The Buzz:  Billy Graham’s Grandson, Praying for Obama Fail?, and Queermergent…

Orginally published on Tuesday, January 20, 2009 at 5:55 AM
by Todd Rhoades

On an early morning flight to Dallas for a one day trip today. Here a a few links that you'll (hopefully) find interesting today...

D. James Kennedy's replacement: Billy Graham's Grandson?!

Introducing... Queermergent?

WorldNetDaily thinks we should "Pray Obama Fails"

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  • Posted by Chuck Warnock

    To give any credence to World Net Daily in their misguided and hateful suggestion that American Christians pray for President Obama’s failure because he is, in their words, “evil” is spotlighting the lunatic fringe.  WND represents the worst of American pseudo-journalism which would not see the light of day in a pre-internet era.  Please do not include WND in the same column as those who seek to represent the God of scripture, again.

  • Posted by

    This election has really brought home how bitter and mean many Christians are.

    I’ve seen the same line of thought on freerepublic.com in the last couple of days. 

    Obama is evil, and we should pray for this country to go down the tubes in order to teach people a lesson about voting for a Democrat.

    When Republicans and Christians pray for God to hurt this country, they are neither patriots nor Christians.

  • Posted by Josh Hatcher

    I can’t believe that Joseph Farah got away with writing that editorial, and I don’t understand at all why he thinks it’s a good thing.

    First of all, I did not vote for Obama, and I ALSO disagree with a lot of his “boilerplate” liberal agenda.

    BUT… he’s the first president I’ve ever heard actually say he wants to REDUCE the number of abortions by making sure that pregnant women have what they need to keep or adopt out their babies. SURE, I don’t agree with his stance on ABORTION.. but I agree with his stance on REDUCING ABORTION.

    Sure, I don’t agree with all of his political views… but in a lot of ways, his approach is more “christian” than any other president we’ve ever seen.

    What happened to working together with government to make things happen? what happened to the scripture mandate to pray for our leaders and to show respect and honor, even if they WERE evil? (which I am not convinced is a good word to describe Obama.)

  • Posted by

    Here’s the deal with praying that Obama fails:

    -Do we want him to be successful in his promised goals of overturning all legislation and policies designed to restrict abortion (e.g. parental notification, partial birth)?

    -Do we want him to be successful in passing legislation that could boost immoral practices (e.g. homosexual education in schools)?

    -Do we want him to be successful in legislation that has the potential of hurting the ability to preach the whole of Scripture and sharing the Gospel (e.g. hate-crimes, fairness doctrine)?

    I know, some of the above have not happened yet, but would we want someone who is inclined to support such policies to be successful in getting this stuff through?  And, the same question would also apply to conservative Republicans passing laws with similar destructive effects.

    I would pray that, yes, these endeavors fail, and that God gives Obama the wisdom to make right decisions and repent of his errant ways.


  • Posted by

    The worldnet daily site makes me sick to my stomach.  Now that is evil.  And CS, I believe we should pray for any president, and certainly ask that they have wisdom and that they turn away from any policy that is unwise or wrong, with some humility that we might not know everything about the choices involved.  But I would really caution Christians to be careful about their sources of information - for example, how many times does the man have to refute the accusation that he wants to reinstitute the fairness doctrine for people to believe him??

  • Posted by


    “for example, how many times does the man have to refute the accusation that he wants to reinstitute the fairness doctrine for people to believe him??”

    While he says he rejects the Fairness Doctrine, he also says he supports a doctrine that would encourage fairness.  On the change.gov website, he says that he and Biden will, “clarify the public interest obligations of broadcasters who occupy the nation’s spectrum.” Sorry, I’ll believe it when I see it.


    And with regards to the, “Queermergent,” article, I noticed the same thing that many false converts like Ray Boltz have said:

    “Hell was one of the topics being preached, so at the end of the evening I went forward for the altar call to ‘receive’ Jesus into my heart. “

    Like Paul Washer says, this is probably the greatest heresy in the American church today.  Nowhere in the Bible are people asked to ask or receive Jesus into their hearts.  And so many of these people who do then go on and follow sin and heresies along the way.  The same is true for, “Queermergent.”


  • Posted by Peter Hamm

    So, Obama’s agenda is 100% against God’s? Including the part where he wants justice for the poor? the part where he wants us to be better stewards of our planet’s resources?

    I didn’t vote for him either, and he has plenty of stances I am at odds with, and I believe God is at odds with… but “100% against God” as WND says?

    Give me a break.

    On the bright side, Rick actually prayed boldly in the name of Jesus. Will everybody leave him alone for a few days?

  • Posted by Brian L.


    Ha Ha!  You make me laugh!  People actually cut RW some slack?  Ha Ha!  What planet do you live on?

    Okay, pardon my sarcasm.

    I’m a big RW fan and make no apologies for it.  It was huge on his part to accept the invitation.

    At first I was a bit taken back when he used “Isa” when using the different names for Jesus, and then I had to remember that in my efforts to reach Muslims, I had to show them that the “Isa” referred to in the Quran is not the “Isa” described by the Bible.

    And I also have to remember that “Jesus” isn’t his name, either.  His name is “Y’shua.” (my apologies to my Jewish friends if I butchered the spelling).  Jesus is the Greek form of Joshua.

    Anyway, I was grateful for the way RW prayed today.

  • Posted by Jon

    I probably need to do a more in-depth study on praying for our country’s leaders, but whenever I pray for leader’s, I don’t pray that the leaders are ‘successful’.  I pray that they find God, that they seek God in their decisions and that they make decisions that would honor God.  If you believe that a leader has an agenda that is against God, then praying for that leader to find God may be parallel to praying for that leader to fail in their own agenda.  However, praying for a leader to fail in their own agenda because it is evil is different than praying for a leader to fail because you are bitter that they did not get elected.

    @ Josh Hatcher: I’ll agree with you that REDUCING abortion would be a good thing, but we as believers in Christ should in no way be complacent with REDUCING a sin that should be ELIMINATED.  When you are heading towards Mexico and you need to go to Canada, slowing down doesn’t get the job done.

    Politically, we should not be ‘right’, ‘left’, or moderate, but call every party/position/administration to follow God’s word and voice.

  • Posted by

    Queermergent:  I’m glad to see a place where “civil” dialogue can take place.  I personally would like to have more insight on the struggles of those in the gay community.  Only through understanding can we effectively reach people.\\

    Obama:  “nowhere does the Bible ever suggest evil rulers are to be obeyed.” Wow, even if you don’t like Obama’s politics, I think it’s a little early to assume that he’s evil.

  • Posted by

    I have struggled for 20 years with heterosexual pornographic lust.  This is a natural tendency for me.  God created me with a sexual desire for the opposite sex.  Instead of continuing to fight against this sinful desire of my flesh, I think I’ll just “reconcile” it with my Christian faith and stop calling it sin.

    I think I’ll call my new church Porn-again.  I’m sure there are plenty of believers who struggle with this sin and are just tired of battling temptation.  We’ll just pray that God would change His word or allow some new interpretation that would allow me to sin openly and still enjoy His fellowship and guidance in my life.

  • Posted by

    CS - I agree with you.  Although the term “ask Jesus in your heart” is not in the bible word for word, it does come from Rev 3:20.

    There are many examples in the bible where we pray for people in the “nice”, “loving” way that some people think we ought to.  In fact Jeremiah was told by God to not even pray for Judah because judgment was coming.  His ideology really matters and we need all the prayer there is to be against it.  So the only thing left to pray for Obama is only what God can provide - repentance, salvation, and wisdom.

  • Posted by

    I meant “there are many examples in the bible where we should pray for people NOT in the”

  • Posted by erlyn

    completely agree with the above comment, the internet is with a doubt growing into the most important medium of communication across the globe and its due to sites like this that ideas are spreading so quickly.

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