really traumatic in her past to cause her to react this way.

    And that, in and of itself is sad.


  • Posted by Chris

    I can understand the pickle problem through the prior sexual assault lens, but how do you explain the other chick wit h the mustard fear?

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    I’m sorry, but anyone who’s been to a professional wrestling event, let alone watched Maury on a regular basis, can see that this is an act, IMO.

  • Posted by dan

    Jimmjy Kimmel played this the other night. this vid is all over the internet. I don’t understand this chick at all and how should could fear pickles. paid actress?

  • I too fear Pickles.!! smile Just kidding..

    I do have to admit, my first job was Packing Pickles at my dad’s company in South Florida when I was 13 years old. My dad and uncle owned a company called Purity Condiments that I worked at every summer growing up. I literally smelled like a huge pickle for years on end.

    My dad’s knick name was “Pickle Danny”

    One of the most traumatizing times in my life was when I was about 13. Back then you still had to go to the bank on fridays to cash your check and some of my co-workers from the pickle department who were half crazy for having worked there for 20+ years came with us.

    Some one in line sarcastically said, “Whats that smell”, to which my loving friend and co worker yelled out in the biggest redneck accent of all time “Whoooo Whats that smell up in here!”.. I was traumatized for years..

    I still have issues from it today!..  I do however love to eat pickles!

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    IF this is true… God bless her. and if not God bless them little pickles.

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    As of February 9th, 2007

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