Updated:  Ed Young Opens Up a Can of Whoop Bass…

Orginally published on Monday, June 08, 2009 at 7:41 AM
by Todd Rhoades

OK... this is an updated version of a post from last week. Watch the first video, then the second. Then comment your thoughts below...

OK… what do you make of this?


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  • Posted by Adam McLane

    Still cracking up about the “chasing cool” thing. He just has no pedestal on which to tell people not to try to be cool.

    You forgot the one where he does an episode of Cribs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teW4XGSUPRosmile

  • Posted by

    Seems hypocritical to me. 

    in his own words sounds like he is “chasing cool.”

  • Posted by

    First of all there is no point to the second video.  He’s not even making a point.  Second, it is exactly what he is talking about doing in the first video.  I think the first video is actually an example of chasing cool because he could have made the same point and done so without using the “foul” language that he disagrees with.

  • Posted by

    I think that we have to be careful… While I don’t subscribe to everything he says, I think that we have to take the message itself into consideration.  I definitely didn’t agree that everything he considered to be ‘profane’ was indeed ‘profane’.  The overall idea that I am taking away from it is that we should be as intentional as possible with how we speak.  Ed Young Jr. even used what he considered to be profanities to make a point in the ‘driving’ video.  He was intentionally using those words; he counted the cost and decided that this was how he wanted to get the point across… The truth is that I have been in counseling sessions where the patient was speaking a certain way because they thought that they couldn’t be ‘real’ with a pastor.  So they didn’t truly identify their feelings or get honest about their ‘hurt’ until the pastor used some selective ‘words’ that some would deem ‘inappropriate’.  Through using those words I saw a wall drop and I saw the person get ‘honest’ and the session went better faster because the pastor took it upon themselves to better the situation with a semi-controversial (for some) method.  That definitely made me think about this argument in a different context.

    I think we have to be careful about letting our personal feelings about Ed Young Jr. cloud our judgement.  It reminds me of the people who disliked George Bush so much that no matter what he said, he was wrong… He could have said 1+1=2 and there were some people who would have immediately shouted, “NO!!!” just because it was him saying it.  We don’t want to fall into that category.  I think it’s best to look at the issue itself even when it may be challenging (for some) to look past the messenger…

  • Posted by

    He cares deeply about seeing lost people come to Christ.  My brother, who goes to his church is a prime example.  Who cares about this other crap.  Really!  I sure as hell don’t.

  • Posted by

    Can we exercise caution in mocking or even trashing Ed Young?  He did not say being cool or hip was something he was against, he said he was gainst swearing for that reason.  I assume you are all against swearing for that reason too. 

    He is a brother, I would suggest we not take shots just because we can here.  This is not about a ministry evaluation, but about Ed personally as the previous 2 comments show.

    Todd, why did you post this?  It seems to only serve to set up people to trash a brother.  There are not questions about ministry at the end, there are no extra thoughts you provide.  It seems a bit off from California.

  • Posted by

    I wonder if he is more interested in entertaining and becoming famous or preaching the inerrant and inspired Word of God?

    He sounds like Gary Lamb...lots of show and little substance.

  • Posted by

    This is immature, juvenile, and illustrates some degree of hypocrisy.  It’s sad to say, but this is why I have a tough time reconciling the word, “Pastor,” next to Young Jr’s name.


  • Posted by

    Forget the stupid videos ... the question is whats happening with Todd and MMI ? There is absolutely no point in putting these two videos on and asking “So, what do you make of this?” Sounds like you’re trying to stir up stuff or worse yet, make news up. This blog is becoming the Jerry Springer Show of Christian blogging. I don’t think this is what the ‘futurecaster” was referring to about convergence. Tighten up Todd. You’re better than this.

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    The reason I posted this was simple.  Ed went public admonishing pastors to not swear, totally forgetting that he just earlier opened up a can of whoop bass.  Add to that the irony of swearing to tell people not to swear.

    I think Ed’s a fine leader, and Fellowship is doing great work.  I do, however, think he’s crossed the lines at least a couple times in the recent past; this being one of them; another one in telling us how many days in a row he had sex with his wife.

    It’s provocative.  It gets him on CNN.  It ultimately gets him a bigger audience for his message (including here at MMI).

    It’s an easy line to cross.  I’ve crossed it myself blogging a time or two.

    You see, my issue isn’t really with any of the words he used, or even with the whoop bass thing; it’s the fact that you do these kinds of things then turn around and tell other pastors that they use this language to be cool or because you haven’t spent enough time in preparation.  That seems a bit duplicitous.

    That’s all I’m saying.  smile


  • Posted by

    Careful, slowtraincoming.  I might have to open up a can of whoop bass on you!

    Sorry you feel this way.  Much of the things I write at MMI are about leadership how-tos.  Also, some of the posts are lighthearted and funny.  Others are kind of ‘get real’ posts.  This is one of them.

    Here’s the GET REAL:  Don’t use your church leader role and influence with hundreds of pastors to tell them to not do something that you have done.  Really, it would be like John Maxwell telling people not to write books; or Andy Stanley telling people not do go high-def video.

    If you take the time to watch the two clips, you have to see the problem, or at the very least, the irony.

    I think a good case could be made that some of Ed’s antics have been more ‘jerry springer’ than mmi; but we won’t go there.  smile

    Do I hate Ed?  Am I upset?  Not at all.  If you think I am, you’ve misread my heart.


  • Posted by

    Again, can we try to separate the message from the messenger?  Unless we’re Jesus we all have things about us that incriminate us… Does that invalidate the gospel?  Nope.

    I think that Todd does a good job with MMI and I really don’t agree with the Jerry Springer deal.

    I think that we have to admit that we are all preaching a message that we have violated.  We say that lying is bad but we have all lied-does that make it wrong to say that lying is wrong?  Nope…

    Let’s get real for a second and agree or disagree with the argument (and explain why and show insight), not with the person making the argument… I think that this whole thing started with the ‘controversial language’ debate and somewhere turned into the ‘Ed Young Jr.’ debate… I’m in favor of keeping it on the subject of the ‘controversial language’ debate…

  • Posted by


    Maybe Ed has changed.  Maybe he regrets the whoop bass thing and some of things he’s done in the name of cool.  If he has changed he should tell us but maybe we should call him, I think I will, I’m into this calling thing.

  • Posted by

    Thanks Todd, I get it.  I appreciate this place you provide.

  • Posted by

    This cursing thing SUCKS!  What the CRAP!  Why the HELL do people curse...If you do...your a bASS!  Come on man...you seriously care what people say and how they talk...it’s a heart thing not about the words...Come on Ed...surely you have many other things to do than be worried about such trivial issues.

    BTW, If you have a problem with people sharing their thoughts or posting on here...stop reading...don’t be a bASS...Ed might come and open one up on you!  LOL I thought this was Friday...It made me laugh!!!

  • Posted by Peter Hamm

    I thought it was Friday, too.

    I like Ed, but I think he taught me here to never post anything on YouTube.

  • Posted by

    What is most troubling to me is that Ed has quality people all around him - and none of them had the courage to tell him the truth about these videos. I am sure that since he made them available to the public, he believed they were some great stuff! I think he should be embarrased by this stuff, and he thinks it’s cool! Mark

  • First of all, what’s wrong with being juvenile every now and then?

    Second of all, haven’t we all done stupid things that we regret later?

    Third of all, how can you say words are words are “trivial”?  They absolutely are not trivial. 

    My thoughts (and yes I’m echoing what Ed said in video #1 which, contrary to popular MMI comment world belief does not mean I want to A. marry him B. worship him or C. become him)...we could be a lot more creative and a lot less crass.

    Does that mean I said ‘amen’ last week when my dog took off after a rabbit and my fingers got caught in the rope she was tied to?  Nope:) Does that mean when my mother calls me a little sh#$ in her endearing and hilarious way I want to punch her in the mouth?  Nope:)

    Thanks for the videos Todd!

  • Posted by Edgar Cabello

    I think both videos suck.

  • Posted by

    It would be interesting to know the ages of the posters who are critical of Ed’s videos.  I have caught myself saying “sucks” when peaking and have to apologize.  Guys like Driscoll, Lamb, Furtick and other have somewhere gotten the idea that you have to be abrasive and crass when you preach the gospel.

    Too much scripture that warns to watch what we say and how we say it for guys to be using words when they teach that you wouldn’t want other men using around your kids and wives.

    I think there is a difference in making a stupid video like Ed did and standing before people with God’s Word in your hand and using some of the language that is being used.

  • Posted by

    “Itís provocative.  It gets him on CNN.  It ultimately gets him a bigger audience for his message (including here at MMI).”

    I have to agree with SLOWTRAINCOMMING. Much of the stuff I read on MMI is provocative, contraversial, sometimes light hearted and occasionally mildly offensive. There is not too much Greek or Hebrew exegesis here, nor is their much scripture. All in all, MMI is not super “spirituall deep.” However, I love this site, I think you are doing a fantastic job. I love comming here because you challenge me to think. The links on this site challenge me to examine my faith, question what I believe, why I believe it, what I think is right and wrong. In the end, this site often drives me to the scriptures. In fact what I appreciate about MMI is that there are no easy answers here. There is a lot more “grey” that black and white. I like this because this is how the real world is. It’s not all good, not all bad, but a mixture of both. That is why it’s so important to follow the admonition in 1 Thessalonians 5:21-22 “test all things, hold on to the good, abstain from every form of evil.” Ed’s video may not be all good, but it’s not all bad either. Let’s not trash the brother. What’s this crap about “I have a hard time seeing the word pastor before his name?” or “I wonder if he is more interested in entertaining and becoming famous or preaching the inerrant and inspired Word of God?” My personl thoughts are that it’s pretty immature to turn somone into a villan just because we disagree with a video or statement that they have made. I have heard Ed Young preach the gospel, and encourage others to live out God’s word. We don’t have to agree with every aspect of somones communication style or theology. While there is nothing wrong with giving an honest cratique, it appears that much of this has turned into personal attack on Ed’s character… kind of sad in my oppenion.

  • i really like this post thanks!

    Blue Eyes

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